20+ Popular TTC and Infertility Podcasts for Hopeful Parents

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If you’re like me, when you become fixated on something, take infertility for example,  you do all the research humanly possible. Some of this research includes deep diving into reputable sources, while other research involves watching hours of Infertility Tiktok (yep, that’s a thing) and listening to tons of infertility podcasts. 

Don’t get me wrong–I definitely want to know what scientific research can benefit me and provide infertility support. But I also want to hear from other women who’ve faced the same battles as me–who speak from personal experience about what it’s taken for them to grow a family.

Podcasts are a fantastic medium for diving into details and sharing the nitty-gritty version of true events. This makes them ideal for learning about infertility, trying to conceive (TTC), and growing a family.

So, if you’re ready to start listening, check out any of the best fertility podcasts mentioned below! 

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What is Infertility?

Before we get started with the podcasts, though, let’s talk about WHAT infertility is (and isn’t).

Infertility is a condition that plagues 1-in-8 couples throughout the United States. It’s an experience that revolves around continually unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant.

Per the CDC, the medical definition of infertility is not conceiving after a year or more of unprotected sex. 

The causes of infertility, however, are more challenging to define.

Fertility struggles stem from various medical issues, such as PCOS, age, weight, anatomical problems, etc.

Often, there’s not even an apparent reason why someone can’t get pregnant, which is called unexplained infertility.

No matter what’s behind your infertility, the podcasts listed below might be beneficial. They cover a broad spectrum of topics and seek to support any of us facing conception trouble. 

The Best All-Around Infertility Podcasts for Hopeful Mamas

The place to start picking an infertility podcast to listen to might as well be the cream of the crop. 

Whether you have secondary infertility, recurrent miscarriage, fertility-induced depression, or something else, the podcasts below cover all ends of the spectrum. They provide in-depth looks at every aspect of fertility.

From mental health to medical processes, these are the comprehensive fertility podcasts we want and need!

1. Matt & Doree’s Eggcellent Adventure

Matt and Doree suffered one failed IVF cycle before deciding to document their fertility journey via their podcast, “Matt & Doree’s Eggcellent Adventure!”

This podcast provides a detailed look at the world of in vitro fertilization (IVF). It covers the process in general and dives into setbacks, questions, and all other things about infertility. This is an excellent option for couples starting their IVF journey and wanting to learn a little more about what’s involved with the experience.

2. Infertility Sisters

What happens when two friends both find themselves facing infertility? They make a podcast about it, of course!

I love this particular podcast about infertility because the creators feature many weekly guests who come on to share their unique conception journeys. Rather than only hearing about one specific instance, you’ll receive information from people suffering from a wide range of fertility obstacles.

This podcast also includes various reproductive health experts who join the creators to explore different family planning and conception aspects.

3. Infertile AF

Infertile AF takes every messy aspect of infertility and presents it in hilarious, easy-to-consume podcast installments. Run by Brooklyn-based journalist Ali Prato, this is one of the most comedic infertility podcasts you’ll find on Spotify or Apple. 

Receiving an infertility diagnosis is not all about medications and treatments. This podcast examines money issues and infertility fundraising, nutrition, relationship dynamics, egg freezing, and much more.

4. Infertility Feelings

Listening to Infertility Feelings is an excellent option if you’re interested in the connection between mental health and infertility. 

This show discusses general topics, like stress and infertility, and it also dives into more specific conversations, such as the emotions an infertile person might experience at a baby shower.

Fertility challenges are more than just physical struggles. The emotional and psychological tolls play just as big of a role. This TTC podcast will address hot-button topics that will help anyone trying to get pregnant feel less alone. We love that!

5. Infertility Docs Uncensored

Whether you have reproductive questions about male factor infertility, genetic testing on embryos, endometriosis, or more, you’ll likely want to go straight to fertility docs for the answers.

Well, Infertility Docs Uncensored can save you an appointment with your local practitioner!

Featuring a range of experts in the fertility field, this unfiltered podcast provides the truth about any conception topics you might be interested in learning more about. Each weekly episode talks about a different subject, all related to growing a family.

