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With the popularity of “push presents,” many people struggle to choose a gift for their wife after giving birth. In this article, we’ll outline simple and easy gifts for a new mom from husband, partner, or significant other that are sure to make her feel special.

Looking for other gift ideas for a new mom? Find out what to buy a new mom for herself (not the baby) and how to create a new mom care package. And of course, you can’t go wrong gifting the BEST postpartum pajamas!

What is a Push Present?

A push present is a gift for a new mom from husband or partner that she receives after giving birth.

It literally refers to the fact that she pushed a human out of her body, and dammit, she deserves some respect–and apparently a gift–for that. (Oh, and if she had a c-section, trust me, she’s got a tough road ahead and she sure as hell deserves some love!)

A push present recognizes childbirth as a special occasion, which it is. And we regularly celebrate such occasions with gifts.

Push presents are nice, but whether they’re necessary really depends on the mom you’re buying for.

When considering whether to get a gift for your wife or partner after giving birth, check with her, or err on the side of yes. She may want or expect a push present, and you don’t want to let her down.

Whether you decide to be on trend and buy a push present is your choice, but let’s be real: there’s likely a holiday around your child’s birth you’ll need to celebrate. OR maybe you leave off the label of “push present” and just celebrate that your partner is a badass.

Either way, don’t worry about figuring out what to get. The best ideas are all right here!

Who Do I Buy a Push Present For?

Push gifts are romantic gifts from a partner to the person who has birthed (pushed out) a baby. But here’s why I struggle with that. Not all women are able, or choose to, have babies naturally, or even on their own. 

So, if you’re a partner or husband considering gifts for a new mom, remember that the gifts are important for all new moms.

If your partner is one who would really appreciate a gift, then she should get one no matter the circumstances. 

If you’re going to give a gift, C-section mamas deserve gifts. Adoptive mamas deserve gifts. Mamas whose babies were born via surrogate deserve gifts. 

This is my other issue with the phrase “push present.” You don’t have to push to be equally as deserving. 

How Much Do You Spend on a Push Present?

First, you have to decide if a push present is even right for your family. Then, you have to decide what to spend. 

I’ve seen push presents of all sizes, from new cars, to a song a husband wrote for his wife and new baby. And honestly, since a push present is meant to be a romantic gift, I know many women who’d prefer the song. 

So when choosing a push present for mom, consider her personality to make the best choice. You know your partner and what she expects better than anyone.

When Should You Buy a Gift for a New Mom?

Gifts for a new mom shortly after she has given birth (or you have adopted or had a child by whatever means worked best for your family) are never a bad idea, as long as you’re working reasonably within your budget. 

I don’t recommend giving your partner a gift at the baby shower–wait and see what you get. Plus, showers are more about gifts for the baby.

You want something for the new mom in your life!

(The one exception here is if you’re gifting her a fancy diaper bag, like this one. I only recommend that if you KNOW she wants a really nice diaper bag, though.)

She’s going through a really hard time, and she deserves to feel loved and appreciated.  

Of course, remember all the major gift-giving holidays, too!

  • Mother’s Day
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa
  • Any other gift-giving holidays you celebrate

What are the Best Push Present Ideas?

There are so many gifts that new moms will love. People constantly ask me, “What do you bring to a new mom?” I’m here to tell you!

I’m breaking the recommendations into 2 different sections. 

  1. Meaningful Gifts for a New Mom 
  2. Practical Gifts for a New Mom

When planning a gift for your wife after giving birth, choose which type of gift she’ll appreciate the most. 

For some women, practical gifts are the best because money is tight, and there are a lot of things you need when you have a new baby. 

Other women, though, would much rather have something meaningful, heartfelt, thoughtful.

They’ve just gone through a huge ordeal, and what they really want to know is that you recognize how badass they are, and that you care.

Meaningful Gifts for a New Mom

(1) Jewelry

This is one of the most common gifts for new moms, and for good reason. Most women love jewelry, and it’s easy to make jewelry sentimental, especially anything that’s made to be new mom jewelry.

Birthstone Ring

You can buy a gift for your wife after giving birth that has your baby’s birth stone, which has inherent symbolism.

I have a birthstone ring that I absolutely adore and can’t recommend enough as a gift. Consider your partner’s style, like whether she’ll want yellow gold or silver, sophisticated or boho. If you want multiple children, or if this is not your first child, you may consider stackable birthstone rings.

set of 12 gold rings with different birthstones on each ring lined on a woman's finger
Being able to choose the right birthstone but easily stack more later makes for a thoughtful push present idea, plus you don’t have to get creative again next time!

Jewelry with Child’s Name

Other options include necklaces, bracelets, or rings with your child(ren)’s name(s), and you can add to them if you have more children. In other words, you aren’t buying expensive birthstone jewelry for every child! Win-win.

We love this necklace from Sarah Cornwell Jewelry as a gift for a new mom from husband or partner. Plus her other styles are great for gifts and personal use.

If your wife wants fancier jewelry, look for something in sterling silver. This is an especially good idea because it will last much longer than less expensive jewelry you can buy.

If you want something trendier, gold (go with gold-plated for less money) and rose gold are very in right now.

Budget-Friendly Necklace

A great, budget-friendly option is this beautiful new mom necklace from Dear Ava.

A gold necklace with a leaf pendant that says motherhood on the card from dear ava

(2) Family photo session

Find a local photographer in your area who specializes in newborn family photos and surprise your wife.

