20 Best Gifts that Give Back

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Gift giving, when done well, can be one of the most gratifying experiences.

Who doesn’t get SO MUCH JOY watching someone they love open a carefully chosen gift designed just for that person? Now imagine making it even better. 

What if you knew that the gift you were giving someone was doing good for more than just the two of you? Gifts that give back do just that! 

When selecting gifts for your favorite people this year, why not give something that gives back to your community, or our global community, as well as to the people you love?

We’ve compiled a list of companies that do amazing work giving back to schools, social justice organizations, and all different types of nonprofits, including those you choose yourself.

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Unsure what to buy friends and family this year? Why not make the most out of your gifts and give gifts that GIVE BACK?

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Companies That Make Donations for Gifts You Purchase

Perhaps the easiest way to give gifts for good is to shop through a company that gives back to a social cause or nonprofit organization when you buy. 

1. Amazon Smile

When you shop through Amazon Smile, you can set your favorite nonprofit to receive .5% on all eligible purchases. And while half a percent may not sound like a lot of giving back, it can be. 

The average Amazon Prime member spends $1,400 on Amazon per year.

Imagine if every one of those millions of people gave $70 to their favorite charity without changing their habits or spending more money? The ultimate difference would be huge!

2. Bombas

Bombas socks are famous for making socks that adults absolutely swear by, but did you know that they also make socks for kids?

They are ADORABLE, and they’re seamless, which makes them easy to put on your kid’s feet. And we all know how valuable that is in the morning.

Bombas is also committed to giving back. For every pair purchased, a pair is donated to homeless shelters across the US. 

3. S’well

S’well water bottles began with a mission to rid the world of plastic water bottle waste.

Founder Sarah Kuass is committed to creating beautiful products that help customers create less plastic waste and therefore live more sustainably.

S’well water bottles come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including kids’ bottles like this adorable whale bottle.

They have also expanded to carry reusable food bowls–perfect for containing kid snacks.

And if you reallyyyyy want to make a little one happy this holiday season, check out their entire line of Frozen 2 reusable ware!

We love the versatility and functionality of S’well. They keep your drinks cool or warm for 24 hours, and their food line will keep cold snacks cold and warm snacks warm. 

Oh, and in its earlier days, S’well was the fastest growing female-owned company in the US. So that’s pretty awesome. 

4. Skylar Yoo

Skylar Yoo is a feminist company that sells hand-lettered graphic tees and art prints.

We love their style, and we love them even more for donating 20% of each sale to the Malala Fund, which empowers girls through education, and Bring Change 2 Mind, which supports raising awareness about mental health.

If you’ve read more than one or two articles on our site, you know that taking care of mamas (especially those dealing with postpartum anxiety) and women in general is right up our alley, as is self care for moms

So treat your favorite girlfriends with a gift from Skylar Yoo and know that their new tshirt or art print is also giving back to girls and women around the world.


CAUSEBOX is a subscription service with a heart!

According to their website, it’s a “quarterly subscription box that focuses on curating a limited edition box of useful products from socially conscious brands.” 

That means that if you give CAUSEBOX as a gift, your lucky friend or family member will get a new box each season full of socially conscious goodies!

They also partner with many different companies and charities so that each box gives back. 

And if that wasn’t enough, they ALSO donate directly to charities that specifically empower women and focus on environmental concerns. 

6. Global Goods 

In keeping with our empowering women theme of gifts that give back, we really admire the work that Global Goods does.

This company is actually a not-for-profit social enterprise, which means all their products support a cause.

This cause is specifically providing jobs for women across the world. 

Since their launch in 2005, they’ve partnered with over 60 female artisan groups in more than 20 countries to bring hand-crafted and free market goods to consumers.

They invest ALL their proceeds to develop sustainable market access, training, and funding to help female artisans prosper. 

Their products range from holiday items, to home goods, to toys and decor for kids. Oh, and they have great jewelry!

With Global Goods, you’re sure to find something sustainable and beautiful for just about everyone on your list.

7. To Write Love on Her Arms

To Write Love on Her Arms is yet another cause we can really get behind.

A nonprofit company, TWLOHA exists to promote awareness for people struggling with mental health issues like depression, self-harm, addiction, and suicidal ideation.

The founder, Jamie Workowski started the company to help a friend who was struggling with depression and addiction. Jamie sold t-shirts online to help pay for his friend’s recovery treatment, and thus the company was born.

Their merchandise features hopeful messaging and supports the mission of TWLOHA. 

8. Out of Print Clothing

Out of Print Clothing, available on Amazon, is a great way to give gifts to your friends and family who love books. Purchases from Out of Print help support literacy programs all over the world through book donations.

Take it from a bibliophile, their products are also SO MUCH FUN for readers! They have all kinds of book-related graphic tees, socks, and even book-themed gifts for kids.

Don’t tell Jack, but he’s getting this Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus t-shirt for Christmas! 

As I type this, I am 100% also Christmas shopping. Book-based items and donations toward world literacy?? I am here for this one.

9. The Tote Project

I’m truly blown away by The Tote Project, y’all.

Founded by two best friends who were concerned with the rate of human trafficking and how it affects women,The Tote Project sells tote bags sewn by victims of human trafficking.

If that isn’t enough to make you want to buy allll their products to support their mission, I’m not sure what is. 

And, they don’t just employ sex traffic victims, they also help them move on to their dream jobs.

According to their website, they have donated close to thirty thousand dollars toward empowering women to move toward their employment goals. 

