25 of the Cutest Matching Christmas Pajamas for the Family

A boy and girl are standing in front of a Christmas tree. Their backs are to the camera. Both are wearing red, black, and white plaid pajamas that match. The boy is wearing a Santa hat and the girl is wearing reindeer ears.

Recently, I set out to accomplish one of my favorite yet most stressful tasks of the year: picking out our matching Christmas pajamas for the family!

Don’t get me wrong; this is one of my most beloved Christmas traditions for the holiday season. That said, every year, I struggle to pick an option that feels right for everyone in our family. 

One kid wants dinosaurs; the other wants princesses.

Dad wants A Christmas Story; mom wants buffalo plaid.

We’re a little all over the place!

The one great thing about this project, however, is the vast number of options available. There is certainly no shortage of styles when you’re in the market for family Christmas pajamas during the holidays.

While this article might not help simplify your decision, it will provide you with some fantastic options. We’ve compiled a list of the top 25 pajama styles to get your loved ones in the holiday spirit!

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3 Reasons to Buy Matching Pajamas for Your Family During Christmas

If you’re a new parent or have never considered family pajamas, you might be thinking: wait! Is this something I’m supposed to be doing?

Listen, you don’t have to do matching PJs for the holidays if you don’t want to. Many people, my husband included, find them to be a little too cheesy for his taste. I override his decision, though, because I LOVE them.

If you’re considering matching Christmas pajamas for the family and want a little push towards buying them for your festivities, here are three reasons they can be a fun addition to your Christmas morning.

1. They Look Great in Family Photos

Whether you wear them for your annual holiday card photos or set up the tripod to take a picture on Christmas morning, there are few things cuter than capturing your whole family in matching PJs!

2. It Makes a Fun Holiday Season Tradition

We’ve been doing matching Christmas pajamas for the family for a few years now, and our girls have come to expect them. They get so excited to open up their special Christmas Eve PJ box every year and love that we all match in the morning. 

If you’re thinking of starting a new tradition with your family members, this is definitely a popular option!

3. They’re Just Plain Fun!

If you’re on the fence about buying matching holiday jammies, I’m here to tell you that you likely won’t regret it. Yes, they’re a bit cheeseball, but they’re also super fun! 

So, what types of PJs are available? Read on to see some of our favorite choices for families.

Traditional Christmas PJs for the Family

Are you looking for a set of classic holiday-themed pajamas to put your family members in? If you like patterns like plaids, snowflakes, and gingerbread people, this section is for you!

1. Red Flannel Tartan PJs from Old Navy

Old Navy is one of my favorite spots to pick up jammies for the holiday season. Not only do they have excellent options, but they’re made from high-quality materials.

This red tartan pattern is perfect for anyone looking for a traditional style that will remain trendy for years to come. 

2. Wreath Pattern Bamboo PJs from Kyte Baby

If you love bamboo pajamas as much as I do, you’ll obsess over this gorgeous PJ style from Kyte Baby!

From wreaths to Christmas trees, this set offers classic holiday imagery in a buttery-soft material the whole family will love. 

3. Holiday Plaid Family PJs from Hanna Andersson

From nightgowns to button-down PJ tops, this gorgeous set comes in a wide range of styles, depending on what each member of your family prefers. 

4. Heritage Santa Family Collection at Pottery Barn Kids

If you want to highlight Santa, his reindeer, and the sleigh on your matching Christmas PJs, you’ve got to check out this popular style from Pottery Barn Kids. 

I love the various options you have with this pattern. The shop offers everything from snug-fitting toddler pajamas to nightgowns. 

5. Let is Snow PJs from Hanna Andersson

Not every family wants the classic red and green colors of Christmas. If you’d like alternative pajama options that still have a traditional feel, you’ll love the Let it Snow collection at Hannah Andersson!

A woman is sitting on the floor beside a bed. Her oldest son is sitting beside her and her younger son is sitting in her lap. All three are wearing the same pajamas that have moose, Christmas trees, and snowflakes.
Many families have adopted the tradition of matching Christmas pajamas for the family. Whether you’re one of those, or just wanted to switch things up, we’re sharing our favorites!

Funny Pajamas for Your Family to Wear During the Holidays

There’s no rule claiming that your matching holiday pajamas have to be serious and traditional – why not get a little silly with them? If your family has a great sense of humor, the options below might be the sleepwear for you. 

