Putting Together the Ultimate New Mom Gift Basket

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From goodies and treats to postpartum essentials, there are plenty of things that most of us would love to have during those first few weeks of parenthood. That’s why one of my favorite gift ideas after childbirth is new mom gift baskets. 

Instead of buying parents a single item after the birth of their newborn, I prefer putting together a curated selection of products that will carry them through diaper changes, late-night feedings, and postpartum recovery.

Whether you gift a new mom survival kit as a baby shower present or push present, here are a few popular options you might want to include!

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What’s the Point of New Mom Gift Baskets?

From labor and delivery to the early days of nursing, becoming a mama is filled with trials and tribulations.

We all need many things to guide us through those first weeks and months. 

What I love most about gift baskets for new moms is their versatility. From relaxation kits to natural childbirth recovery, there are tons of great products on the market to help new moms navigate the day-to-day challenges. 

Not only is gifting a basket like this a sweet gesture, but it’s also an ideal way to help parents through the emotional and physical nitty gritty that newborns bring into our lives. 

Don’t get me wrong; having a baby is the most fantastic gift! 

But dealing with the side effects of the process is something that certainly deserves a little recognition and care. 

Our Favorite Pre-Made Gifts for Mom

While I’m a sucker for DIY gift baskets for new parents, not everyone has the time and energy to create one, and that’s completely okay!

In situations like this, the multitude of amazing mom and baby-centric brands out there are here to help with your gift-giving needs. Keep reading to find out about some of our favorite pre-made gift baskets for moms after childbirth.

1. Sleep & Caffeine Kit from Made in the Shady

Is it just me, or do most new parent problems revolve around sleep, or a lack thereof? Well, this adorable new mommy gift basket from Etsy is here to help with all of your rest-related issues!

Called the “Sleep & Caffeine Kit,” this pre-made box for parents is made to help you sleep when you can’t and wake up when all you want to do is crawl back into bed. 

There is a box full of different types of coffee wrapped in brown paper. The sign on the top of the box says "Congratulations! You'll never sleep again with a pair of printed baby feet
Looking for new mom gift baskets? This coffee one from Etsy is sure to be a hit!

It includes an impressive collection of relaxation soaps, organic ground coffee, yummy chocolate, and indulgent essential oils to help you sleep like a baby (well, at least until it’s time for another late-night feed or diaper change!).

2. New Mama Bundle from Burt’s Bees

When it comes to looking and feeling your best after labor and delivery, Burt’s Bees has some of the best products on the market. This popular kit includes top-rated products like lip balm, shampoo, and a gel face mask. This would also make a great addition to any hospital bag for mom

Please note that this bundle doesn’t include a basket. You could simply gift it as is or grab a cute basket or bag to throw everything into yourself.

3. Deluxe Postpartum Recovery Box from Sunflower Motherhood

Okay, listen up; if you’re looking for the piece de resistance of post-delivery gift baskets for a new mom, you won’t find a better option than this product by Sunflower Motherhood!

This Deluxe Postpartum Recovery Box contains some of my favorite postpartum must-haves, such as:

One reviewer says the products in this kit smell like they came right out of a luxurious spa!

4. The BreastFriend Breastfeeding Survival Box 

Once upon a time, I was shopping for a friend’s baby shower gift. I knew she wanted to breastfeed, so I thought a nursing survival kit was a perfect option.

I was shocked to learn that there aren’t a lot of kits like these on the market. Thank goodness for Dear Mom Care Boxes on Etsy!

A white box is sitting open on a white table. In the box is a teal water bottle, Kind granola bars, Milkmaid Tea, lactation cookies, and nipple cream.
Looking for a new mom gift basket for a nursing mom? This box from Etsy covers it all!

They’ve put together the perfect breastfeeding survival box for new moms! It includes excellent products like nursing pads, lanolin, Mother’s Milk tea, and even a nursing cover. 

5. Sweet Mama Gift Kit from The Honest Company

The Honest Company has put together this gorgeous collection of body and skincare products to help nourish, relax, and hydrate mamas post-childbirth. From mud masks to nipple balm, this thoughtful gift box is perfect for any new parent who needs a little extra TLC. 

6. Replenish and Restore New Mom Gift Box

If you’re looking for a new mom care package that screams indulgent and upscale, look no further than this Replenish and Restore gift box

Yes, it’s more expensive than many other items on this list, but it also comes with some of the best self-care products for moms during their postpartum recovery. They’ll get a gorgeous robe, silicone water bottle, hair oil, and more!

On a light wood table sits a white jar of cream, a pink basket, and a white towel wrapped with a pink bow
New moms need love too! Here are some ideas for new mom gift baskets

Subscription Boxes New Parents Will Love

Instead of a one-and-done kind of gift, why not choose something that keeps on giving? Subscription boxes and memberships are a great gift idea for any new parent. Keep reading to learn about some of our favorites.

