Miscarriage Tattoos that are Meaningful for Mom

miscarriage tattoo with flowers on arm

The pain of a miscarriage stays with you. From the moment I found out I was pregnant for the first time, I happily believed that, for 9 months, my little one would always be with me. When I lost that little life I’d imagined, I felt so alone. It’s no wonder, then, that miscarriage tattoos, which offer that same permanence, are so popular. Here are miscarriage memorial tattoo ideas for mom. 

These miscarriage tattoo designs are based on ideas from our own readers. We’ll show you their photos and tell you their stories, including photos of tattoos that represent all different types of miscarriage.

Plus, there’s too much silence about miscarriages. So if people are comfortable displaying their miscarriages and pregnancy losses on their bodies for the world to see, kudos to them for opening that conversation.

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What is a Miscarriage Tattoo?

A miscarriage tattoo is a physical representation the loss the mom experienced. Having a physical symbol of such an abstract concept can be extremely healing during such a painful time.

Miscarriage tattoo designs vary. Some symbolically represent losing a child (like a flower or bird). Others show the pain of losing a baby a literal form, like with a footprint, date, or name.

A miscarriage tattoo can be an intimate and personal way to keep your child with you forever.

Miscarriage Tattoo Ideas

We’ve compiled many miscarriage tattoos from mamas here at Undefining Motherhood. They are as unique as they are beautiful.

We’ve divided them by the type of imagery they use, so if you know what kind of miscarriage tattoo you want, you can scroll straight to that section. 

Many of them have also been customized over time. A tattoo with hearts might lead a mom to add another heart to the design after subsequent losses. Or parents may choose to add a rainbow to their tattoo to honor babies that are conceived after a loss. (Rainbow babies are babies born following loss like miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss.)

Flowers for Miscarriage Tattoos

Flowers are a common gift for miscarriage, not just because they’re beautiful, but because they hold tremendous symbolism about both life and death.

Whether you choose flowers according to due date or for another reason, they are beautifully meaningful.

Poppy Tattoos for Early Loss

A split image of a miscarriage tattoo, one showing the location at the base of the mother's neck, the other showing a close-up of the tattoo itself. It is a detailed, vivid red poppy with a straight stem and one dark leaf.


  • Poppies represent remembrance
  • The size of a poppy seed is the same size of an early pregnancy

While poppies have represented remembrance and regeneration for centuries, their meaning has updated with time.

Kayla says, “I had my miscarriage sometime between 4 and 8 weeks. It was the size of a poppy seed, so I got a tattoo of a poppy flower in honor of our baby that didn’t get to bloom.” The full, vibrant poppy blossom on her back is a beautiful reminder of her little one.


Tattoo at the inside of a mother's wrist showing forget-me-nots. The blossoms are purple with yellow centers, and there are a few green leaves to the side.


  • Forget-me-nots for remembrance
  • Colors chosen for loss months

While forget-me-nots usually come in blues and pinks, Rachel chose the colors of her tattoo to recognize the months she lost her angels. Another sweet bit of symbolism in this inking: While the two flowers represent the two losses she and her husband experienced, her tattoo artist added two small buds above, not realizing that Rachel had lost two pregnancies before her marriage.

Bouquet Using Victorian Flower Meanings


  • Marigold for passion and bravery
  • Honeysuckle for an everlasting bond and unbreakable love
  • Narcissus (daffodil) for hope and rebirth

Charissa wanted to use flower symbolism (used for hundred of years!) to represent her three losses. Her first baby, due October 2018, is symbolized by the marigold. The honeysuckle is for her daughter Persephone, due June 2019.

Finally, a pregnancy that was due Christmas Day 2019 is represented by a narcissus for hope and rebirth. While these losses were all painful, Charissa was given new hope after finally being referred to a fertility specialist.

Charissa and her husband had their rainbow baby in early April 2020. As terrible as these losses were, Charissa writes that she is, “incredibly grateful for what they have taught me, and how they’ve given me a renewed sense of appreciation for [her fourth] pregnancy.”

