Picking a Going Home Outfit for Baby: 30 Adorable Options!

A newborn baby girl is laying on a blanket with stars on it. She is wearing a long sleeve light pink onesie with flowers cut into the fabric and she is sleeping.

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Becoming a parent is an experience that’s absolutely packed with milestone moments. One of these special moments is putting your little one in the car seat for the first time and taking them home from the hospital. Why not choose a memorable going-home outfit for baby to mark the occasion?

Picking out the outfit we would bring our babies home in felt like a big deal when I was pregnant. I clicked through product listings, drifted across Google searches, and wandered through the aisles of our local baby stores.

Somehow, though, actually making a decision felt impossible. I felt torn between “too many options” and “not the right one.”

If you’re in the midst of a similar battle, allow us to simplify your search!

From tiny rompers to pj sets for newborns, there are many sweet options to dress your little one in for their first trek home. 

We’re not talking about ballgowns and tuxedos for babies, though. While lacy dresses and tiny 3-piece suits for newborns are adorable, they’re not exactly practical during the first 48 hours. That time frame is more for coming to terms with the amount of bodily fluid coming from the top and bottom of the baby you just brought into the world.

If you want a beautiful, practical coming-home outfit for your baby boy or girl, follow along. 

Below you’ll find a list of the best tips and clothing options when putting together outfits to leave the hospital or nursing center in. 

This site contains affiliate links, meaning that we earn a small commission for purchases made through our site. We only recommend products we personally use, love, or have thoroughly vetted.

What’s special about a Going Home Outfit for Baby

The photos of you and your baby leaving the hospital are among the first shots you’ll present of your new bundle of joy. Sometimes, that particular baby outfit is also the first ensemble you pick for them.

If you’re anything like my husband and me, your little one will probably rock the classic hospital onesie for much of their first few hours. We didn’t really put special outfits on our girls until it was time to head home.

After the hospital onesie experience, some parents like the idea of picking a going home outfit for baby that’s a little bit special. 

It may have their monogram or name or match their nursery. You might even choose an heirloom item passed down for generations! 

Either way, waltzing through those hospital or birthing center doors with your new baby is a memorable moment; many of us choose to mark the big day with a keepsake outfit.

Creating a Newborn Going Home Outfit for your little one

When choosing a going home outfit after baby’s arrival, you should keep a few things in mind.

Let’s go back to those fluffy dresses and suits I mentioned earlier. While there’s no denying your little one would look cute in one of them, they’re not very practical for riding in the car. You’ll want to find items that fit nicely in the car seat and don’t make it hard to buckle your little one’s seat belts.

The American Academy of Pediatrics deters parents from letting their babies wear bulky clothes while using car seats. This also goes for puffy winter clothes. While it might be cold outside, remember to remove your child’s extra layers before buckling them in. 

Another tip for designing a newborn going home outfit? Pick items that are easy to get on and off!

Gather around children; it’s storytime!

I’ll never forget one of our first car rides with our oldest daughter. We were frightened parents taking our new baby to meet her great-grandma.

We’d dressed her in a gorgeous dress for the occasion and were happy as larks throughout our journey…until we noticed a SMELL from the backseat – she’d had a blowout.

There is no way to describe the pain of pulling off a frilly dress drenched in yellow poop from a brand-new baby.

From that day forward, I vowed to avoid cutesy clothing at all costs – I mean, let’s be honest, that promise didn’t last long, but I had slight PTSD each time we got in the car with her for a few months!

So, when it’s your first ride home with your little one, and you don’t know what to expect, simplicity and convenience are key!

What size of Baby Coming Home Outfit should you buy?

Ahh, baby sizes – the bane of my existence. There’s not a lot of rhyme or reason for baby clothing sizes. Even if something seems to make perfect sense, it usually doesn’t work how we think it will.

Take size 0-3 months, for example.

When shopping for our first daughter, I focused on 0-3 months…after all, she would be “0” when she was born, right?


For many average-sized babies, this size bracket is way too big. You’ll want to focus on newborn sizes for the first few weeks.

With that said, it’s a good idea to add a newborn going home outfit and a size 0-3 month outfit to your getting ready for baby checklist if you’re giving birth full term. You have no clue how big or small your son or daughter will be, so you might as well plan for various situations. 

Choose Whatever Newborn Coming Home Outfit Makes You Happiest

Before we get too excited about the cute clothes, let’s make something clear. 

We aren’t super into thinking certain baby clothes are for boys, and others are for girls.

