Your Shopping Guide for Bamboo Pajamas Women Will Love

An Asian American woman is sitting on a bed wearing taupe colored pajamas. Her eyes are closed and she is holding a yellow mug in her hands.

Finding one single type of clothing that can benefit you at all different phases of your life might seem strange. But if you start wearing bamboo pajamas for women that’s precisely what you’ll get!

Here’s the deal: organic bamboo cotton PJs are more than just a comfortable sleepwear option. They also boast a range of incredible benefits you won’t find from just any piece of clothing.

The first time I put on a set of bamboo PJs, I was amazed. Not only were they buttery soft, but I also felt cool and comfortable all night long. As someone who struggles with rollercoaster body temperatures while sleeping, I was seriously impressed.

Whether you’re a new mom, hot sleeper, or dealing with early on-set menopause, it might be time to add a set of these luxurious pajamas to your wardrobe. 

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Our Sleepwear Favorites: The Best Bamboo Pajamas for Women

When you, or any shopper!, are on the hunt for women’s bamboo pajamas, you can easily get overwhelmed trying to find quality options that are genuine bamboo cotton.

If adding some bamboo PJs to your wardrobe (or the wardrobe of someone you love) is something you’re interested in, we can help. We’ve compiled a list of top-rated bamboo nightgowns and pajamas that provide all of bamboo’s incredible benefits. Let’s get into it:

1. Sleepy Time Spaghetti-Strap Bamboo Sleep Set

If you’re on the hunt for some of the best pajamas made from bamboo on Amazon, a good place to start your search is with this Sleepy Time sleepwear set.

This bamboo PJ set is an excellent option for summer months and warm climates.

For anyone experienced with sleepless nights spent tossing and turning because of feeling hot, you can count on this moisture-wicking set to make a difference.

2. Cozy Earth Boyfriend Sleep Shirt

Classy, comfy, and cool – three words reviewers use to describe this adorable bamboo nightgown from Cozy Earth

a woman with long brown hair stands in front of a white background wearing a white bamboo shirt. She looks down casually, her face angled away from the camera, with one arm behind her head and the other resting gently on her hip.

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While this isn’t one of the more affordable options on the list, it’s worth mentioning thanks to its incredible reputation. Many shoppers rave about the lightweight material; one person even called it the “most comfortable sleep shirt they’d ever worn.”

3. Clea Bamboo Short Sleeves Pajama Set from Kindred Bravely

Of all the products in this article, the Clea bamboo PJ set for women is probably one of my favorites. 

I love that this shirt and short set not only works great as a pair of nursing pajamas, but it’s cute and stylish enough to continue wearing long after your postpartum period ends. 

And if you prefer a tank and capris, they have another super cute set you may like even better than these!

4. LunaLuxe Bamboo Viscose Pajamas from Little Sleepies

For the longest time, I only knew Little Sleepies as a company that specialized in bamboo baby pajamas. Imagine my surprise and delight, however, to learn they also have an entire line of bamboo viscose PJs for parents!

They have many patterns and styles, but I’m partial to the Luna Neutral design. If you decide to buy these products, please note that you must purchase your top and drawstring pants separately.

5. bSoft Bamboo Capri Pajama Set

During my research for this article, I asked friends for their favorite bamboo pajamas for women. One of them mentioned that her favorite set came from Walmart, but I also found them on Amazon!

Not only is the bSoft pajama set affordable, but it’s also highly rated and adorable.

It comes with cute lace details and capri pants that many of us would love to have in our PJ drawer. 

6. GYS Bamboo Pajama Set on Amazon

This gorgeous set is a lifesaver when Amazon shoppers are looking for women’s bamboo PJs! With an astounding 2,300+ reviews, it’s easy to see that it’s an online favorite.

Thanks to its long sleeves, this is a fantastic option during the winter months. It also comes in several color options and is available in various sizes, from small to 4X.

Keep in mind, however, that some Amazon reviewers claim this set is very thin and “showy.” So, if you’re not looking to put your tatas on display for the whole family to see, you might want to pick a different pair of bamboo pajamas.

7. Lucille Bamboo Nightgown from Kindred Bravely

If you want a bamboo nightgown that isn’t just comfortable and lightweight but romantic, too, the “Lucille” by Kindred Bravely might catch your eye! 

