Support Your TTC Friend with These 20+ Amazing IVF Gifts

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We shop for birthdays, presents for Christmas, and for anniversaries, but have you ever heard of buying IVF gifts for friends trying to conceive (TTC)?

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is an intricate dance of doctor’s appointments, drug refills, and monitoring. It’s no surprise that many of us go through the process feeling worn out, stressed, and completely overwhelmed.

While many hopeful parents and couples try their hardest to handle the situation alone, it is ALWAYS helpful to have the love and support of friends and family.

If one of your loved ones is currently going through IVF, finding the “right” way to show them that you care can be challenging. While our instincts may be to say something uplifting, it can be hard to choose the perfect words.

When this is the case, a small token can be a sweet example of your love. This is where IVF gifts come in.

Whether you choose a gift that will help them during their cycle or pick a present that will lift their spirits, IVF gifts and IVF care packages are an excellent way to let them know you’re thinking of them as they go through this daunting process.

This site contains affiliate links, meaning that we earn a small commission for purchases made through our site. We only recommend products we personally use, love, or have thoroughly vetted.

Why Are Presents Helpful During an IVF Cycle? 

You might be thinking: sure, but how will a gift make their experience any better? Well, you could be right. Depending on your loved one, receiving a present might not make a difference in how they feel.

Usually, though, it does.

A small token might not seem like much in the grand scheme of things, but it will let them know you care and recognize what they’re going through.

Even if you’ve never been through fertility treatments, it’s easy to see how much the process can take out of a person or a couple. Any small gesture, even if it’s just a text telling them you love them, is sure to be a bright spot in their day!

Are IVF Gifts Always a Good Idea?

The short answer to this question is no–IVF gifts are not always the best idea.

Before you rush out to buy something adorned with an IVF pineapple (the unofficial symbol of infertility and IVF), consider your relationship with this person and what you know about their fertility journey.

If you’ve discovered that someone is going through IVF from a second-hand source, it might make the recipient feel uncomfortable knowing their fertility is being discussed without their knowledge. On the other hand, if you have a friend or family member who has chosen to discuss their IVF journey with you, a gift would more than likely be welcome.

Then comes the fun part–putting together your IVF care package or gift!

Gift Idea #1: IVF Jewelry

Whether you’re a friend, family member, co-worker, or spouse, giving someone a piece of IVF jewelry is one of the most popular IVF gifts available.

Not only can these gifts be uplifting throughout the IVF journey, but they’re also a lasting reminder of the experience they endured.

Here are some of our favorite options:

1. Fertility Wish Necklace

This dainty pearl fertility necklace would make the ideal piece of IVF jewelry for any potential mama.

a single pearl necklace

Not only does it feature a classic design, but it also includes an inspirational quote that those with a practicing faith might appreciate.

2. Fertility Crystal Bracelet

Do you or your loved one believe in the power of crystals or healing energy for fertility?

Whether the answer is yes or no, this IVF support bracelet features a gorgeous collection of crystals that will make an eye-catching addition to any IVF jewelry collection.

3. Personalized Blastocyst Necklace

Do you think your friend would like a custom piece of IVF jewelry to commemorate her cycle?

a customizable pendant with an embryo image

Why not choose this personalized blastocyst necklace that features the first image of their precious bundle of joy?

4. IVF Pineapple Necklace

This necklace is inexpensive, lovely, and very discrete, making it the perfect option for anyone going through IVF.

Not everyone knows that a pineapple is an IVF symbol, so it looks like a cute, pretty necklace, protecting your loved one’s privacy even while they show it off.

There is a set of man's hands and a set of woman's hands lying on a light wood table. The woman has her hands around a box with cream colored wrapping paper with a blue bow.
IVF is a difficult process and can be very overwhelming. This list of IVF gifts might bring a smile to that special person’s face.

Gift Idea #2: IVF Gifts to Help with Implantation

Once the shots are over and the embryo transfer is over, all IVFers have left to do is hope that implantation takes place and their pregnancy becomes viable.

Many parents going through IVF will try to figure out how to help implantation during the two week wait after their embryo transfer. As someone who’s gone through the process, I can tell you I certainly did!

If you want to buy a gift that might increase their chances of implantation success, here are a few options.

1. Socks

I know what you might be thinking: “IVF socks,” really? You can’t get a little more creative than that?!”

These his and her IVF socks are a great IVF gift!

Bear with me here for a moment, though…

Unless you’ve been through IVF yourself, you wouldn’t believe how appreciated a cute pair of socks can be. Those fertility clinics are cold!

Plus, on the day of an egg retrieval procedure or embryo transfer, who wouldn’t want a great pair of socks to keep their feet warm and boost their confidence while their feet are in stirrups?

Also, when it comes to socks as an IVF gift option, they can play double duty.

In Eastern medicine, there is a belief that a person’s feet connect to their womb. To help make your womb as warm and hospitable as possible, some practitioners suggest keeping your tootsies covered.

While there might not be much scientific research to back up this claim, the way I see it is, it can’t hurt to try, right?

If you agree, here are a few of our favorite pairs of socks for IVF patients!