In most cases, we think baby clothes are for babies and just want to help you find the best and most comfortable ones. 

However, our research tells us that most of you prefer us to break this information up to make it easy for you. So that’s what we’re doing. But we encourage you to look for whatever outfits make you happiest because that’s what matters here!

Gender Neutral Baby’s Coming Home Outfit

Here’s the thing about planning going home outfits – if you’re leaving your little one’s gender a surprise, finding the right product isn’t always easy.

That, and we personally think that all outfits are gender neutral outfits if you’d like for them to be. We’ve divided them above for your ease below, but honestly, your baby will be precious in whatever you put them in!

The good news is that new parents have more gender-neutral options than ever before. These are some of our favorites.

1. Gender Surprise Newborn Outfit in White & Gray

This gender surprise “New to the Crew” outfit is one of my favorite options on our list! It includes a delicate white and gray design that’s perfect for gender-neutral going home outfits.

This gender-neutral going home outfit is perfect for photos!

White and gray are popular nursery colors, so if you have a newborn photoshoot after coming home from the hospital, baby and nursery can match!

2. Kyte Baby Zippered Footie in Sage

This zipper footie is SO soft–the bamboo baby pajamas Kyte Baby makes are pretty out of this world. We’ve chosen the sage color for its sweet, simple, classic look, but there are tons of amazing colors to choose from.

This adorable going home outfit is available in so many colors!

We love a zipper footie for the ride home because it keeps baby’s feet warm and fits perfectly in a car seat.

3. Carver Footie Pajamas from Posh Peanut

We adore Posh Peanut for its cute designs and soft, high-quality fabric. The Carver zipper pajamas are no exception! 

It features a delicate gingham design that’s perfect for any gender and is made from buttery soft bamboo cotton you’ll feel good about putting your baby in. 

4. Olive Leaf Newborn Knot Gown from Caden Lane

Caden Lane is known for its gorgeous designs, and one of our favorite things about their newborn clothing, is the vast number of gender-neutral styles they provide.

This olive leaf newborn knot gown would make a precious newborn going home outfit.

You can even accessorize this outfit with a coordinating custom baby name wood signs!

5. Personalized Newborn Coming Home Outfit from Willow Bee Apparel

I love the sleek, simple design that Willow Bee Apparel on Etsy offers with this beautiful zippered sleeper. 

My favorite part, though? The cute personalization on top! You can highlight your little one’s brand-new moniker on their going home outfit for baby.

This is a sweet way to announce their name and will make precious photo keepsakes!

6. Bums & Roses – Caramel 2-Piece Set

I’m a sucker for anything with a henley design, which is probably why  I’m such a fan of this cute 2-piece set from Bums & Roses!

While 2-piece pajamas for babies aren’t usually our favorite options for little ones (we prefer one-pieces for added warmth and coziness), they’re a cute choice for the car ride home after leaving your childbirth facility.  

7. Little Peanut Outfit from Simply Spinning Thread

I notice a continual interest in elephants for baby-related items throughout my social media. And why shouldn’t there be – they’re adorable! 

If this sounds like you, you’ll love this fantastic “Little Peanut” coming home outfit for babies with elephants all over the pants!

Baby’s Coming Home Outfit for Girls

If you’re looking to outfit your new baby girl in soft pastels and delicate designs, you’ll be happy to hear that there are plenty of gorgeous products to choose from!

1. Personalized Newborn Romper from Etsy

I’m a sucker for baby names, so put one on any clothing item, and I’m guaranteed to swoon. That must be why this ruffled romper from Etsy is one of my favorites!

This going home outfit is the perfect match of comfort and cuteness!

This adorable going home outfit for a girl is available in several colors. You can choose to personalize it with your baby’s name or monogram.

2. Millie’s Dusty Rose Knotted Gown & Hat from Caden Lane

This gorgeous gown and hat was our founder, Katy’s, daughter’s going home outfit. It’s beautiful, soft, and has a coordinating robe option for mom!

This adorable sleeper from Caden Lane is an excellent choice for a going home outfit.

Remember to unknot the gown and put your baby in socks before putting them in the car seat!

3. Little Me Floral Footie Pajamas and Hat

Okay, I had to include this floral sleeper and matching hat set from Little Me because it’s the same outfit our youngest daughter came home from the hospital in.

It was incredibly soft and kept her warm and cozy the whole ride home. Bonus points because the tiny flowers matched the theme of her nursery!

