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What is a Chemical Miscarriage? Signs & What to Expect

“Chemical pregnancy” and “chemical miscarriage” are among my least favorite words used to describe pregnancy loss. I take issue with a lot of the medical terms for miscarriage, but what’s maddening about “chemical pregnancy” is that the term makes it sound like the pregnancy was never real.  But a chemical pregnancy is a real pregnancy. […]

10 Sweet Rainbow Baby Announcement Ideas

Announcing a rainbow baby can be a giant bag of emotions. You’re excited and scared. You know people will celebrate, and you want to celebrate, but you may also have some lingering desire to temper your feelings.  Many people worry about how their rainbow baby announcements may potentially trigger other moms dealing with infertility or […]

Miscarriage or Period: How To Tell the Difference

“Miscarriage or period?” is a question I hear far too often. “My period started a few days late and it’s way heavier than usual.” Everyone who emails me about this wants to know the same thing: how do I know if this is a miscarriage or period? They ask what miscarriage tissue looks like, if […]

What to Say to a Parent who Lost a Child

This article is the fourth installment of a series by Michelle Valiukenas, founder of the Colette Louise Tisdahl Foundation. This is one loss mom’s journey of finding her way after losing her daughter, Colette. You can find part one of Michelle’s story here, part two here, and part three here. There are many things over the years […]