If you’re an Atlanta local, I recommend Brooke Whitney Photography

(3) Postpartum doula or night nurse

This, like the photographer, takes a little more work on your end because you have to find one in your area.

But I promise this is one of the absolute best gifts for a new mom from husband!

(4) Day You Were Born Box

Have this stunning box from MadTree Woodcrafts customized with your child’s name and birth date.

I have a few items handmade by MadTree Woodcrafts, and they’re top tier quality. This stunning keepsake box, filled with baby’s footprints, newspaper clippings from the day of birth, etc. is guaranteed to melt any new mom’s heart. Have it customized with the baby’s name and birthdate!

Fill it with newspaper clippings from the day of your baby’s birth, plus other sentimental items like baby’s footprints, your family’s hospital bracelets, first hospital hat or blanket, or the robe mom wore in the hospital. You’ll instantly have any new mom in tears. 

(5) Photo Box for baby’s foot and hand print

This awesome box lets you create a mold of baby’s hand and footprint and add photos to match. It’s a great interactive activity for parents, and I’m going to be honest–I wish someone had given me this!

This photo, hand, and footprint frame is the perfect gift for your wife after giving birth. It’s certain to fill her with joy for years to come. Kit by Main Event USA.

Pampering Gifts for a New Mom

A massage, facial, manicure, pedicure–whatever works! Just keep in mind her specific needs.

For instance, nursing moms who are wearing nursing pads just to keep their boobs from leaking breast milk probably aren’t able to leave baby long enough for a full spa day.

But she may be able to pop out for a pedicure while you, partner, stay with your baby. Or maybe you could order a massage therapist to your house.

There are plenty of ways you can bring pampering into your own home, though. Here are some of our favorites.

(1) Comfy slippers

She’s going to spend a lot of time at home, and it’s nice to be able to walk around comfortably. If they’re fuzzy with memory foam, even better!

(2) Super soft pajamas

I rarely got dressed during the early postpartum days, so comfy pajamas were HUGE! Talk about a great gift when you’re trying to figure out what to buy a new mom for herself, not for baby! I had 3 favorite brands:

Leena & Lu are definitely the BEST. Made from organic Peruvian cotton and so comfy that I liken them to sleeping on a cloud, these PJs are a win for all. My favorite is the Talara dress nightgown. 

I LOVE the talara dress from Leena & Lu. It’s like sleeping on a cloud.

Kindred Bravely is postpartum specific, and many of the clothes are made for nursing. But they’re equally as comfortable and amazing for formula-feeding mamas! Kindred Bravely are absolutely  my favorite brand of sleeping bras AND postpartum pajamas. They also have pumping bras for pumping moms. 

(3) Oil Diffuser

Keep soothing, relaxing scents running through the house at all times. 

(4) Weighted & Scented Sleeping Mask

Help mama relax while baby is sleeping. Because relaxing, if we’re being honest, is HARD. 

Practical Gifts for a New Mom

Remember that new moms are going through a lot. Their hormones are shifting; their bodies are not the bodies they know.

Even moms who didn’t give birth to their new children are adjusting to a VERY new normal. A lack of sleep, being busy moms even when they’re stuck at home and lonely. They’re likely living on dry shampoo because they haven’t had time to shower.

While practical gifts aren’t the best push present ideas for mamas who want to feel spoiled, they’re a great option for minimalist or budget-conscious moms.

Why not let them experience a bit of comfort or help without breaking the budget while making their lives easier?

(1) Amazon Prime Membership

This membership will get free 2-day shipping (or less) from Amazon, which makes it much easier to keep up with supplies they need around the house!

(2) Audible Membership

New moms spend lots of time watching TV and listening to podcasts or audiobooks while their little ones sleep in their arms.

Books are hard to read with a babe in arms, but easy to listen to!

(3) Prime Pantry Membership

Free grocery delivery? Yes, please! Infant seats and grocery carts are no one’s friend!

(4) Instacart Gift Card

Or gift an Express Membership to offer free delivery. See which is better for grocery delivery in the new mom’s area. Sometimes it’s Amazon Fresh; other times it’s Instacart. I’m actually a huge Instacart fan!

(5) Wireless headphones

(To listen to the audiobooks while baby sleeps)

(6) Amazon Home Services

This service provides handyman services, housecleaning, and so much more that a new mom might need!)

Let me tell you something, partners, in case you haven’t already noticed. With a new baby, keeping the house clean feels impossible! Because it is.

Hiring someone to come in can be SUCH a help. If it’s not in budget, then clean the house yourself, or ask a friend or family member to gift a day of cleaning. Trust me, your partner doesn’t want to have to ask you to clean, and she likely won’t. But she’s desperate for it!

What’s the best new mom gift you ever received?

Push Present FAQ

What is an appropriate push present?

It depends on your budget, but push presents generally include jewelry, possibly with the new baby’s birthstone. Other common push presents are keepsake gifts or relaxing pajamas.

How much should I spent on a push present?

Be sure to stay within budget and your partner’s expectations. For some families, a simple birthstone ring can cost as little as $50. Jewelers often report partners spending between $1k-2k on push present jewelry. What matters most is that your gift is thoughtful and you stay within a reasonable budget for your family.

Do I buy my wife a present for giving birth?

This is a personal decision within your family, but if it’s in budget, many new moms appreciate a gift after giving birth.

When did push presents become a thing?

While birth stones have been around for a quite a while, the idea of a “push present” didn’t become common until the 1990s, and was normalized even further in the 2000s.

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