Due Date Birth Flowers


  • April’s birth flower is the sweet pea
  • January’s birth flower is the snow drop

Many mothers choose to use their children’s due dates to symbolize their miscarriages. Marissa got this tattoo for the two early losses she had before her son. One was due in April, and the other in January.

Note: There is more than one flower for each month (for example, April can be symbolized by both the daisy or the sweet pea). Choose the one that resonates most with you!

Living Child and Miscarriage Bouquet

Black and white tattoo of a small poppy and a honeysuckle branch


  • Poppy flower to remember a miscarriage
  • Honeysuckle is the birth month flower for June

Katie combined her living child and her first miscarriage for her tattoo. She says, “I got the little poppy flower for my first miscarriage, and the honeysuckle for my living son born in June.”

Katie is considering adding to this art, or possibly getting a completely different tattoo to commemorate her experiences since this image was inked. She’s had 5 more losses between her son and her second living child, a daughter born in August of 2023.

Intertwined Flowers for Twins

A small line art tattoo of two intertwined poppies on a mother's left shoulder.


  • Two flowers for twin daughters
  • The birth flower for August is the poppy

For mothers who heartbreakingly have to say goodbye to twins, a pair of intertwined flowers may be a lovely way to remember them. As Rachel explained, “This is the tattoo that I got for my twin girls who I had to say goodbye to via tfmr (termination for medical reasons) in August. As I wasn’t sure what the actual due date would be due to the high risk, we went with the poppy August birth flowers.”

Miscarriage Tattoos with Flight Symbolism

Whether you choose angel wings, birds, or butterflies, imagery of flying is often associated with miscarriage tattoos. Here are a few from our community.

Butterfly Carrying Your Earthside Child

A picture of a mother holding her young daughter's hand. On the inside of the mother's wrist is a tattoo: An "E" with small butterfly wing attached to the left side of its post


  • The half butterfly represents the beauty of pregnancy with the grief of miscarriage
  • Letter E represents her rainbow baby’s first name
  • Wrist placement was chosen so the tattoo was visible every day

Kerry found a beautiful way to symbolize both her loss and the daughter she has with her, all in one tiny tattoo. She says, “I decided to get the tattoo because I wanted [this baby] in way to be a visible/physical part of me… I sort of think of it as the butterfly carried E to us, and that our two babies are always connected in this way.”

Even sweeter? Kerry notes, “In the photo I’m holding E’s hand… A moment that I doubted for a long time would ever happen.”

Bird Flying Away

A tattoo on a mother's forearm of two birds sitting on a flowering branch looking at one another while a third bird flies away.


  • Birds on brand represent parents
  • Bird flying away represents loss

Krista loves her tattoo because it represents her self and her husband watching their loss fly away. Simpler tattoos like these can often be modified as your story continues.

Birds Including Living Children and Miscarriages

miscarriage tattoo on stomach with birds flying away from branch while 3 birds sit on the branch, representing living family and miscarried babies


  • Three birds on a branch are mother, father, and son
  • Each bird flying away represents a loss

This is a similar tattoo to above, but includes a living child. Christine is considering adding two more birds to represent the two miscarriages she’s experienced since having this inked.

Hopeful Firefly Tattoo

Tattoo on the upper arm of a woman. There is an oval framing a firefly. Half of the oval is made by a simple line with two small dots at each end. The other half of the oval is made with forget-me-nots with leaves trailing away.


  • Forget-me-not flowers symbolize miscarriage
  • 4 small dots at ends of loop represent 4 early losses
  • Center firefly is for baby lost at 10 weeks

Brie, a Certified Perinatal Mental Health Professional, combined several elements to commemorate her losses. From the forget-me-nots to the tiny dots framing the loop, everything about this tattoo means something. Brie says she chose a lightning bug for the center of her tattoo to represent a later loos because it symbolizes both hope and our lost loved ones.

