Top Push Gift Ideas for a New Mom from Husband

A close-up photo of a person's hands partially covered by a pink, knitted sleeve. The visible hand has neatly manicured nails painted in a soft, matte nude polish. On the ring finger, there's a delicate, simple gold band, and on the middle finger, there's a thin gold ring with a small pearl. The overall feel of the image is cozy and gentle, with a bokeh effect creating soft light circles in the background, suggesting a warm, tranquil environment.

Gifting a push present that has meaning and purpose adds an extra layer of joy to an exciting, but also tumultuous transition. We’ve pulled our very favorites, surveyed the moms in our community, and tested products to find the best, highest quality options to memorialize this occasion for a lifetime.

Whether you’re looking for a forever keepsake or a cozy item to help your new mama feel loved and supported, we’ll give you the best push gift ideas for the new mom in your life!

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Quick Picks: Best Push Gift for Wife

Push Present Quick Picks (Under $150)

Best birthstone ring: 14k Rose Gold Ring

Best birthstone bracelet: Dainty Birthstone Bar Bracelet

Best birthstone necklace: Gold Birthstone Necklace & Earring Set

Best Initial Ring: Personalized Oval Initial Ring

Best “Mama” necklace: Gold Mama Nameplate

Best Luxury Blanket: Barefoot Dreams Cozy Chic Throw

Push Present Jewelry Quick Picks ($150-$500)

Best Birthstone Ring: Marquis Gemstone Solitaire Pave Ring

Best Birthstone Bracelet: Birthstone Heart Bracelet

Best Birthstone Necklace: Birthstone Bezel Necklace

Best Initial Ring: Diamond Initial Ring

Personalized Nameplate Necklace: Gold Skinny Bar Necklace

Best Locket Necklace: Square Personalized Locket Necklace

Best Pajamas: Cozy Earth Bamboo Pajama Set (40% Off w/ code undefining40)

Best Gift Box: Spa Day New Mom Gift Box by Nurtured 9

Best Tote Bag: The New Caroline by Lily Jade

Best Gift for Moms Who Love Podcasts or Audiobooks: Apple Airpods Pro

Luxury Push Present Quick Picks ($500+)

Best Bangle Bracelet: Baguette Child Figure Bangle Bracelet

Best Cuff Bracelet: Perfectly Imperfect Heart Bracelet

Best Diamond Necklace: Diamond Baguette Child Figure Necklace

Best Diamond Earrings: Slim Pavé Diamond Huggies

Best for Moms Who Love Fitness: Peloton Bike+

Best Gift For Moms Who Need Quiet Time: Apple Airpods Max

What is a Push Present?

A push present is a gift for a new mom from husband or partner that she receives after giving birth.

It literally refers to the fact that she pushed a human out of her body, and dammit, she deserves some respect (and apparently a gift) for that. (Oh, and if she had a c-section, trust me, she’s got a tough road ahead and she sure as hell deserves some love, too!)

A perfect push gift for a wife or new mom recognizes childbirth as a special occasion and honors that occasion for mom.

Who buys a Push Gift?

Push gifts are romantic gifts from a partner to the person who has birthed (pushed out) a baby.

But here’s why I struggle with that. Not all women are able, or choose to, have babies naturally, or even on their own. That’s why only giving a push gift for a wife after giving birth isn’t always the best option for every family. There are other individuals who deserve a push present, too.

So, if you’re a partner or husband considering gifts for a new mom, remember that gifts that honor birth are important for all new moms–no matter delivery type or adoption method.

Despite the name, a woman doesn’t have to physically push to be equally as deserving of a push present for mom! 

What are the best Push Gift Ideas?

There are so many gifts that new moms will love, so we’ll break down different options for you to make it easier to choose for the mama in your life.

Our list is categorized to help you choose which type of gift she’ll appreciate the most. 

For some women, practical push presents are the best because money is tight, and there are a lot of things you need, including a ton of baby registry must haves, when you have a new baby. 

Other women, though, would much rather have something meaningful, heartfelt, thoughtful.

They’ve just gone through a huge ordeal, and what they really want to know is that you recognize how badass they are, and that you care.

Meaningful Push Present Ideas

Meaningful gifts for a wife after giving birth make moms feel so special because it’s clear how much thought you put into the present, and the occasion that warranted giving it.

Jewelry for New Moms

Jewelry is probably the most common push present, and for good reason. Most women love jewelry, and it’s easy to make jewelry sentimental, especially anything that’s specifically made to be new mom jewelry.

Here are a few of our favorite ideas:

1. Jewelry with the Baby’s Name or Initials

We love jewelry with children’s names as a gift for your wife after giving birth. It’s so meaningful, and you can choose from all sorts of styles and colors to fit the mom you love.

