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The Best Pregnancy Journals & Why It’s Worth Keeping One

When you’re preparing to welcome a baby into the world, there are plenty of things you’d probably rather forget. The aches and pains, endless morning sickness, and unpleasant bathroom-related issues, for example, are just a few of these less thrilling aspects of pregnancy. It can be hard to imagine that, one day, you’ll barely remember […]

How to Prevent a Miscarriage (Debunking the Myths!)

When our editor saw that we were publishing an article about preventing miscarriage, she was understandably confused. After all, I spend more waking hours than I can imagine counting reminding women that their losses were not their fault. Nothing they could’ve done, I insist, could have prevented a miscarriage. So why would I—someone who has […]

Must-Have Pregnancy Essentials for Each Trimester

Ahh, pregnancy. That beautiful time in a woman’s life where she has the opportunity to grow a human being right inside her body. It’s magical, it’s wonderful…it’s a little bit weird. While the ability to have a child is truly extraordinary, women tend to forget about the strange things our bodies will go through during […]

Ideas to Have the Perfect Drive-By Baby Shower

It was no surprise to me that my friend Christina, a gynecologic oncologist, waited until she was nearly 20 weeks pregnant to tell me she was pregnant.  But I let the excitement get to me–even in a socially distant, pandemic world, I let myself hope for the best and planned (along with other hostesses) a […]