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Looking Back: Dear Jack, on the Eve of Your First Birthday

It's hard to believe Jack turned 18-months-old last week. Here's a look back 6 months in time with a letter I wrote on the eve of his first birthday.... Read More

Christmas is Weird When You’re Pregnant After Miscarriage

Pregnancy after miscarriage is such limbo. You’re not confident this pregnancy will be the one. You’re not confident any pregnancy will ever be the one. ... Read More

5 Things to Know About Party Hosting and Food Allergies

Thanksgiving may be over, but the holiday season is just starting.  Chances are you will be attending or hosting several get-togethers and dinners for family and friends, and some may... Read More

What is Reality, Anyway? Curated Life in the Age of Social Media

Social media has changed how we interact with the world around us. When I was a kid, I ran and played in the woods with my friends. I didn’t wonder... Read More

It Takes a Village, and I Want My Son’s to Be Italian

The saying–it takes a village to raise a child–is beyond cliche, but if there’s anything new parenthood teaches you, it’s that it speaks truth. Or, if it doesn’t, it’s likely... Read More

It’s Not Drinking Alone if Your Baby is Asleep Upstairs

For the sake of full disclosure, this post was never meant to be Part 3. But as I sat in bed one scary night in April, past my bedtime, cabernet... Read More