4. Sunday’s Daisy Zipper Footie by Caden Lane

Do you automatically think of pinks, purples, roses, and princess crowns when it comes to baby girl coming home outfits? While there are many products like that, there are plenty of other “girly” options in alternative colors and patterns.

I love the muted boho vibe of the Sunday’s Daisy pattern by Caden Lane. Plus, this footie also comes with double zippers for easy diaper changes, just in case your baby needs a change before you get home!

5. Monogrammed Footie Romper from SK Creations on Etsy

If you’re looking for a sweet first outfit for your baby to wear home, SK Creations offers a lovely pink and white romper that might make you swoon! 

Using embroidery, the shop owner will customize your little one’s outfit with either a traditional monogram or their name.

6. Vintage Floral Baby Initial Coming Home Outfit 

This footie pajama is so cute it makes me want to have another baby! While not overly frilly or frou-frou, it does offer delicate floral elements that many of us would love for our little girls. I also love that you can customize it with your baby’s name. 

The one downfall of this design is the snaps at the bottom. While certainly not a deal-breaker, zippers are much easier to work with!

Newborn Hospital Outfit for boys

We aren’t into calling little girls princesses and choosing only sports clothes for little boys, but we also know many parents don’t buy their baby boys pink clothes, and that admittedly gets rid of many precious options. 

If this is you, fret not!

Did you know there are tons of gorgeous clothing options in deep, rich colors that will show off how freaking adorable your baby is? Here are some of our favorite options for boys!

1. Personalized Newborn Going Home Outfit for Boys

Featuring the sweetest button elements, monograms, and personalized hats, this customizable sleeper is the ideal going home outfit for a boy!

This adorable customizable sleeper is a perfect going home outfit!

It even has cute patches on the elbow for an added style element. You can also get a matching blanket if you’re interested!

2. Caden Lane Olive Bamboo Knot Gown and Hat

We adore pajamas from Caden Lane, and while this gown is precious for both girls and boys, we especially love the deep, rich color. This bamboo gown and hat combo is a gorgeous combination for going home, and there’s a matching robe for mom if you want to match while in the hospital or for photos.

This adorable going home outfit has a matching robe for mom!

Just be sure you put baby in socks and unknot the bottom of the gown before getting in the car!

3. Ribbed Knit Cotton Onesie/Pants Combo

Made from cozy ribbed knit cotton, this onesie and pants newborn coming outfit is a perfect choice if you need a going home outfit for a boy.

It comes in several different color options and has more than 1,400 raving reviews! Some reviewers mentioned they run big, so choose your sizes carefully when purchasing.

4. Black Waffle Henley Romper by Posh Peanut

While we don’t suggest snaps for your most common everyday outfits (trust us, get zipper pajamas instead), a few precious newborn outfits with diaper snaps will give you a lot more options for cute clothes. We especially love his waffle-knit romper from Posh Peanut, who makes soft, bamboo-based pajamas for babies.

This onesie from Posh Peanut will keep your little one warm and comfortable as a going home outfit.

Mamas rave about this brand, and when you see how cute and comfy baby is in their clothes, you’ll understand why!

5. Personalized Team Coming Home Outfit from Cuddle Sleep Dream

This adorable outfit and matching hat is a fantastic option for any new baby boy (or girl!)

It can be personalized and features the phrase “Just Joined Team (Your Name Here).”

6. The “Classic Coming Home Outfit” from Cuddle Sleep Dream

I know I said that putting your baby in a 3-piece suit isn’t a good idea for their newborn take-home outfit, but this adorable product from Cuddle Sleep Dream is a precious alternative.

With a onesie that includes a blue check “bowtie” and mock suspenders, your new babe will look like a little gentleman for their trek home after delivery. 

Meaningful Outfits to Bring a Rainbow Baby Home In

If you’ve experienced a previous pregnancy or infant loss, you might refer to your new addition as a “rainbow baby.” To many of us moms and dads, rainbow babies signify joy after a storm of hardship and sadness.

If the concept of a rainbow baby appeals to you, one of these beautiful outfits will make a great going-home outfit for baby. 

1. Personalized Rainbow Baby Outfit

If you’re hunting for a rainbow baby onesie or outfit to bring your newborn home in, this set is one of our favorites.

Looking for a going home outfit for your rainbow baby? This adorable and customizable outfit is perfect!

It has a beautiful boho rainbow design and can be personalized with your new addition’s name. Not only can you get the onesie, but you can add matching headbands, hats, mittens, pants, or shorts.

It will bring some extra beauty to your new rainbow baby birth announcement.