Any piece of jewelry is a great option! Choose from necklaces, bracelets, or rings with your child(ren)’s name(s), and you can add to them if you have more children. 

example image

If your partner likes fancier jewelry, look for something in sterling silver or 14k gold. This is an especially good idea because it will last much longer than less expensive jewelry you can buy.

If you want something trendier, gold (go with gold-plated for less money) and rose gold are very in right now.

2. Birthstone Jewelry

Want a gift for your wife after giving birth that has your baby’s birthstone, which has inherent symbolism?

I have a birthstone ring that I absolutely adore and can’t recommend enough as a gift. Although mine is a standalone ring, if you have or want multiple children, I love the idea of choosing stackable birthstone rings as push presents so they can easily be added to the mix after every baby is born.

set of 12 gold rings with different birthstones on each ring lined on a woman's finger
Being able to choose the right birthstone but easily stack more later makes for a thoughtful push present idea, plus you don’t have to get creative again next time!

Consider your partner’s style, like whether she’ll want yellow gold or silver, sophisticated or boho.

If your partner is less into rings (we only have so many fingers after all), you can’t go wrong with a simple but gorgeous birthstone necklace.

If you want to go the birthstone route but have a higher budget for your push present, look up your baby’s birthstone and then head to your favorite local jewelry store!

3. Interlocking Circles Necklace

Interlocking circles symbolize two souls brought together that can never be unwound. You can get jewelry where the circles interlock side-by-side, or where they stack, to match the number of children the mama has or the number of people in your family.

We especially love this interlocking circles necklace, with its abundantly sweet message, from Dear Ava.

box with card that says congratulations and talks about the beauty of bringing a new baby into the world with a gold necklace chain hanging on the box with two interlocking gold circles on the necklace

Pro tip: Don’t love this exact style? Dear Ava has high quality, reasonably priced jewelry for all occasions, including lots more for new moms that would make perfect push presents!

Push Presents to Help Mom Feel Like Herself Again

One of the biggest struggles of new motherhood is the adjustment to feeling like your life is somehow suddenly secondary to this tiny human’s. The postpartum body feels weird and unfamiliar, and it can make such a huge difference to buy gifts for a new mom for herself, not the baby.

Here are our favorites.

1. Bamboo Pajama Set by Cozy Earth

The ultimate in pajama luxury, there is no more comfortable pajama set out there than this incredible bamboo pajama set by Cozy Earth. And who doesn’t want to give their wife a push present that was also one of Oprah’s Favorite Things!?

2 women stand together in front of a white background. The woman on the left is taller, a beautiful woman of Asian descent with shoulder-length hair, wearing a long-sleeved button up bamboo pajama set. The pajamas are white with a soft blue floral pattern. The woman on the left is slightly shorter, an African American woman with light skin and reddish-brown hair, wearing the same pajama print, but she is in a short-sleeved pajama set.

Get 40% Off With Code UNDEFINING40 for a limited time.

So soft it’s like sleeping on a cloud, their innovative fabric that not only provides versatility and flexibility throughout your pregnancy but also regulates your body temperature, ensuring you enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep. Ideal for postpartum hot flashes.

2. Lily Jade Anna Bag

I ADORE this diaper bag backpack so much thought I asked for it as a gift, never to be used as a diaper bag. It makes me feel so much more like my pre-baby self, and while I LOVE my kid, feeling like me is worth so much.

beautiful brown leather backpack with gold trim

The Lily Jade Ana backpack diaper bag comes in both medium and large sizes, and it’s stunning. It also converts to a cross body, making it fit almost any new mom’s style!

3. Spa Day New Mom Gift Box by Nurtured 9


Full of small indulgences like a cozy knit robe (perfect for comfort and breastfeeding), a fuzzy, cozy headband, and skin and nail care products full of safe ingredients to pamper new mom, this box will help mama finally start feeling like herself again.

Photography Push Gifts for Wifes and Partners

If memories last a lifetime, it’s largely thanks to photography and the memories we’re able to keep through photos. That’s why one fantastic way to honor a new mom is to do something special with a photo of her with baby.

Here are a few of our favorite options:

1. Acrylic Photo Block

Grab your favorite picture of mom and baby (or of mama at the end of her pregnancy) and put it into a gorgeous acrylic photo block.

3 acrylic photo blocks with photos of a mom kissing her new baby

We love this unique way of showcasing photos because of the gorgeous depth the photos gain–a new mom gift she can really cherish.

2. Custom Metal Photo Art

We love metal photo prints; they’re such a unique, strong, beautiful way to display family photos in your home.

a beautiful wedding photo printed on metal resting on a rustic wooden shelf

We love this rustic metal print bolted to a lovely wood frame, but they come in all different styles, so find the one that best fits your family’s style.