2. Heating Pad

Heating pads are another implantation gift that serves a dual purpose. It will keep your abdomen (and uterus) warm to prepare it for the incoming embryo, and it can also help with pain from IVF injections that are given in the stomach.

I learned this tip from a friend who practices natural medicine. She did suggest to avoid high heat on your belly, though.

She recommended using a microwavable rice-filled heating pad that won’t hold heat or continue getting hotter with use.

3. Acupuncture Treatments

Studies show that receiving acupuncture treatments before an embryo transfer takes place positively affects the overall success rates of anyone undergoing an IVF cycle. 

That’s not all, though!

Since stress and infertility often go together, acupuncture can also help with anxiety. Why not gift your loved one a certificate for one or two treatments? This would be a welcome gift and could improve their chances of a positive pregnancy test.

As we mentioned earlier, the pineapple has become an adopted symbol for women struggling with infertility or going through IVF.

While the origins of this are not entirely understood, there are a couple of different reasons why the IVF pineapple means so much to hopeful mothers.

For starters, there is a belief that eating pineapple in the days following an embryo transfer can increase your chances of a sticky uterus and positive pregnancy test.

This is because pineapple contains the bromelain enzyme, which is known for acting as a natural blood thinner and has anti-inflammatory properties. It’s said to make it easier for an embryo to implant into the uterus.

Whether you believe this theory or not, there is also a more symbolic reason the infertility community has taken on the pineapple as their own.

Pineapple is sweet on the inside, but to get to its wonderful fruit, you must first cut through sharp edges and hard skin.

This is quite the metaphor for going through infertility and IVF!

Parents must go through the trenches and get past all of the hard parts of infertility. Only then can they receive the beautiful gift of a child at the end of their journey.

To help your friend or loved one commemorate their brave and enduring experience, why not give them an IVF gift that features the IVF pineapple in all its glory?

1. Positive Vibes Only Shirt

This adorable shirt doesn’t just feature the IVF pineapple, but it’s also inspirational, stylish, and looks oh, so comfy! Your loved one will look adorable rocking this on embryo transfer day!

a gray t-shirt that reads "positive vibes only" with a yellow pineapple
This “Positive Vibes Only” teeshirt from Etsy would be an IVF gift anyone would be happy about.

Plus, the design is basic enough that it’s sure to be a welcome addition to their wardrobe long after their IVF cycle is done and they’re cradling a baby in their arms.

2. Strong as F**K Tote

Total honesty here. We LOVE this one.

IVF cycles come with a whole lot of stuff.

Looking for an IVF gift? This tote from Etsy is sure to be a hit!

From needles to medication vials, anyone going through a cycle is sure to love carrying their things in this plucky tote bag.

3. IVF Pineapple Planner

Keeping up with all of your IVF appointments can feel like a process all its own.

Add those to your regular work and social life, and things can get downright chaotic. This IVF pineapple planner can help keep things organized.

This IVF pineapple planner is a great gift to help someone special keep up with appointments!

If you’re looking for an IVF planner to keep track of things like doctor’s appointments, medication refills, and procedures, this is an ideal option for all of the above.

4. IVF Coffee Mug

Whether you’re hoping to put together an IVF care package or you just want the perfect IVF gift for your friend or partner, you can’t go wrong with a coffee mug! While we know that funny mom mugs are a hit among current moms, plenty of hopeful parents would love to have a coffee cup of their own to commemorate their IVF experience.

Let that special someone in your life show off how strong they are with this coffee mug from Etsy!

This “Strong as F**K” coffee mug from Etsy is sure to be an IVF gift favorite.

Gift Idea #4: Stress Management Presents During IVF

Between visits to the laboratory for blood work and ultrasounds, taking medications, and fretting over whether the treatment will work, it shouldn’t be shocking to learn that 28.6% of people going through assisted reproductive technologies such as IVF will also experience anxiety. 

Stress management gifts could be a great option if your friend seems anxious about their upcoming cycle.

1. Relaxing Candles

It’s amazing how much a well-placed candle can affect a person’s mood; at least, that’s how it is for me! For instance, when I want to relax, something lavender-scented always does the trick.

Natural candles are a simple but meaningful gift for anyone undergoing IVF.

This lavender and sage candle from Etsy is a great IVF gift for relaxation!

Whether they light in during a bath or place it near their desk, it’s a great way to help them decompress. 

2. Food Delivery Gift Card

In the midst of traveling back and forth to doctor’s appointments, taking injectable medications, and handling day-to-day life, squeezing in time to cook dinner doesn’t always work.

Trust me when I say that a food delivery certificate will significantly reduce some stress from your loved one’s life. Instead of worrying about what to make, they can sit back and relax while they wait for food to arrive. 

3. IVF Journal

Not only do IVF planners help patients keep track of various fertility appointments and tasks, but many of them include sections where they can journal about their experience.

This IVF journal from Etsy is an IVF gift that will help release emotions and keep up with appointments.

This is an excellent way to release negative emotions and get their thoughts onto paper.

Gift Idea #5: The IVF Care Package

Sometimes, it’s hard to pick just one item for that special someone in your life.

If this sounds familiar, then it might be time to consider putting together a trying to conceive (TTC) gift basket!