6. Big Fat Negative

In Big Fat Negative, friends and journalists Emma and Gabriella address the trials and tribulations of getting pregnant after an infertility diagnosis. This program features interviews with various experts in the field and addresses crucial topics that hopeful parents need to know more about.

The creators even published an infertility guidebook to help individuals through their conception process. 

7. Fertility Warriors

The Fertility Warriors podcast is hosted by Robyn Birkin, a life coach, and mother with infertility experience. This program dives heavily into the mental health aspects of TTC with fertility problems. 

Mixing fertility facts with first-hand accounts, Robyn discusses the many BIG feelings that come with infertility. From jealousy to depression, she offers insight into coming to terms with your emotions.

8. The Infertile Mafia

How would you like to listen to a podcast that sounds like it’s coming straight from your BFF? Well, that’s what The Infertile Mafia aims to offer!

Good friends, Sarah and Kaela, work together to create a comedic, honest, and endearing podcast about all things infertility. This program is one of my favorites because it sounds relatable – you’ll feel like you’re sitting around dishing with your besties!

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Are you struggling with infertility and feel like you’re all alone? We’ve compiled a list of infertility podcasts to help!

Podcasts to Help With Pregnancy or Infant Loss

For many of us hoping to grow a family, pregnancy and/or infant loss will play a crucial role in our experiences. The blogs below focus on this aspect of infertility.

1. The Joyful Mourning

Ashlee Proffitt, the host of The Joyful Mourning, works hard to create a safe and informational place for any parent struggling with pregnancy or child loss. 

Whether you’re working through the loss of a little one or dealing with recurrent miscarriages, Ashlee provides a well-rounded collection of stories, resources, and devotionals to help you on your path.

While we wait for our happy endings, the state of limbo experienced after a loss can feel unbearable. The Joyful Mourning earns excellent reviews on Apple for its dedication to helping parents work through their grief and hold out hope for their future. 

2. Confessions of a Grieving Mother

Tracy and Julia, the two moms behind Confessions of a Grieving Mother, have a mission to destigmatize the topics of miscarriage, stillbirth, and infant loss. Not only do they feature narrative storytelling from other loss parents, but each creator shares advice about moving forward after loss.

Blending comedy with endearment, these two mamas have built a safe space for anyone struggling through loss on their parenting journey. 

3. The Worst Girl Gang Ever

The Worst Girl Gang Ever embraces the idea that none of us want to become a loss parent. When it happens, it’s essential to find a supportive and loving community to help build you back up.

I love the platform these mamas offer other parents. Not only do they produce a well-reviewed infertility podcast, but they also have a blog and various courses that can provide new perspectives and information about topics, such as:

TTC Podcasts for General Fertility Information

Sometimes, hopeful parents look for basic fertility information without completely entering the world of fertility treatments. If you’re on the hunt for an outstanding TTC podcast, check out the ones listed below.

1. Fertility Wellness

As someone interested in alternative methods for naturally increasing fertility, I was thrilled to discover Fertility Wellness.

This program focuses primarily on Chinese medicine practices and sheds light on diverse methods for improving your chances of getting pregnant. From conversations about acupuncture for fertility to natural fertility supplements, you’re bound to find some great information on this podcast. 

2. The Egg Whisperer

Boasting over 5 million downloads and listens, The Egg Whisperer provides TTC parents with all the information we could need to improve our likelihood of conceiving. 

This podcast does a great job of combining infertility-related topics with general TTC tips and tricks.

3. Mastering Your Fertility

Kristen Cornett, an esteemed nutritionist, hosts Mastering Your Fertility, a fertility podcast that dives into the various causes of infertility and what we can do to better our bodies while trying to get pregnant. 

In addition to covering all things fertility, this podcast dives into many general women’s health topics that can play a role in our abilities to conceive.

PCOS and Infertility Podcasts

Did you know that for people with PCOS, infertility occurs 70-80% of the time? In fact, this condition is one of the leading causes of female infertility, per the CDC. 

If you receive a PCOS diagnosis during your quest to have a baby, the podcasts below feature helpful information you may want to know.

1. The PCOS Girls

The PCOS Girls podcast is not strictly about infertility. That said, though, it does include valuable topics for anyone diagnosed with PCOS.

