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How to Prevent a Miscarriage (Debunking the Myths!)

When our editor saw that we were publishing an article about preventing miscarriage, she was understandably confused. After all, I spend more waking hours than I can imagine counting reminding women that their losses were not their fault. Nothing they could’ve done, I insist, could have prevented a miscarriage. So why would I—someone who has […]

Must-Have Pregnancy Essentials for Each Trimester

Ahh, pregnancy. That beautiful time in a woman’s life where she has the opportunity to grow a human being right inside her body. It’s magical, it’s wonderful…it’s a little bit weird. While the ability to have a child is truly extraordinary, women tend to forget about the strange things our bodies will go through during […]

Ideas to Have the Perfect Drive-By Baby Shower

It was no surprise to me that my friend Christina, a gynecologic oncologist, waited until she was nearly 20 weeks pregnant to tell me she was pregnant.  But I let the excitement get to me–even in a socially distant, pandemic world, I let myself hope for the best and planned (along with other hostesses) a […]

How to Decide If You’re Ready to Have a Baby

Despite all the easy-to-find explanations for exactly when you should have a baby, the reasons to have a baby are actually entirely your own. You see, as women, most of us have been raised under a few basic assumptions, one of the most common of which is that we want to have children. As author […]

Black Maternal Mortality Rates Left This Mom in Fear

I am writing this for my rockstar son, Chase, one of the most magnificent beings. And for everyone who has endured the trauma of delivering a child early, or of a medical system where black maternal mortality rates are astronomically high. Chase was born very early, at 30 weeks and 1 day. I experienced both […]

How to Choose a Baby Name

Let’s face it: naming a child is probably one of the most stressful things you’ll do as you prepare for their arrival. Some parents have names chosen before conception, while others struggle to come up with a unique, meaningful name for their child. We know people who weren’t allowed to leave the hospital because they […]