1. “Dear Santa – They’re the Naughty Ones” Holiday PJs from PatPat

Let me be honest, the first time I stumbled across PatPat, I thought it was a scam. Its prices are so low I figured I’d end up with the “Wish.com” version of matching Christmas PJs for the family.

Color me surprised, however, to learn how comfy they are!

Now, we’ve only ordered here a couple of times, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the quality on each occasion. If you’re going for silly, you’ll love these “Dear Santa” jammies!

2. Christmas Tree-Rex Pajamas from Amazon

Hear me out.

I know dinosaurs might not be a standard holiday option, but as the mom to a dino-loving toddler, I’m here to tell you they’re usually a hit with the kids! 

3. Holiday Pets Family PJ’s at Old Navy

Celebrate all of the 4-legged friends in the world with this fun set from Old Navy! Bonus: They even offer cozy Christmas sweaters for family pets!

4. “Most Likely to” Matching Christmas Pajama Tops

While this isn’t a whole pajama set, I couldn’t resist including them! You can also customize these “Most Likely to” PJ shirts with different phrases that fit the personality of your family members. Some of my favorites include:

With 48 sayings to choose from, these matching pajamas from Etsy will be a huge hit!

  • Get the Most Presents
  • Eat Santa’s Cookies
  • Watch All the Christmas Movies
  • Get Their Tinsel in a Tangle

5. Christmas with My Gnomies PJs from The Children’s Place

Doesn’t it seem like gnomes have taken over holiday decor?

If you’re a fan of these silly-looking guys, you’re guaranteed to appreciate these “Christmas with My Gnomies” pajamas.

6. Don’t Moose With Me – Christmas PJs

At first glance, this family set of PJs might not look so silly – after all, their Christmas moose pattern seems pretty traditional. Once your family turns around in your holiday photos, however, the butt flap that reads “Don’t Moose with Me” will surely get a few giggles!

Celebrate a Cabin Christmas with These Holiday PJ Styles

Whether you live in the mountains or spend the holidays in a cabin, these rustic designs will fit right into your Christmas festivities.

1. Christmas Deer Fleece Family Christmas Pajamas

With a deer image on the pajama top and red and black buffalo plaid patterns throughout the rest of the set, these PJs are perfect for a cabin Christmas.

These are definitely a classic!

2. Holiday Bear Jammies from Sleepyheads

If you want to personalize each pajama set with the person’s role in the family, these holiday bear PJs are an excellent option. Each set includes phrases like Papa Bear, Mama Bear, etc.

Reviewers rave about how comfortable these pajamas are. Plus, they’re available in tons of sizes.

They even have matching options for dolls and pets!

3. Christmas with My Tribe Pajama Shirts from Etsy

This is another Etsy option that doesn’t include pajama bottoms, but it is perfect for anyone celebrating the Christmas season up in the mountains!

These matching Christmas pajama shirts would be great for actual family or those that you consider family.

You can easily add matching pants from places like Amazon or Target to create a finished look. 

4. Buffalo Plaid Animal Set from The Children’s Place

Moose, bears, and deer – oh my!

I love how this set of matching holiday PJs for the family highlights different animals you’re likely to find in the mountains.

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Tropical PJs for a Beach Christmas

As someone who lives in Florida, I’m here to tell you that no matter how hard we want to believe we’re getting a “traditional Christmas,” sunshine, sand, and palm trees look slightly different around the holiday season. 

Good thing there are matching PJ sets for anyone who wants to lean into the tropical Christmas vibes!

1. Surfing Santa Pajamas for the Family – Wal-Mart

With his surfboard and board shorts, Santa really captures the vibe of a tropical Christmas in these PJs for every member of the family!

2. Tropical Holiday Family Pajamas from Burt’s Bees

Flamingoes plus Santa Hats equals some of the best beach-themed holiday pajamas I’ve ever seen!

These jammies knock the tropical theme out of the park, and they’re also made from soft organic cotton that’s great for anyone with sensitive skin.  

3. Gone to the Beach Matching Family PJs for Christmas

If you want a dialed-down version of beach-ish pajamas, another appealing option is these “Gone to the Beach. Love, Santa” pajamas from Twinkle Twinkle Tees on Etsy. This shop even has other coordinating shirt options if you want the family to look similar without being 100% matchy.