From diet to mental health, this program offers insight into how PCOS affects our bodies. Additionally, the hosts provide ample content for those of us trying to get pregnant.

2. The PCOS Nutritionist

While there’s no cure for PCOS, there are ways of managing the symptoms it causes. One of the leading techniques for controlling side effects is changing your diet

Making dietary changes is never easy, but this podcast helps explain why different choices can make a difference in how this hormonal condition affects you.

If you’re trying to control your PCOS infertility, alternating your diet can be a helpful solution, which is why this podcast might be a great choice for you!

Infertility Podcasts for Men

All too often, conversations about how to beat infertility revolve entirely around what a woman can do to get pregnant. Surprisingly, a study by Yale Medicine concluded that 50% of the time, the issue is male factor infertility. 

When birth control is a thing of the past and pregnancy still isn’t happening, it’s time for infertility patients to consider all possibilities. 

If you and your partner are experiencing male-related fertility issues, the programs below might be excellent resources.


This award-winning podcast examines the IVF process from a man’s perspective. While we mamas might endure the bulk of the physical aspects of the procedure, our partners have the demanding role of supporting us throughout the experience while taking care of their emotional and mental needs.

Not only does this program present relatable conversations about the ins and outs of IVF, but it also provides helpful tools to guide hopeful dads and moms through their infertility journeys.

2. Detour to Becoming Dad

The concept of Detour to Becoming Dad is helping men come to terms with male-factor infertility challenges.

Our middle school health classes make reproduction seem so simple. Then, when issues arise, we’re not mentally prepared to deal with them. 

Allow this infertility podcast to serve as a roadmap to conquering the uncertainty of growing a family when dealing with problems like poor sperm quality, low sperm count, or diminished motility.

3. The Male Infertility Podcast

While this program focuses on male factor fertility problems, it’s really a podcast for mamas and daddies. 

Just as our partners have to help us while we undergo procedures like IUIs and IVF, it’s our job to build them back up when male infertility issues are a factor in your conception struggle.

Nick, the podcast’s creator, offers first-hand insight into coping with these reproductive challenges and tips for overcoming them.

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When you’re trying to grow a family unsuccessfully, it’s helpful to find infertility resources you can lean on for information. These infertility podcasts can help!

Podcasts About Alternatives Paths to Parenthood

Fertility troubles are not universal. They look different for each unique circumstance. That includes those of us who are taking alternative paths to parenthood. From sperm donors to adoption, the family-building podcasts below look at various non-traditional families and how they become parents.

1. Pregnantish

Whoever said that having a baby HAD to involve getting pregnant? Andrea Syrtash is here to prove it doesn’t!

Pregnantish is a podcast for families and individuals who want to become parents but have to use alternative methods. Some topics include surrogacy LGBTQ family building, sperm and egg donation, and many more.

2. The Honestly Adoption Podcast

Adoption is a not-so-simple journey that forces hopeful parents to confront intense emotions, fears, and expectations. The Honestly Adoption Podcast is a valuable tool for anyone in the middle of these experiences or starting their adoption process.

From interviews with adult adoptees to encouragement after failed adoptions, creators Mike and Kristen Berry are the knowing voices you need to guide you through the twists and turns of trying to adopt.  

3. If These Ovaries Could Talk

Often marketed as two lesbians talking about infertility, Robin and Jaimie are hosts of this hilarious podcast about non-traditional families making babies. But this podcast has great information for all hopeful parents, not just LGBTQ+ ones.

If you want to have a really great time during your podcast listening experience, this one might be for you!

Pick an Infertility Podcast that Speaks to Your Needs

When you’re diagnosed with infertility, navigating the next steps in the process can be exhausting and all-consuming. You’ll be surrounded by many myths, options, suggestions, and more that you must work through.

Having an experienced podcast host to guide you through everything is an excellent tool.

Fertility podcast creators work hard to eliminate the lines between conception fact and fiction while offering insight into the physical, mental, and emotional effects you might experience.

Whether you want to hear a dad’s hilarious journey overcoming male factor fertility or a group of fertility doctors breaking down the what’s what of reproductive health, you’re sure to find a program you love!

Have you found any other helpful infertility podcasts while you were trying to grow a family?