3. Custom Baby’s First Year Photo Frame

My photo frame documenting Jack’s first year is honestly my very favorite keepsake in our home. Except that…it broke. So I’ve upgraded to this custom one, which is so much stronger and more gorgeous than the traditional ones you find in stores.

Gray photo collage to show baby's first year divided by months

If you really want to take the load off of mama for an amazing push present, setup the monthly photos yourself and add the photos to the frame so your gift doesn’t give her extra work!

Keepsake Push Presents

1. Day You Were Born Box

Have this stunning box from MadTree Woodcrafts customized with your child’s name and birth date.

woman in cream colored sweater holding beautiful wooden keepsake box
This beautiful keepsake box filled with special items is the perfect keepsake gift for a new mom from husband or parter!

Fill it with newspaper clippings from the day of your baby’s birth, plus other sentimental items like baby’s footprints, your family’s hospital bracelets, first hospital hat or blanket, or the robe mom wore in the hospital. You’ll instantly have any new mom in tears (in a good way). 

2. Photo Box for baby’s foot and hand print

This awesome box lets you create a mold of baby’s hand and footprint and add photos to match.

This photo, hand, and footprint frame is the perfect gift for your wife after giving birth. It’s certain to fill her with joy for years to come. Kit by Main Event USA.

It’s a great interactive activity for parents, and I’m going to be honest–I wish someone had given me this! So, if you’re searching for gift for your wife after giving birth, keep this option at the top of your list.

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Pampering Push Gift for Wife

When you have a newborn at home, finding time to pop out for a massage, facial, manicure, or pedicure can feel impossible. If you can make it work, these are gifts any new mom would love to receive from her husband or partner.

But if that type of out-of-the-house excursion seems too difficult, there are plenty of ways to bring pampering into your own home. Here are some of our favorites.

Cozy Push Present Ideas

What feels better to an exhausted new mama than a warm, cozy, silky-soft or fuzzy gift? Basically nothing. Here are some of our favorites!

1. Comfy slippers

Mama is going to spend a lot of time at home, and it’s nice to be able to walk around comfortably. Warm slippers for her feet are an amazing gift.

If they’re fuzzy with memory foam, even better! And to make sure she can always stay warm, even when sitting, also give her some fuzzy socks (non-slip for carrying baby, of course!)

2. Gorgeous, Soft Pajama Set

Want to really wow the new mom in your life with some well-deserved comfort? She’ll adore this 3-piece lounge set from STORQ that she’ll practically grow to live in.

Brunette woman in soft pink nursing pajamas by STORQ

When it comes to a gift for your wife after giving birth, there’s no better way to help mama feel cozy and comfortable through her postpartum discomfort.

Think she’d prefer a different style? Check out all of our favorite postpartum pajamas and nursing pajamas.

3. Luxury Bamboo Sheet Set

This might sound crazy, but hear me out. You know you’ll be sleep deprived in the early months of baby’s life, and crawling into an incredibly comfortable bed with plush sheets can make a world of difference in how rested and relaxed you feel.

I have these sheets from Cozy Earth on every bed in my home. Every time someone sleeps over, they ask about our sheets because they want to buy them.

Get 35% Off With Code UNDEFININGMOTHERHOOD40 or a limited time.

But when you’re saving money for a baby, fancy sheet purchases aren’t usually indulgences you can justify. Unless it’s for a push present, in which case, everybody wins!

Side note: These sumptuous sheets also pair perfectly with our favorite bamboo pajamas for babies!

Spa-Like Push Gifts for Home

1. Oil Diffuser

Keep soothing, relaxing scents running through the house at all times. I sleep with this relaxing essential oils running through this diffuser every night.

beautiful white oil diffuser on bedside table next to a lamp, book, and flower

If you’re using this gift as a push present, make sure to include some oils for relaxing after a baby’s birth. My favorite relaxation scents include lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, and this “at peace blend

2. Weighted & Scented Sleeping Mask

Help mama relax while baby is sleeping. Because relaxing, if we’re being honest, is HARD. 

When her mom comes by to help out, gently recommend that mama go take a nap while grandma takes over for a bit. This weighted mask will help her sleep like, ahem, a baby…while grandma holds the baby.

3. Sleep Gift Set

Want a gift for a new mom from her husband or partner that does it all? This set has an aromatherapy scented candle, a chamomile and lavender mist spray to promote good sleep, a bath bomb (although a new mom might want to save this until she’s feeling better about her postpartum recovery), and a luxury sleep mask.

What could be better than promoting some decent sleep for a new mom?? We also love the adorable packaging and the great reviews.

4. New Baby Gift Box Set by Dear Ava

Both a keepsake and a pampering gift, this box includes luxury bath products that will help mama relax while you care for baby. But it’ll also give her keepsakes to remember this special time, including both a greeting card and an inspirational engraved wooden heart.