1. The Boobie Box

If you’re looking to experience a successful breastfeeding journey, you’ll probably want top-notch nursing supplies to help you through the process. 

The Boobie Box is a monthly subscription box that includes various breastfeeding essentials hand-picked by a certified lactation counselor. Each box has full-size items like nipple butter, lactation teas, and reusable breast pads. 

2. Meal Prep Kits

When it comes to meal planning kits for parents, it’s hard to pick just one. We figure why not give them their own category instead! 

Right after your newborn arrives, taking care of their wants and needs will be the top priority in the household. Unfortunately, that means meal planning probably won’t be at the forefront of a new mom’s mind. There are tons of different meal subscription companies; continue reading below for some great options for families:

3. Birchbox

Sometimes the best gift for a new mom has nothing to do with her baby. After all, aren’t we all guilty of putting ourselves to the side for our kids?

Birchbox offers subscribers an outstanding collection of hair, body, skincare, and beauty products each month. This way, mama will have some great new items to try when she gets a few moments of peace to herself. 

Another similar but more affordable option is Ipsy if you’re searching for a budget-friendly subscription gift. 

4. Winc

Let’s be honest about something; becoming a new parent is enough for any of us to want to imbibe in a bit of vino from time to time. Satisfy this need by sending your friend a wine subscription box with Winc!

They’ll get to try tons of great wines and will have a bottle ready to go when they’ve finished cleaning up their 5th blow-out of the day!

What Should You Put in a DIY New Mom Gift Basket?

If none of these pre-made new mom gift baskets fit your needs, why not create one of your own?

There are tons of ideas available for making care packages for moms. Whether you’re interested in gifting them postpartum essentials, nursing supplies, relaxation products, or even snacks, we’re here to help you figure out what to include.

1. Postpartum Necessities

Our bodies do many weird things after we’ve popped out a baby. Gifting a collection of products geared towards the postpartum period is always a good idea for new moms. 

After all, when moms put together their list of baby registry must-haves, perineal healing foam probably doesn’t make the cut. 

Not sure what we mean by postpartum essentials? Check out the list below!

2. Breastfeeding Essentials

To make the most of your nursing experience, having all the right supplies is crucial. Why not create a breastfeeding gift basket for moms if you have a nursing friend?

Some of my preferred product suggestions include nursing pads, nipple cream, Mother’s Milk tea, lactation snacks, and a nursing cover. You could even throw in a cozy pair of nursing pajamas – trust me, they’ll love you for it!

A woman with medium length dark brown hair wearing a white shirt is smiling and holding out a dark blue box with a bow on it.
Do you have a new mom in your life? Why not get her a new mom gift basket?

3. Self-Care Goodies

Anything you can to make a person feel good after delivering a baby is sure to be a win when putting together a new mom gift basket! While makeup products might not be helpful, plenty of other items will be. These include:

4. Gift Certificates

I always love topping DIY baskets off with a gift certificate for the recipient. When it comes to new parents, there are lots of great options you can go with.

Some of my favorite choices are gift cards for spas, grocery stores, restaurants, and, of course, Amazon! Some other great options are certificates to baby stores, streaming companies (Netflix is always a great choice!), grocery delivery services, and house cleaning companies. 

5. Alcohol

After nine long months of abstaining from alcohol, many new moms are ready for a drink! Whether you include a single bottle of wine with your care package or do an entire alcohol theme, this gift will likely earn you some serious brownie points.

A stemless wine glass is sitting on a marble countertop. The glass says "Mom EST. 2020" and there is a pinkish orange liquid with ice in it.
Looking to add to that new mom gift basket? Why not add this adorable customizable stemless wine glass from Etsy?

You could even include a cute wine glass – like this one from Etsy!

6. Jewelry

Where gifts for a new mom are concerned, jewelry is always a good idea! From birthstone rings to necklaces, the products below are gorgeous options:

7. Books and Magazines

Now and then, you might get sick of watching tv (crazy, I know!) When that moment strikes, having a great book or magazine to fall back on is a great way to spend some time at home.

The possibilities are endless, whether you go with a New York Times Bestseller or informative parenting books! You could also throw a few great magazines into your new mom gift basket, such as The Nest or Real Simple.

If your giftee is a bookworm, you could also add a gift certificate to the Book of the Month Club!

Choose Loving, Helpful Products for the New Mom in Your Life

As you can see, there is no shortage of great options when you want to give someone a new mom care package. 

The hardest part will be figuring out which direction to go with your gift! Either way, any new parent will be thrilled to receive a special something just for themselves – so don’t stress about what to put in your DIY basket!

Have you ever received a new mom gift basket? If not, is that something you would like?

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