Finding Comfortable Postpartum Pajamas for the Hospital

An African American woman is sitting on the side of the bed after just waking up. She is wearing a silk lavendar spaghetti strap top

Generally speaking, the words “comfortable” and “cozy” don’t really have a place in a healthcare setting, especially right after you give birth. However, what might surprise some new moms is that buying the right postpartum pajamas for the hospital can actually make a difference in how comfortable you are.

Given that you’ve just pushed something the size of a watermelon out of your vagina, or you’ve had your abdomen cut open and organs pushed around, any home-like comfort will be a welcome distraction during the initial childbirth recovery process.

I, for one, was amazed by how good it felt to strip off my nasty hospital gown and slide into a gorgeous set of cotton pajamas after delivery. 

Packing a soft set of pajama pants or a nursing nightgown in your hospital bag can help you feel more normal after birth. The only challenge is figuring out which type of pajama sets you want to wear.

If you want the opinion of moms who’ve already gone through labor, delivery, and recovery, you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve compiled our favorite tips on shopping for PJs and how to decide which kinds will be most enjoyable after delivery. Keep reading to learn more about the best postpartum pajamas available!

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Do You Have to Wear a Hospital Gown During Your Stay?

While there’s a good chance that your chosen hospital will loan you a delivery gown upon arrival, there’s no rule stating you have to stay in it the entire time. In fact, some people don’t even use it for labor–instead, we come prepared with our own stylish hospital gowns

So yes, if you want to change into regular clothing after delivery, go ahead! And trust us, you’re probably going to want to!

But we do recommend planning to change into comfortable pajamas or leggings, as normal clothes won’t be comfy for a bit. Comfortable clothes for the hospital are definitely on our list of recovery must haves after birth.

What Type of Clothing Does Your Postpartum Body Need?

Loose will be the optimal word when selecting postpartum pajamas for the hospital. No matter how you’ve given birth, there’s a super solid chance your body has undergone some stress during delivery.

From C-section incisions to vaginal tears, the last thing you want is tight clothing that rubs against sore, wounded areas.

Easy nursing access is another thing you might want to think about. The early days of breastfeeding aren’t always hassle-free, so purchasing clothing that will help simplify the process should be on your radar. 

An African American woman is laying in bed under a white comforter. She is smiling and wearing a light blue spaghetti strap pajama top.
Comfort is crucial after giving birth. Here are our favorite postpartum pajamas for the hospital!

The Top Things to Consider When Shopping for Postpartum PJs for the Hospital

There are many styles and options when picking a pair of post-delivery PJs for the hospital. Not sure how to make heads or tails of the choices? Don’t stress; check out the following guidelines for selecting a pajama set that works best for you:

1. Nightgown vs. Pajama Sets

First things first- you’ll need to decide whether you want to rock a nightgown or pajama pants and a shirt during your hospital stay.

This is purely a personal choice. Some new mamas love the idea of a nursing nightgown post-childbirth, while others want to throw on a comfy pair of pants. Either option will work; it just comes down to what you’ll feel more comfortable in.

2. Size

While we might choose to believe that our bodies will bounce right back to pre-baby form as soon as our little ones exit our bodies, this isn’t actually the case. On average, most of us will still look about 6 months pregnant after we leave the hospital. 

That said, make sure to plan accordingly regarding the size of your postpartum pajamas for the hospital. You might not necessarily have to size up if you choose a set with stretchy fabric, but don’t purchase anything too small either. Plan on still having a sizable bump after delivery, as your uterus will still be rather swollen.

3. Fabric

During the first couple weeks of my postpartum journey, I remember sweating bullets, especially at night!

I’m not the only one to experience this less-than-delightful phenomenon. Night sweats are actually a standard part of postpartum recovery. This is primarily due to shifts in hormones after childbirth.

To help combat the discomfort from excess sweating, choosing breathable fabrics for your pajamas or nightgown is a great idea. Lightweight fabrics, such as polyester and bamboo cotton, are excellent options. 

