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Grief during the holidays is overwhelming. “The most wonderful time of the year” often leaves people experiencing grief, feeling overlooked and isolated. This was my experience during the holidays when I was going through recurrent miscarriage. As a friend to someone who is grieving, showing that you care, and that you recognize their grief, can make such a huge difference. That’s why a miscarriage Christmas ornament can be a thoughtful way to provide miscarriage support to a family who has experienced pregnancy loss this year.

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Finding the perfect miscarriage Christmas ornament can also be extremely helpful in the process of coping with miscarriage grief.

Creating a miscarriage memorial often helps families overcome grief, and a Christmas ornament–for those who celebrate Christmas, of course–is yet another way to memorialize the child that was lost. It’s also a great way to help parents who have experienced loss to bring that child’s memory into their home and family during the holidays, making sure they’re always remembered and loved.

In this article, we’ll tell you our favorite miscarriage christmas ornaments, either for as a gift for someone else, or for yourself.

Miscarriage Memorial Christmas Ornaments

While all miscarriage Christmas ornaments in some way act as memorials to a little life lost, these particular ornaments really show grieving families that you understand the lost a child they had dreamed of.

(1) Baby bootie miscarriage memorial Christmas Ornament by Lovely Littles LLC on Etsy.


This glass ornament is great for families who are mourning a loss no matter how far along they were. It can be customized with a name and birthdate, or kept simple, with a saying and a date.

The customizable options make this ornament perfect to memorialize any missed little one, whether lost to an early miscarriage, stillbirth, or anywhere in between. Beware of breakability, though.

(2) “Carried and loved” wood slice ornament by Thoughtfully Red on Etsy.


Thoughtfully Red is a shop dedicated to loss mamas, which I absolutely LOVE! This fact gives the ornament some special touches. Not only is this ornament customizable and available in multiple colors, but it is delivered with a heartfelt, handwritten note to the loss mom from the shop owners. So it’s basically 2 gifts in 1!

(3) “Forever in Our Hearts” Wooden Ornament by Lucky Tusk on Etsy.


This beautiful ornament shows a tree that represents both a family tree and a tree of life, providing a physical nesting place for the child who was lost. I love this ornament because it is true to the experience of all grieving parents regardless of religious beliefs. Also, it’s not breakable.

(4) Hand stamped aluminum star ornament by Ember Valley on Etsy.


Both the saying and the back of the ornament are customizable, and they’ll add a second name for a twin for free. There’s also a small crystal attached to the ornament–choose a crystal in what was or would’ve been the lost baby’s birthstone for an extra special touch!

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Angel Ornaments

Children lost to miscarriage, stillbirth, and infant death are often referred to as “angel babies.” This language doesn’t suit all parents, but it is very comforting to many.

If the miscarriage Christmas ornament is a gift, be sure the person you’re buying for is comforted by the idea of an angel baby. If so, they might really enjoy an ornament that acknowledges that concept.

(5) “Your Wings Were Ready but My Heart Was Not” flat ornament by Queen Bee Inspirations on Etsy.


I love this beautiful ornament because it’s flat, simple, and non-obtrusive. You can customize it, but if you don’t have a name or date you want to include, the ornament is complete even without those added touches.

(6) Wooden or Aluminum Angel Ornament by Three Dandelion Wishes on Etsy.


I love the sweet softness of this ornament, perfect in its simplicity.

(7) “Our Angel Baby” acrylic ornament by A Cut Above by Heather on Etsy.


This lovely ornament includes baby-sized footprints offered in a variety of colors, and the text and dates are completely customizable. I love the softness of this ornament and how it blends with the rest of the tree, while still providing a sweet remembrance for the parents.

(8) Cross-stitched Angel Baby Ornament by Hope Blossoms Boutique on Etsy.


This beautiful, subtle, handmade ornament can be customized for each individual family.

Miscarriage Ornaments About Heaven

Although Christmas is a Christian holiday, not everyone who celebrates Christmas is religious. These ornaments are great gifts, but only if you know the person you’re buying for believes their child is in Heaven.

(9) “May Your Star Shine Down from Heaven Always” ornament from White Lilie Designs on Etsy.


This sweet ornament is not breakable, which is one of my favorite things about it. You can customize it to include the lost child’s name, if they had one, or you can just say use a last name, like “Baby Harrison.”

(10) First Christmas in Heaven ornament by Whispering Metal Works on Etsy.


This beautiful ornament, also not breakable, is perfect for remembering a lost baby.

What are some of your favorite miscarriage Christmas ornaments?

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