Different Birds for Different Types of Losses

miscarriage tattoo on arm with colorful birds flying from branch while other birds sit on branch, representing living family and miscarried children


  • Mother, father, and daughter are represented by birds on the branch
  • Small bird to left represents a chemical miscarriage
  • Other 5 flying birds are later losses

In this tattoo, Clara, her husband, and her living daughter are on the branch, and the birds flying away represent the pregnancies lost to miscarriage. The tiny bird on the left is representative of an early chemical pregnancy.

Clara writes that she initially didn’t include it because a chemical loss occurs so early in pregnancy, and she didn’t feel like it counted. But when she had the other birds added, she decided that it needed to be there as part of her journey. 

Note: At Undefining Motherhood, we believe all losses count. Your grief is valid.

Miscarriage Symbol Tattoos

Many parents choose unique symbolism to commemorate their loss. Our readers submitted several examples below.

Expectant Rainbow Tattoo

Picture of a mother's arm. Just above the insider of her elbow is a line art tattoo of a black and white rainbow


  • Rainbows are often used to symbolize a baby born after miscarriage
  • Colorless rainbow signifies hope for a baby after miscarriage

While many moms use rainbow tattoos to celebrate a baby born after loss, others (like Courtney) are still waiting on their rainbow.

Courtney says, “This is my dark rainbow. Waiting to color it in whenever my rainbow comes.” She says she’s had 3 miscarriages in one year, and this tattoo is a great reminder of her and her partner’s end goal.

Size of Your Baby Tattoo

Picture of two romantic partners' arms. Each has a strawberry tattooed on their upper arm, although one is colored in while the other is black and white.


  • Baby was the size of a strawberry at the time of loss
  • Tattoo is a reminder without being as obvious or painful to remember

Shannon said that when she and her partner decided on their strawberry tattoos, she “wanted something that would honor the situation and loss of our baby, but not be too sad to look at every day.”

Shannon chose a strawberry because that was the size of her little one when they were lost (at least according to pregnancy apps). And she appreciates being able to keep some privacy while still wearing a remembrance of her baby on her skin. “No one will ask me why I have [this strawberry], but our family knows.”

Simple Heart and Bird Tattoo

Forearm depicting a simple line art tattoo. It is a heart, but the top right corner has a small bird flying away


  • Heart for love
  • Bird flying away for lost baby

Sometimes delicate line art can be best. Allison says, “This is my miscarriage tattoo I got in Key West shortly after losing my Samuel at 15 weeks. It’s simple, but so precious to me!”

Tiny Elephant Tattoo

Inner wrist of a woman with a small baby elephant tattoo. The elephant is sitting with her trunk up, and a tiny bird is landing on her trunk


  • Elephants are associated with remembrance
  • Simple line-art evokes a child-like feel

When you’re expecting a baby, you may be looking forward to reading stories about adorable animals with your little one. That’s just one of the many things taken when you experience loss.

Jessica says, “I got this the afternoon after my last doctor’s appointment for my first loss. It felt like such closure and even today 4 years and 2 earth side children later, I still look at this and remember the one that changed my life.”

So if there’s a sweet baby animal you associate with the child you lost, it might inspire the next bit of ink you get.

Double Heart Tattoo

Picture of a woman holding her husband's hand. They each have a tattoo of a heart inside a larger heart. His is on his hand and hers is on her inner wrist.


  • Double heart represents carrying their baby in their heart
  • Husband and wife both memorialize their little one with matching tattoos

Emma says, “My husband and I had matching tattoos done after we lost our baby. Their heart will always be in ours.” We love how this meaningful concept is so simply presented.

Sprout Tattoo

A woman's forearm with a plant sprout tattooed on it. The sprout has two leaves and a small root system


  • Sprout represents early pregnancy
  • Sprout can also represent growth and hope for the future

Ciara says she was only 8 weeks along when she lost her first baby. She says she always “thought of the baby growing like a little plant sprout,” so she got a little sprout tattooed onto her her wrist so she could see it every day.

Ciara is now 33 weeks pregnant with her second baby. We’re excited that her sprout can also remind her to take hope for the future!

Angel Baby Tattoo

Arms of a husband and wife with matching tattoos of a heart with wings and a halo. Inside the heart is simple line art of a baby.