Gather up a collection of your favorite IVF gifts or special items the recipient is bound to love, and create a unique IVF care package to show you care.

This is also an ideal option for someone who’s looking to give their partner a gift before their IVF cycle begins.

Are you having a hard time deciding what to include? You can also purchase a pre-made trying to conceive gift basket in a wide variety of different themes.

There are even some that feature the IVF pineapple! Cute and meaningful.

An African American man wearing a light pink shirt is handing a small box to an African American woman wearing a blue shirt.
Finding ways to support someone during IVF isn’t always easy. One simple option, however, is to give them a present for someone who’s TTC. Read on for ideas!

Finding the Right Gift for a Failed IVF Cycle

No matter how hard hopeful parents might try, sometimes an IVF cycle just doesn’t work.

When a friend has given so much of themselves to this process and receives a negative pregnancy test, you might find yourself searching for the right gift for a failed IVF cycle.

While you can’t jump onto Etsy and simply find a “failed IVF gift” category, there are options available that bring a sense of encouragement for the road ahead.

1. Seed of Hope Necklace

A seed of hope is fantastic for families who have struggled to conceive.

Let that special person in your life know you are thinking of them with this IVF necklace from Etsy.

This beautiful “seed of hope” necklace features a delicate design and a beautiful card filled with inspirational words that will resonate with any person struggling with IVF failure and infertility.

2. Inspirational Quote Artwork

There are so many inspirational quotes that can bring a level of solace to anyone suffering from a failed IVF cycle.

You can use this IVF gift as a reminder of better days to come.

Find one that you feel will mean something to your friend or family member, and give them a small piece of artwork that will remind them of their strengths and possibilities.

Choosing the Best IVF Baby Gifts After a Successful Cycle

The moment has come. You’ve received a call from your friend that the months and years of trials, tribulations, and tears have finally paid off–she’s pregnant!

Now comes the time to buy the gift you’ve been waiting for…IVF baby gifts, that is!

1. IVF Baby Onesie

New babies spit up a lot, so parents go through a lot of onesies.

This adorable onesie from Etsy is a perfect IVF gift for the parents-to-be.

Why not consider giving your friend an adorable baby onesie that represents their IVF journey?

2. Worth the Wait Photo Frame

Who doesn’t love a good picture frame?

This picture frame from Etsy will be a perfect addition to the home.

This “Worth the Wait” photo frame would make the perfect addition to any future nursery.

What are Other Ways to Support a Friend Going Through IVF?

Buying someone IVF jewelry or a trying-to-conceive gift basket isn’t the only way to offer them support throughout their IVF cycle.

Emotional support is just as important, if not more so, as a physical token of your well wishes.

The problem, however, is that many friends, family members, or co-workers don’t know what to do or say.

If you’re looking for alternative ways to help, we’ve got a few great suggestions that take little to no money at all.

1. Say Something Inspirational

While there are certain things not to say to someone going through IVF, several others can be uplifting and supportive.

If you’re at a loss while trying to find the right words, simply letting them know you care is always a good place to start.

It can also help to educate yourself on the IVF process, so you can have knowledgeable conversations about what your loved one is going through.

2. Run an Errand

Are there medications that need to be picked up? Do they have a package that needs to be mailed?

While small problems like these might not seem like a big deal, they can quickly add to an already overflowing schedule. By asking if they have any errands that need to be taken care of, you’ll help take something off their plate.

Even if it’s something as small as picking up dry cleaning during their IVF cycle, this is just as important as any physical gift.

3. Babysit Older Children

During my second IVF cycle, childcare for our older daughter was one of the hardest things to navigate. Now, sure, we were able to take her along to many of our appointments, but certain visits weren’t kid-friendly. 

As if our days weren’t busy enough, finding a babysitter for last-minute appointments wasn’t fun.

If you catch wind that your loved one is struggling to figure out what to do with an older child, why not offer to watch them for a little while? This simple gesture will take so much excess anxiety off of their plate. 

4. Check-In with Them

Whether it’s a phone call, text message, or drop-in visit (I take that back, don’t just drop by – call first!), take a few minutes to check in with your friend.

Let them know you’re there to support them, appreciate them, and encourage them throughout their infertility treatments. 

Just Be There

IVF cycles are a daunting experience. Sometimes the best way to offer your support is just by showing up to hold their hand.

I’ll never forget the first time I had to give myself shots during an IVF cycle. I was terrified and honestly felt like I wouldn’t be able to do it. A nurse friend knew how scared I was and leaped at the chance to support me.

She came to my house, calmly talked me through the process, and stood by my side throughout the ordeal.

This might seem simple, but sometimes, the smallest gestures impact the most.

Learn more about ways to provide infertility support.

Find the Right Type of IVF Gifts for Your Loved One

When it comes to choosing IVF gifts or creating an IVF care package, it’s important to find something that will speak to your special someone’s particular situation.

Whether it’s IVF jewelry, IVF socks, offering to help out around their house, or even a sweet card, any of these gift ideas would be an ideal and appreciated option.

If you’re currently battling infertility, which of these IVF gifts would mean the most to you?

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