How to Build a Postpartum Recovery Kit

Making the lists and checking them twice, but not in a holiday way? Expecting parents have so many lists to check off and bags to pack, and I’m here to encourage you to include this really important one: a postpartum care kit. When I was pregnant with Jack, all my friends from college were having […]

Your Shopping Guide for Bamboo Pajamas Women Will Love

Finding one single type of clothing that can benefit you at all different phases of your life might seem strange. But if you start wearing bamboo pajamas for women that’s precisely what you’ll get! Here’s the deal: organic bamboo cotton PJs are more than just a comfortable sleepwear option. They also boast a range of […]

Stay Comfy After Delivery with These Postpartum Nightgowns

Once you leave the hospital, you’ll probably be more than ready to leave delivery gowns behind. That doesn’t mean you’ll jump right back into your pre-baby wardrobe, though. During the first few weeks and months of your life after childbirth, your body will go through its fair share of recovery. Why not pick comfortable clothes, […]

Finding Comfortable Postpartum Pajamas for the Hospital

Generally speaking, the words “comfortable” and “cozy” don’t really have a place in a healthcare setting, especially right after you give birth. However, what might surprise some new moms is that buying the right postpartum pajamas for the hospital can actually make a difference in how comfortable you are. Given that you’ve just pushed something […]

Which Postpartum Pajamas Set Should You Wear After Delivery?

As I sat scrolling through Amazon looking at loungewear sets to wear after giving birth, I longed to find the perfect postpartum pajama set to make my recovering body feel good. Trust me; I understood that no PJs would entirely erase the discomfort of bringing a baby into the world. Still, I figured if I […]

We’ve Been Getting Postpartum Compression All Wrong. Here’s What You Need to Know.

Postpartum compression garments can be a great way to support your recovering body after birth by pushing your abdominal muscles back together, reducing swelling, and even increasing comfort. But many of the postpartum belly wraps people rave about actually do more harm than good. Why? They push your muscles downward, putting pressure on your pelvic […]

Disposable Postpartum Panties: Do You Need Them After Birth?

Before the birth of my first daughter, as I wrote my hospital bag checklist, I think I assumed I’d be preparing for a runway show. Instead of actual postpartum necessities, I focused on cute nursing pajamas, buying a new robe, and packing a makeup bag (yes…MAKEUP!). Practical items like disposable postpartum panties were not even […]

Putting Together the Ultimate New Mom Gift Basket

From goodies and treats to postpartum essentials, there are plenty of things that most of us would love to have during those first few weeks of parenthood. That’s why one of my favorite gift ideas after childbirth is new mom gift baskets.  Instead of buying parents a single item after the birth of their newborn, […]

Is It Normal to Not Be Happy After Giving Birth?

New parenthood is often depicted as being filled with snuggly days that are all spent happily falling in love with a newborn. While you might already feel a strong bond with your little one, the truth is that many women discover that being a new parent isn’t always as rosy as those images on diaper […]

Styling the Perfect Coming Home from Hospital Outfit for Mom

Having a baby comes with a whirlwind of milestones and anticipated moments. From first baths to first poop explosions, there are a lot of treasured moments (and gross ones, too). The quintessential “we’re leaving the hospital with a new baby” photo op is one of those things. That’s where planning your going home outfit for […]