2. Rainbow Newborn Outfit on Amazon

Are you looking for a rainbow baby going home outfit that features traditional rainbow colors?

Then you might be interested in this brightly colored set on Amazon! 

3. Blue Rainbow Footie from Caden Lane

As we said earlier, not every family wants bright rainbow colors or pastel pinks and purples. Caden Lane has you covered if you’re looking for darker shades that still include a rainbow pattern.

Their blue rainbow footie is one of my favorite options on this list. It includes all the benefits Caden Lane is known for, including high-quality fabric and easy-to-use zippers. 

4. Zippered Footie in Aloe Rainbow by Kyte Baby

Without the Aloe Rainbow products from Kyte Baby, no list of rainbow going home outfits for babies is complete! 

This is one of the cutest styles I’ve ever seen and is a popular addition to any baby registry!

A woman is sitting on the side of a bed wearing a rose colored sweater and holding a newborn baby in her arms. The baby is wearing a white, long-sleeve onesie.
Looking for a going home outfit for baby? We’re sharing the most adorable ones we could find!

Going Home Outfit for Baby Who is a Preemie

One of the best things about many of the options on our list for newborn going home outfits is that you can buy many in preemie sizes. If something you like in the sections above isn’t available in a preemie size, we’ve compiled a list of some adorable preemie outfits you’re guaranteed to love:

1. Kissy Kissy Print Footies

Old school baby luxury at its finest, Kissy Kissy makes some of the softest baby clothes that have been on the market for decades!

They have plenty of preemie options if your little one came a bit early, too, which makes them a top choice for finding smaller newborn options.

2. Zippered Footie from Kyte Baby

If you’re still struggling for an outfit to fit your little one, you’re sure to find something perfect at Preemie Store. They even offer NICU-friendly options.

Hopefully, you won’t find yourself needing something your baby can wear in the NICU, but should that happen, Kyte Baby has you covered.

3. Monogram Coming Home Outfit from Lollipop Kids Design

If you’d like a personalized preemie coming home outfit, Lollipop Kids Design on Etsy is here to help. 

Their high quality rompers are gentle on baby’s skin and include beautiful customization details. It’s available in various sizes, including preemie. 

Double Trouble – Going Home Outfits for Twins

Are you bringing home two babies instead of one? There are plenty of cute coordinating twin coming home outfits!

1. Checkbox Personalized Twin Onesies from Take 2 Design Co.

We can’t deny that many babies look alike when they’re firstborn. When you have two, confusion about who’s who is inevitable! 

Simplify the “telling apart” process with these sweet checkbox onesies from Etsy that feature each baby’s name and a little heart checkbox to announce which baby is which. 

2. Womb Mates Rainbow Onesies from Pint Sized US

Would you like to dress your twins in matching outfits incorporating a rainbow design when they leave the hospital?  These silly “womb mates” onesies are just the thing! Pair them with matching pants for a perfect going home outfit for twins or triplets.

If you like the “womb mates” theme, Babies Republic also makes a cute pair of matching hats!

3. Double Trouble Rompers from Amazon

When packing your hospital bag, these double trouble jumpsuits for twins are a great choice for your babies. 

This set has tons of fantastic reviews on Amazon.

Many shoppers mention how well they fit their little ones and how comfortable they feel.

4. Baby Brother/Sister Rompers from Wonderfully Made on Etsy

Do your twins have an older sibling at home?

If so, these precious baby brother and/or sister outfits on Etsy are the perfect way to announce the delivery of your new additions.

Going Home Outfit for Baby FAQs

What is the best outfit to bring newborn home in winter?

It’s important to keep baby warm and comfortable while ensuring they fit properly in their car seat for the ride home. Footed pajamas allow you to keep baby’s feet warm while strapping them in safely. A warm hat and mittens can also help keep a baby comfortable in cold weather. Do not put your baby in anything puffy in a car seat, and if they need a jacket, strap them in first and then place the jacket over their arms, covering their stomach.

Can baby wear a onesie home from the hospital?

A onesie is a great option for bringing baby home from the hospital because it’s easy to strap into a carseat and also comfortable for baby. Since newborns are still learning to regulate temperature, we recommend using footed pants with a onesie to keep their legs and feet warm.

Does the hospital give you newborn clothes?

Most hospitals will provide a couple of basic white onesies, though they may or may not properly fit your baby – check with your hospital to be sure. Babies often go through many outfits a day, so we suggest having clothes for your newborn ahead of time, which you can purchase online, in-store, or resale for better affordability.

Which of these going home outfit for baby is your favorite?