Looking for matching Christmas pajamas? These tropical ones from Etsy are perfect!

Note: This seller has a notice on her products stating that the pajamas run small. Be sure to size up if you purchase this set. 

From the Grinch to Charlie Brown: Christmas Character PJs for Families

Now for one of my favorite Christmas PJ categories! Whether you’re a fan of classic Christmas movies, characters, or fictional universes, these are some of the most popular pajamas that feature pop culture references!

1. Hogwarts Holiday – Harry Potter Family Pajamas on Amazon

If you’re a Potterhead like me, this collection is for you! Featuring a beautiful maroon and black color palette, these PJs take popular elements from the Harry Potter universe and puts a Christmas spin on them.

Now you can make Hogwarts your home for the holidays!

2. Who-Ville Feast Grinch Pajamas for the Family

Do you sometimes dream of escaping to Who-Ville for Christmas? If so, check out these adorable Grinch family PJ sets.

This is another product from Hanna Andersson. One thing their products are famous for is durability. So, if you’re searching for PJs that will last more than one year, this brand is a great option. 

3. Mickey Winter Wonderland Jammies from Little Sleepies

During a time when there are just as many Disney adults as there are child fans of the “mouse,” many families will love these cute winter-themed Mickey Mouse pajamas from Little Sleepies.

4. Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal – 2 Piece Pajama Set for Families

My husband and I grew up watching the Home Alone movies during Christmas. When we came across this matching family PJ set, we had to have them! These jammies are so comfortable I ended up wearing them all year long!

5. Star Wars Holiday Pajamas for Your Family by Hanna Andersson

From Yoda to Darth Vader, these Star Wars Christmas PJs will bring a little bit of galactic goodness to your holiday season!

6. Charlie Brown Matching Christmas PJ Sets from Pajamagram 

Does your family watch “A Charlie Brown Christmas” each holiday season? If so, you can take your tradition to the next level with these cozy button-up pajamas. 

Pajamagram even offers matching PJ shirts for dogs and cats as a part of their family PJ bundles!

7. Elf on the Shelf Organic Cotton PJs from Pottery Barn Kids

It took our family longer than most to jump on the “Elf on the Shelf” bandwagon. Since we did, however, Angel (our elf) has become a major celebrity during our holiday celebrations. I love the idea of incorporating this character into matching family Christmas pajamas.

A Christmas tree and presents are in the background of the picture. In the front is a white mug with a red snowflake on it and red and white fuzzy socks.
Celebrate the season with these matching Christmas pajamas!

Matching Hanukkah PJs for the Family

Throwing on matching PJs doesn’t have to be just for families enjoying Christmas. If you and your loved ones celebrate Hanukkah during the holidays, plenty of popular options are available to incorporate your traditions!

1. Blue Pattern Menorah PJs from Old Navy

I love the blue colors in these Menorah pajamas from Old Navy. What really takes them up a notch, however, is that they glow in the dark! You will be your child’s hero if they get to wear glowing PJs during the holidays!

2. Hanukkah Sweets Pajama Sets from Little Sleepies

From hot cocoa to dreidel cookies, these adorable Hanukkah PJs are one of my favorite options on this list! 

Not only are they super cute, but they’re also made from luxurious bamboo viscose material. They also come in 2-piece sets or Zippys!

3. Light Up the Night Hanukkah Shirts on Etsy

Pair these fashionable PJ tops with a comfy pair of PJ pants to create a gorgeous set of matching Hanukkah pajamas for the whole family!

Light up the night with these amazing matching Hanukkah pajama shirts.

Now you can light up the night!

Create Fun Memories with Your Loved Ones in Matching Christmas Jammies!

As you can see, there’s an endless collection of adorable shirts, pants, and nightgowns if you’re looking for matching holiday pajamas for families. 

While there’s certainly no pressure to partake in the Christmas sleepwear fun if you don’t want to, it’s definitely a fun tradition to try if you’re thinking of adding something to your holiday season routine!

Just remember not to stress over the decision either – there’s no reason to instigate extra mom guilt over PJ styles!

If you were going to buy matching Christmas pajamas for the family, what type would you go for?