A gift box with an inspirational message that is open to show a bath bomb, lip gloss, soap, and a candle

Want to really excite the mom you love with this push present? Then don’t forget to include the optional gold-plated pearl necklace!

Practical Push Gifts

Remember that new moms are going through a lot. Their hormones are shifting; their bodies are not the bodies they knew.

Even moms who didn’t give birth to their new children are adjusting to a VERY new normal. Let’s be real: they’re likely living on dry shampoo because they haven’t had time to shower.

While practical gifts aren’t the best push present ideas for mamas who want to feel spoiled, they’re a great option for minimalist or budget-conscious households.

Why not let them experience a bit of comfort or help without breaking the budget while making their lives easier?

1. Amazon Prime Membership

This push gift for your wife or partner will get her free 2-day shipping (or less) from Amazon, which makes it much easier to keep up with supplies they need around the house!

Trust us, it’s SO hard to get out and about with a newborn. A Prime membership will allow her to order things she needs and get them quickly and easily…and without ever having to leave the house.

2. Audible Membership

New moms spend lots of time watching TV and listening to podcasts or audiobooks while their little ones sleep in their arms or while they nurse.

Books are hard to read with a babe in arms, but easy to listen to! Give her the gift of books for those late nights when baby is cluster feeding and she can barely keep her eyes open.

3. Thrive Market Membership

When they say “Healthy Living Made Easy,” they aren’t kidding!

Thrive Market offers the ability to order healthy, trustworthy foods, bath, and home products for a reasonable price.

And with a new baby, no one will feel up to grocery shopping a lot, so getting what you need right without having to read labels or trust that something doesn’t have harsh chemicals that could hurt baby . . . Thrive Market is a game changer!

4. Instacart Gift Card

Grab her an Instacart Gift Card or gift an Express Membership to offer free delivery. See which is better for grocery delivery in the new mom’s area.

Sometimes it’s Amazon Fresh; other times it’s Instacart. I’m actually a huge Instacart fan! You simply throw items in your cart as you think of them, and when you need your items, you have them delivered!

5. AirPods

We love the idea of a good set of wireless headphones, and while the market for them is relatively large, our editor Sarah recommends Apple AirPods.

Mama can take calls hands-free, or listen to audiobooks or podcasts while baby sleeps.

The beauty of AirPods is that they come in a case that charges them, so it’s rare that they are out of juice when you need them. Plus, if you’re already an Apple user, they sync to everything very easily.

Honestly, the hands-free aspect of wireless headphones is a lifesaver, and they’re comfy enough to not get annoying if worn for long periods of time.

Do you have any good push present ideas not listed here? Please share them with us!

Push Gift FAQS

What is an appropriate push present?

It depends on your budget, but push presents generally include jewelry, possibly with the new baby’s birthstone. Other common push presents are keepsake gifts or relaxing pajamas.

How much should I spent on a push present?

Be sure to stay within budget and your partner’s expectations. For some families, a simple birthstone ring can cost as little as $50. Jewelers often report partners spending between $1k-2k on push present jewelry, but what matters most is that your gift is thoughtful and you stay within a reasonable budget for your family.

Do I buy my wife a present for giving birth?

This is a personal decision within your family, but if it’s in budget, many new moms appreciate a gift after giving birth.

When did push gifts become popular?

While birth stones have been around for a quite a while, the idea of a “push present” didn’t become common until the 1990s, and was normalized even further in the 2000s.

How much do you spend on a push present?

When considering push present ideas, be mindful of budget. New babies are expensive, so don’t mortgage your home for a nice piece of jewelry.
There are tons of good options for all budgets, and if you choose a good push gift, it really is the thoughtfulness of it that counts. Some of the best gifts for a new mom from her husband are small in size and budget, but big in heart.
A sentimental gift that mom can keep forever makes for a great push present.

Do husbands get push presents?

Soley buying a push gift for a wife or birthing partner is becoming an outdated idea. After all, the dads and partners in our lives should get a little recognition, too.
It’s becoming significantly more common for dads, or non-birthing partners, to receive push presents, as well. And I personally love this.
They’re going through a huge transition, as well, so having something nice for themselves can be great. But in this article, we’re focusing on gifts for a new mom from her husband or partner, not on gifts for the husband or partner.

Why are push presents a thing?

Having a baby takes an intense toll on a person’s body, and many families like to celebrate the experience with a gift to show gratitude for the person who carried and birthed a baby. 

Do you give a push present before or after birth?

While it’s most common to give a push present after birth, you can give a push present at whatever point you prefer.

What do you buy for a push present?

Gifting is a personal choice, so you can choose whatever you think will be most meaningful to the recipient. Common push present gifts include jewelry, keepsake items, spa experiences, and comfort items.

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