This is a stunning piece that’s available in various colors and has a sexy lace detail that’s perfect for the bedroom.

8. Bamboo Short Pajama Set from Bamblu

With satin trim and a sleek design, this short sleeve set from Bamblu is a stylish choice if you’re considering buying some bamboo PJs for yourself or someone you love. 

Bamblu thinks of itself as more than just a store – its mission is to create items that will provide an enhanced sleeping experience. So, if you’re interested in some of the great benefits organic bamboo cotton can offer, these are great examples. 

9. Little Sleepies Sleeveless Nightgown

Did you know that Little Sleepies products are a favorite among celebrities like Chrissy Teigen, Andy Cohen, and the Kardashians? 

There’s no denying they make great items for babies and adults! That’s why we couldn’t resist sharing their adorable sleeveless bamboo nightgown!

10. Posh Peanut 2-Piece Adult Pajama Set

With tons of five-star ratings and a fashionable animal print design, it’s no wonder this loungewear set from Posh Peanut is a top seller on Amazon. 

They’re great for women with sensitive skin and will help you combat those annoying nighttime sweats.

A woman with red hair is sitting on a bed. She is wearing black pajamas and has a white bowl in front of her face.
Looking for comfortable pajamas for yourself or a friend? Why not grab a pair of these bamboo pajamas for women?

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of bamboo sleepwear and which products have earned high ratings from consumers.

What Are the Benefits of Bamboo Sleepwear?

I know what you’re probably thinking – they’re pajamas. What’s so special about a set of pajama pants and a shirt?

I’d likely feel the same way if I didn’t own a pair myself.

On the contrary, bamboo viscose cotton offers more than just five-star comfort. Products made from this material provide a wealth of fantastic benefits. Some of the most impressive include:

1. Moisture-Wicking Technology

Are you someone who frequently suffers from night sweats? If the answer’s yes, you might enjoy the moisture-wicking characteristic of bamboo cotton. 

Night sweats and hot flashes are common among new moms and those of us heading into menopause during the postpartum period. When wearing bamboo pajamas, hot sleepers (like me!) have the luxury of a fabric that wicks sweat away, so our PJs don’t stick to their skin. Glorious.

2. Breathability

While fabric breathability often goes hand-in-hand with moisture-wicking, I believe it’s a benefit that deserves its own section of recognition.

With bamboo pajama sets, gone are the days of looking for cool spots on your pillow or sheets to stay comfortable through the night. The lightweight, loose-fit of bamboo products will ensure your body temperature is right where it needs to be. 

The lightweight design of bamboo cotton also makes it an ideal choice for anyone with sensitive skin!

3. Eco-Friendly

Not only is bamboo a fast-growing crop that doesn’t require continual replanting, but it’s also not a grass that requires any additional fertilizer or pesticides. This makes it one of the most naturally sustainable textiles available–we love to see it!

An African American woman is standing in front of a bed. She is wearing light blue bamboo pajamas.
Bamboo pajamas aren’t just made for kids! If you want comfort and functionality, you’ll love these bamboo pajamas for women!

Taking Care of Bamboo Clothing 101

Despite the wonderful qualities of bamboo pajamas for women, one downfall is that many people don’t know the right way to take care of the material.

If you want to keep your bamboo clothing looking and feeling great, you’ll want to keep these care instructions in mind:

  • Wash bamboo fabric in cold water with gentle laundry soap and no bleach. The hand wash setting is a great option. 
  • To avoid fabric pilling, you may want to wash clothing items inside out.
  • The best way to maintain the quality of bamboo cotton materials is to line dry the items. If you need to machine dry them, use gentle cycles and avoid drying for too long, as it can damage the fabric.
  • Iron clothing on low-heat settings with no steam.

Bamboo PJs – A Fantastic Gift for Any Mama on Your List

Many people find bamboo pajamas a great option, whether you’re searching for new mom gifts, nursing PJs, or products to help during early menopause. 

These items might not be for everyone because they do require some extra care consideration, but in many cases, the benefits outweigh the annoyances. So, if you’re looking for lightweight, moisture-wicking PJs that are also eco-friendly, bamboo sleepwear is a great place to start!

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Are bamboo pajamas for women something you would want to buy for yourself or a loved one?