  • Angel baby wings and halo
  • Due date is listed below

Many parents refer to their pregnancy loss as their “angel baby.” Dafne says, “My husband and I decided to honor our angel baby on what was supposed to be the due date by getting this tiny but mighty tattoo.”

This simple and powerful line art is a perfect way to show that you’ll always remember your little one.

Miscarriage Tattoo Quotes or Words

Many loss parents want to represent their experiences through a quote, which is another common type of miscarriage memorial tattoo. 

Date Tattoos

Husband and wife showing their forearms with coordinating tattoos. The wife has a tattoo of two birds sitting on a flowering branch, watching a tiny bird fly away. The husband's tattoo depicts the Roman numerals VI XXII MMXXIII for the date of his wife's miscarriage.


  • Roman numerals for date of loss
  • Baby bird flying away for lost little one
  • Buds on branches to show hope for the future

A few months after Deanna’s miscarriage, she and her husband decided to get tattoos together to always remember their first baby. Deanna says, “It was therapeutic to do this together, and I like that ours are different but tell the same story.”

While Deanna chose a tattoo of a baby bird flying away, she specifically included flower buds on the branch where the parent birds rest. She explains, I wanted to include more life/positivity in [my tattoo], for hope for the future.

Deanna’s husband simply had the date of their loss inked in Roman numerals on his forearm. However, if you prefer to use the more typical Arabic numerals in your tattoo, that can look great too.

Words from a Loved One

Tattoo of bouquet of several flowers, with the words "This will always be home for you!!" inked below


  • Each flower represents a baby (whether alive or gone) by birth month
  • Hidden infinity sign represents parents’ relationship
  • The small infinity sign links two living children, the daisy (April) and larkspur (July)

While Shelly’s birth flower bouquet is lovely on its own, it is more meaningful because of the words below it.

Shelley explains, “The words ‘This will always be home for you!!’ are words my Grandpa wrote on a flower card in 2011 while I was away at college and came back to their house one weekend because I was so homesick.  They mean so much to me with my flower bouquet because I have a little bit of each baby in my DNA, the only thing left of their physical being and I will always be their home. I also love this as a message for my boys, that no matter what I’ll always be here for you.” So much thought was put into this beautiful line art!

Encouraging Miscarriage Tattoo

Woman's forearm with the word "warrior" tattooed in a wide script. Beside it is line art of one small heart inside another.


  • Double heart signifies multiple losses
  • “Warrior” refers to battles with endometriosis and infertility

While honoring your little one is an important part of a miscarriage tattoo, it’s also an opportunity to honor yourself. That’s why we love this submission from Kelsey.

Referring to her two miscarriages, she writes, “I’ll always carry them.” She also chose to have the word “warrior” inked as a reminder of the battles shes done with endometriosis and infertility.

If you’re looking for a phrase for your next ink session, Here are some of our favorite quotes for miscarriage tattoos: 

“Too beautiful for earth.”

“Never in my arms; always in my heart.”

“Always on my mind; forever in my heart.”

“I carry you in my heart”

“I will carry you.”

“Once you are real, you can’t become unreal again. It lasts for always.”

Should I Get a Miscarriage Tattoo?

Many women (like those above) find comfort and even hope in memorializing loss through body art like tattoos, and we say more power to them! 

However, getting permanent ink is a deeply personal experience. Unless you have money for tattoo removal (which can be costly and even painful), it is an experience that will be inscribed on your body forever.

That being said, we can’t make the choice for you. If you feel drawn to getting a miscarriage memorial tattoo, definitely consider your options and do your homework! 

Find a tattoo artist whose work you admire and/or who has done miscarriage memorial tattoos before (social media can be a great starting point). Make sure you connect with your artist and trust their work.

We do love the mamas who reached out and shared their stories and tattoos with us, and who have found so much comfort in these beautifully designed miscarriage tattoo ideas! 

However you choose to memorialize your loss, you know how to choose what is right for you. 

Did you choose to get a miscarriage memorial tattoo? Tell us about it in the comments!

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