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Let’s be real here. Gifts for miscarriage don’t take the pain away. But when I was in the depths of recurrent miscarriage, my friend Mary Katherine showed up with a miscarriage care package that really perked me up.

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I don’t mean that I suddenly felt better. Or that I needed things. But when people took the time to create a miscarriage care package, or to figure out appropriate gifts for miscarriage, I understood that they really, truly cared.

Gifts are one of many ways of helping a friend through a miscarriage. Texts and calls were great, and I appreciated them tremendously. But I felt so loved when I received something physical, no matter how small.

If you’re the person experiencing pregnancy loss and are looking for ideas that might help you, learn how to create a miscarriage memorial.

If you’re the person looking to comfort parents experiencing miscarriage, read on!

What to Do For Someone Who Has a Miscarriage

This is the most common question I’m asked when people reach out to me because a loved one is experiencing pregnancy loss. “What do I do for someone who has a miscarriage?”

The answer: Do something!

It really is that simple. 

I’m not suggesting that you do anything major. Just a small token of your love and thoughts is worth more than you’d imagine.

Miscarriage is a subject that has been kept silent for so long that most of us don’t know how to support others through it. And when we go through it, we often aren’t aware of how common an experience it is. 

If someone has opened up enough to tell you they’re experiencing a miscarriage, just do something. The fact that you’re doing anything at all, no matter how big or small, shows that you recognize their grief as valid and you’re trying to support them. 

When you’re in the depths of this intangible grief–having lost this person you dreamed of but didn’t really know–the most important thing is knowing that people are trying to understand your loss, and that they care. 

Healing Gifts for Miscarriage

What helps people heal most is the ability to work through their grief and a sense of community.

You can gift them both here.

Miscarriage Support Journal

This journey is by a miscarriage mama, for miscarriage mamas. It provides 100 pages of healing that help women experiencing pregnancy loss feel their emotions and move forward in their grief.


Not a typical journal, Mourning Retreat: A Journal for the Sisterhood of Pregnancy Loss goes well beyond typical journal prompts. It includes those pages, but also includes actionable exercises to help a new mom move forward–when, and only when, she personally feels ready.

A page from Mourning Retreat: A Journal for the Sisterhood of Pregnancy Loss. This sample page shows a sample graphic from an exercise developed by Katy Huie Harrison, PhD, in conjunction with her psychiatrist. This exercise helps grieving women reconnect with the world around them when they feel weighed down by grief.

To purchase Mourning Retreat as a gift, simply click the “gift” icon next to “email address” during checkout.

Miscarriage Jewelry

Jewelry can be an amazing token of remembrance. Purchasing jewelry with the lost child’s would-have-been birthstone is an especially personalized gesture. 

That said, you’re likely not looking for a big gift, and I’d leave people to pick out their own nice jewelry, so think more on the side of small tokens. 

I selected a pearl ring for myself because it’s the would-be-birthstone of my first lost child. Coincidentally, it’s also Jack’s birthstone, which makes it extra special.

Blonde woman holding her hand to her chin to show off the pearl ring that was a miscarriage gift from her husband
This pearl ring was a miscarriage gift from my husband, and it came to represent all 4 of the pregnancies we lost.

But I would never expect that level of gift from someone else, and there was something special in getting to choose it with Husband.

If you’re buying jewelry as a gift for miscarriage, think small, simple, and thoughtful.

Jewelry is a common symbol because it is something you can keep with you, which many loss parents find comforting. I love this sweet customizable necklace from Bella and Blush on Etsy because it’s great for validating loss.

photom of miscarriage necklace on card that says sorry for your loss
This customizable necklace from Bella and Blush on Etsy is great for validating loss.

I also love this gorgeous angel wing necklace from NY Metals.

a beautiful gold necklace with an infinity ring and angel wing is a lovely miscarriage gift
aAngel Wing necklace from NY Metals on Etsy.

I also love this sweet “Too beautiful for earth” bracelet by Joycuff. 

And this MemGift bangle that says, “God has you in His arms, I have you in my heart.”

Creating a Miscarriage Care Package

One extremely thoughtful gift for miscarriage is a miscarriage care package.

The upside to a miscarriage care package is that it shows how seriously you’re taking the loss.

The downside is that it takes a bit of work to assemble a group of items. 

If you want to buy a pre-made care package, you might be able to find a spa gift basket, like this one from the hilariously named Bougie Bath.

white flowers next to bath products
Bath and spa products are great miscarriage gifts for women who miscarried naturally. Following a D&C, women are not allowed to take baths.

To create your own spa gift basket, consider items like fuzzy socks, lotion, bath salts, and body scrub, and essential oils.

Note: Before buying bath products as a gift for miscarriage or to create a miscarriage care package, I recommend knowing as much as possible about the miscarriage. Moms who lose pregnancies naturally can enjoy these products, but those who require surgery (a D&C) are usually put on bath restrictions for 6 weeks.