4. Season

Shorts and a tank top might not be the best choice for your hospital pajamas if you’re giving birth in the middle of winter. Make sure to consider the climate where you live before making a purchase.

5. Easy Breastfeeding Access

We mentioned the importance of nursing access before, but it’s a topic that bears repeating. 

Trust me when I say that you want easy access to your boobs while breastfeeding, especially during the first few days when you and your little one are trying to figure out the process.

The last thing you want is to be awkwardly trying to whip out a breast while your baby is screaming their head off with hunger. 

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Our Favorite Pajamas to Wear After Childbirth

We can give you all the tips and tricks you want to help make picking out pajamas easier, but why not take it a step further? Wouldn’t it be simpler if we just told you which PJs are our favorites?

Lucky for you, that’s what we’re here to do! Check out these fantastic options for the best hospital pajamas on the market!

1. Davy Nursing and Postpartum Pajamas

Okay mama, let’s jump right into the cream of the crop. If you ask our team, there aren’t many companies that offer the same quality luxury pajamas you can find at Kindred Bravely. This is especially true when you’re discussing the Davy postpartum pajamas set!

These award-winning PJs are made from gorgeous viscose fabric that feels buttery soft. They also feature an expandable waistline that’s ideal for your postpartum belly.

As if that’s not enough, they also include a ruched neckline for easy nursing AND pockets!

2. Ekouaer Tank Top Nursing and Maternity Pajamas

For all of you mamas giving birth during the warmer months of the year, these tank PJ sets from Amazon are cute, cool, and perfect for your recovering body.

This set comes in several different colors and styles to pick from.

They also feature a double-layer front panel for convenient nursing access.

3. Betsy Ribbed Bamboo Nursing Nightgown

From its ribbed design to the henley neckline, the Betsy nursing nightgown from Kindred Bravely is one of my favorite products on this list. 

Made from high-quality bamboo cotton, this nightgown provides natural moisture-wicking elements.

It also has a built-in shelf bra for gentle support that can help hold your nursing pads in place. 

4. Joyaria Button-Down Short PJ Set

Thanks to its button-down design, this postpartum PJ set on Amazon is an excellent option for any nursing mama. I love that it also includes an adjustable waistband – this way, you can loosen the shorts to protect your c-section incision after surgery. 

Something else I love about this set is that it’s made from a blend of bamboo viscose and spandex.

That means you can trust that these PJs will be soft, stretchy, and comfortable.

5. 3-in-1 Labor & Nursing Gown from Motherhood Maternity

If you’re on the hunt for versatile clothing options, why not pick postpartum pajamas for the hospital that also work as a labor and delivery gown?

Rather than give birth in the standard hospital gown, this cozy, jersey-knit product will bring an element of luxury to your childbirth experience. After your baby’s big debut, you can continue using it as a nursing nightgown.

It has easy-access snaps for monitoring during your hospital stay and plenty of extra room for your baby bump before delivery.

6. Clea Bamboo Postpartum Nightgown

When I look at the Clea nightgown, I can envision myself cuddled up with a newborn baby after birth. This gown offers unbeatable softness and a loose waist to accommodate your changing body during your postpartum period.

It has long sleeves to keep you warm in cold hospital rooms and convenient buttons to simplify your early days of breastfeeding. 

Other Postpartum Essentials You’ll Want for the Hospital

Now that you’ve looked at some of our favorite postpartum PJs for your hospital stay, why not start thinking about other important items you should pack in your hospital bag for mom?

Some of our postpartum must-haves include:

There’s No Reason Not to Stay Comfortable After Delivery

As you reach the end of your pregnancy, packing snacks and the perfect newborn going home outfit shouldn’t be the only items on your to-do list. It’s crucial to think about what you’ll want to wear after you bring your precious baby into the world.

After all, your body will have been through a lot–don’t forget to take care of it!

Whether you go with a silky nursing nightgown or a convenient pair of pajama pants with an elastic waistband, plenty of stylish and high-quality options are available. Just don’t forget to pick a set of hospital PJs that will make you feel good after your baby’s big debut!

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What type of postpartum pajamas for the hospital would YOU want to wear?


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