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Styling the Perfect Going Home Outfit for Mom

Having a baby comes with a whirlwind of milestones and anticipated moments. From first baths to first poop explosions, there are a lot of treasured moments (and gross ones, too). The quintessential “we’re leaving the hospital with a new baby” photo op is one of those things. That’s where planning your going home outfit for […]

The Best Breastfeeding Snacks for Your Postpartum Body

Whether you’re preparing a postpartum recovery to-do list for yourself, or you’re putting together a new mom survival kit for a friend, be sure to add breastfeeding snacks to your shopping cart.  Trust us when we say a nursing mother’s postpartum body relies on a whole lot of snacking.  When I was pregnant with my […]

The 7 BEST Postpartum Diapers of 2022

When you’re trying to figure out what to wear after giving birth in a hospital, or you’re trying to pack your hospital bag for mom, postpartum diapers are probably the last thing on your mind. After all, who wants to celebrate the birth of their child while rocking an adult diaper? No matter how unstylish […]

The BEST 11 Postpartum Underwear Styles

When I was trying to figure out what to wear after giving birth, I focused on many different things. Finding stylish postpartum clothes that were cute enough for pictures but accessible enough for breastfeeding was at the top of my list. Little did I know that picking the right type of postpartum underwear should have […]

How to Support Your Postpartum Belly

As a young, naive girl, I assumed that the belly disappears and returns to normal once you have a baby. Imagine my surprise when the first of my friends popped out a beautiful baby girl, and her postpartum belly closely resembled a 6-months pregnant belly (which is TOTALLY normal, btw).  Here’s the thing they don’t […]