10. MantraBand CharityBrands

MantraBrand sells beautifully crafted bangle bracelets that anyone would love, but what makes them special enough to be included in our gifts that give back list is that they also have a CharityBrands line.

Their CharityBrands line supports charities that “create a positive impact on women’s and children’s issues.” 

They donate $5 from each bracelet from this particular line, and the best part is that you can choose which foundation you prefer, as the sale of individual bracelets supports different causes.

Gifts that Give Back for Kids

11. Love Your Melon 

Love Your Melon Beanies donates 50% of all profits (WHAAAT?) to charities working to end pediatric cancer. They have given over seven million dollars to pediatric cancer charities, and over 200,000 beanies!

Be sure to check out their beanies for kids and adults! They also have high-quality face masks, too. 

Click here to see a list of nonprofits Love Your Melon supports!

12. Cuddle + Kind

We’ll be honest, Cuddle + Kind has gifts for kids that we’d buy even if they didn’t give back because they are so dang cute. But the good news is that they do, so we don’t have to worry about that!

Cuddle + Kind was started by a husband and wife team, and they produce the CUTEST handmade dolls for kids. And the best part is that one hand-knit doll also provides 10 meals for kids in need.

The dolls are handmade by Peruvian artisans who are paid a fair wage. So many things to love about this company!

13. Tegu Blocks

The founders of Tegu Blocks believe deeply in the concept of free play for kids, so you won’t find any instruction manuals or directions accompanying their products. (Wondering what is free play? Click the link to find out!).

Not only do Tegu Blocks support free play, they are also engineered to help support kid’s developmental skills over time.

They are also based in Honduras, where they provide fair wages to workers and boost economic development.

14. Wild Dill Clothing for Babies and Toddlers

Wild Dill clothing for babies and toddlers is organic, fair trade, made in the USA, and completely natural. You’ll love their curated assortment of soft clothing for kiddos, and you can feel good about their mission as you buy.

15. Kid Box

Sick of having to shop for new kids’ clothing every time your child outgrows something or suddenly refuses to wear it?

Kid Box has you covered, mama. This company curates a capsule wardrobe styled specifically for your little one.

In addition to saving you from the horrors of shopping with your three-year-old, Kid Box also does something amazing. They donate clothing to kids in need with every box you decide to keep. We love it!

16. Yoobi

Got an elementary school kiddo who loves school supplies? I know I did when I was a kid! 

Yoobi has TONS of cute planners, pens, and other office and school supplies that your adorable little school supply hoarder will love.

And the best part is that Yoobi partners with the Kids in Need Foundation to help distribute classroom packs to high-need schools across the US. 

17. Krochet Kids International

This is another company that harnesses the power of giving back through empowering artisans. They began in Uganda and has since expanded to Peru. 

By teaching artisans to crochet, Krochet Kids promotes a cycle of empowerment and employment for people living in Uganda and Peru. Plus, their kids products are absolutely adorable!

Charitable Gifts for Good: The Environment & Animals

18. Back to the Roots

Do you have a child on your list who loves to watch things grow (or just get their little hands dirty)? Or just someone who loves to cook?

If so, we have good news! Back to the Roots has you covered with organic garden boxes that practically anyone (kids included!) can keep alive.

The best part? Back to the Roots is a socially aware company that uses the power of social media to give back.

So when you grow a box, all you have to do is tag @backtotheroots on social media, and they will donate a grow kid and STEM curriculum to the classroom of your choice.

PLUS, they have a specific initiative to support the Black community through supporting underfunded schools in racially disparate neighborhoods. 

19. WWF Adopt an Animal

Have an animal loving kiddo over the age of three in your house? We do! And we know that he would ABSOLUTELY love to symbolically adopt an animal through the World Wildlife Fund. 

You can choose from a range of different animals (from sloths to snow leopards!), and each symbolic adoption comes different goodies like a plush of your chosen animal, a photo, an adoption certificate, and more!

Please be advised that their products are not recommended for children under the age of three.

The World Wildlife Fund has been protecting the future of nature for almost 60 years. If you choose to symbolically adopt an animal, you can rest assured that your purchase supports worldwide conservation efforts.

20. BarkBox

Give your favorite dog lover a monthly box for their fur baby! Each monthly box has a theme, and includes two fun toys, treats, and a chew! And all treats are made and sourced in the USA, so you can feel good about that, too.

In addition to ethically sourced treats, Bark Box pays attention to helping its community of dogs and dog lovers. 

Bark actively works to “lower existing barriers to a dog-inclusive lifestyle and help dogs and their people stay together.”

So how do they do this? They use “education, technology, and volunteerism” to be a voice for our dog friends. We’re here for it!

21. Sanuk

Sanuk offers incredibly comfortable shoes, including shoes for kids, many of which are vegan or made from Hemp. 

And they collaborate with the Surfrider Foundation, a grassroots nonprofit that works to preserve clean oceans and shorelines.

If you have someone in your life who is particularly passionate about keeping our oceans clean and safe, then Sanuk is a great gift for them!

What are your favorite gifts that give back? Have we missed anything? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. Please consider adding Sheep Dreamzzz baby blankets to your future lists. This 501(c) (3) non-profit has trained a small group of women in Nicaragua to knit beautiful baby blankets. They live in a poor rural community, some with dirt floors, and receive all of the “profits” so they can feed their families (not just a “portion.” Nicaragua is the poorest country in Central America. Thank you!

    Find the blankets and lovies at https://sheepdreamzzz.org

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