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To gift our journal, simply click the gift box icon next in the email address line at checkout.

What To Include in a Miscarriage Care Package

Because so many women can’t take baths after miscarriage, and because I like the personal touch of a care package someone assembled personally, I’ll provide suggestions below for the best miscarriage care package contents.

(1) Something soft and fuzzy

A miscarriage teddy bear is always a good choice because it’s easy to snuggle with, and having something to wrap your arms around while you grieve is never a bad thing. Especially when you wanted to wrap your arms around a new baby.

Fuzzy socks because they are warm and comforting. For me, having on a sweatshirt and fuzzy socks on makes me feel like I’m tucking myself away from the world. It’s insulating and intensely comforting. 

(2) Candy or a favorite snack

I’m partial to edible cookie dough.

Having something to snack on (especially your favorite snack) can be comforting because your brain releases serotonin when you stress eat, the same chemical released by antidepressants.  This can make you happier–even if only for that moment. 

(3) Magazine or book

You Are Not Alone is a fantastic book for helping moms feel less isolated in their grief.

Escaping through a magazine or an easy-to-read book can be the perfect way to release yourself from grief for a bit. 

(4) Heating pad

I love this one because it checks the warm, fuzzy box too. Microwavable heating pads are also a great option because you can move them around so easily.


Flowers are obviously a quick and easy gift for miscarriage. If you want to do something simpler than creating a miscarriage care package, flowers are a good bet. 

a bouquet of pink flowers in a vase that were sent as a miscarriage gift
I felt so loved when I received these flowers after my 4th loss. Especially because, at that point, many people had stopped worrying about me.

People aren’t sure of protocol, so questions I get a lot are things like, “Should you send flowers for a miscarriage?” and “What color is the miscarriage flower?”

I’ll answer in order. 

Send flowers for a miscarriage if you want to. Again, what’s important isn’t so much what you do, but that you do something

And no, there is not actually a miscarriage flower. And if there’s a color, I’ve never heard of it. Still, this is a common question. 

To pick the best flowers, keep the following ideas in mind.

  1. Judge based on the person. You know them, and you know what they like. I love the color purple, so I wasn’t surprised when I received purple flowers, and it felt like a special, personal touch. 
  2. White flowers tend to symbolize innocence, so I think they’re a great choice for miscarriage flowers. 

Other Miscarriage Gift Ideas

Of course, there are tons of other things you can send as gifts for miscarriage.

Miscarriage Art

I know many women who have received artwork, included hand-drawn artwork. This is so special because it’s so personal. The three hearts my friend Tessa sent after my third loss will likely live on my dresser forever.


Another great gift is anything small and pretty involving angels. Many parents of loss refer to their lost children as “angel babies,” and they regularly see angels as representing their children.


I keep 4 wooden angels on my bookshelf to represent the 4 children we lost.

4 wooden angels on a bookcase that were given as miscarriage gifts

Stephanie received 4 hand-crocheted angels as a gift, and she included them as part of her photoshoot before birthing her rainbow baby. (Not sure what a rainbow baby is? Learn the rainbow baby definition, and about the complicated emotions of having a rainbow baby.)

woman holding her pregnant belly with crocheted angels on her shirt that she received as miscarriage gifts

Interested in buying an angel gift? I love this simple remembrance angel by Willow Tree, and this sweet Precious Moments angel garden stone.

These angels from Lotty Lollipop are perfect.

painted wooden angels from lotti lollipop are the perfect miscarriage gift
Beautifully painted angels from Lotty Lollipop on Etsy.

And finally, a gift card for dinner never hurts.

Gift cards tend to be too impersonal for this sort of loss, but when my friend Tessa sent one for a meal delivery service, I knew she was thinking of making my life easier. And it meant the world to me.

When to Send a Miscarriage Gift

I suggest sending a small gift as soon as you learn someone has had a miscarriage. The gift can be something as big as putting together a miscarriage care package or as simple as a  card. 

What matters is that the person you want to support feels loved and supported through a time during which most people feel very isolated. 

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To gift our journal, simply click the gift box icon next in the email address line at checkout.

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What gift for miscarriage have you found to be especially helpful?

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General FAQs

What is a miscarriage care package?

A miscarriage care package is a thoughtfully curated group of items arranged in a basket or gift bag that help support parents who have recently experienced a miscarriage.

Why should I sent a miscarriage care package?

Miscarriage care packages are a great way to show parents experiencing pregnancy loss that you care. These parents are at a vulnerable time, and letting them know you’re thinking of them is invaluable.

How do I know when to send a gift for miscarriage?

There is no bad time to send a gift for a miscarriage, but we suggest sending something immediately after you hear about the loss.

What should I say to someone who had a miscarriage?

There is nothing you can say to make someone’s experience less painful. The best thing you can do for someone experiencing miscarriage is to be present and allow them to grieve with you.

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