Best Miscarriage Christmas Ornaments for Holiday Comfort


Most of us underestimate what it will be like grieving during the holidays. “The most wonderful time of the year” isn’t so great for people experiencing grief. A miscarriage Christmas ornament can be so supportive to loss families, as it’s a symbol of the child they dreamed of becoming a part of their holiday traditions.

When I was going through recurrent miscarriage, this was the hardest time of the year for me–a reminder that all my dreams had been shattered yet again. Having an ornament to honor my babies brought comfort and solace in a time when I desperately needed it, and I want the same for you, friend.

If you’re a friend or family member of someone who is grieving, please reach out and show that you care. The best thing you can do is validate someone’s grief, which is why a miscarriage Christmas ornament can be a thoughtful miscarriage gift during the holidays.

In this article, we’ll tell you our favorite miscarriage christmas ornaments, either for as a gift for someone else, or for yourself.

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Miscarriage Memorial Ornaments

While all miscarriage ornaments in some way act as memorials to little lives lost, these particular ornaments are especially supportive memorials, validating that grieving parents lost a little life they’ve dreamed of for so long. Plus, Christmas is already a nostalgic, family-filled time. Giving loss parents a Miscarriage Christmas ornament means giving them a way to include their loss child.

(1) “We Will Always Love You” Globe

This glass ornament is great for families who are mourning a loss of a child they were not able to birth and hold.

clear globe miscarriage christmas ornament with white bow that says though we never saw you kissed you held you we will always love you

If you’re looking for an ornament for a family who’s experienced stillbirth or infant loss, this isn’t the best choice. But it’s excellent for families who’ve been through miscarriage or embryo loss. It’s especially perfect for early miscarriages and ectopic pregnancy.

(2) “Carried and Loved” Wood Slice Ornament

Thoughtfully Red is a shop dedicated to loss mamas, which I absolutely LOVE! This fact gives the ornament some special touches. Not only is this ornament customizable and available in multiple colors, but it is delivered with a heartfelt, handwritten note to the loss mom from the shop owners. So it’s basically 2 gifts in 1!

This miscarriage Christmas ornament is customizable and comes with a handwritten note from the shop owner.

I love this ornament for all loss parents, no matter when or how their loss occurred. Some families plant trees to memorialize their lost little ones. If you’re shopping for someone who chose that memorial route, then this ornament is extra special.

Angel Miscarriage Christmas Ornaments

Children lost to miscarriage, stillbirth, and infant death are often referred to as “angel babies.” This language doesn’t suit all parents, but it is very comforting to many.

If the miscarriage Christmas ornament is a gift, be sure the person you’re buying for is comforted by the idea of an angel baby. If so, they might really enjoy an ornament that acknowledges that concept.

(1) “Your Wings Were Ready but My Heart Was Not” ornament

I love this beautiful ornament because it’s flat, simple, and non-obtrusive. You can customize it, but if you don’t have a name or date you want to include, the ornament is complete even without those added touches.

This miscarriage Christmas ornament says it all for those that have lost a child due to miscarriage or infant death.

This is a precious ornament for parents of all types of loss, from early miscarriage to infant death.

(2) Wooden or Aluminum Angel Ornament

I love the sweet softness of this ornament, perfect in its simplicity. Sometimes sentiments are best expressed without words, and this ornament does just that.

Customizable miscarriage Christmas ornament to memorialize your little one.

I love this choice for all types of pregnancy and baby loss.

(3) “Our Precious Angel” Ornament

This customizable angel ornament is stunning and unique, allowing you to put the name of the baby on the ornament that will be a beautiful highlight on your tree. It’s among my favorites of all the loss ornaments.

white angel wing miscarriage christmas ornament hanging on tree with figure of little baby that says our precious angel
One of my favorite miscarriage Christmas ornaments. Its design and customization make it perfect for loss of all types.

This ornament is perfect for parents of all types of loss, from early pregnancy loss to infant loss.

Miscarriage Christmas Ornaments About Heaven

Although Christmas is a Christian holiday, not everyone who celebrates Christmas is religious. These ornaments are great gifts, but only if you know the person you’re buying for believes their child is in Heaven.

(1) Sleep in Heavenly Peace Ornament

The sentiment of this ornament is stunning. I love the softness of the notion, with the obvious allusion to the all-time favorite holiday song, Silent Night. Parents with a sense of spirituality will be especially touched by this heartfelt ornament.

wooden miscarriage ornament hanging on christmas tree that says sleep in heavenly peace baby smith
Looking for a miscarriage Christmas ornament for spiritual parents? This ornament is perfect.

I love this ornament for all loss parents, but it’s a great choice for parents of earlier losses because of the breadth of its message.

(2) “Heaven Is More Beautiful because Our Daughter is There” Ornament

This sweet ornament is not breakable, which is one of my favorite things about it. You can customize it to include the lost child’s name, if they had one, or you can just say use a last name, like “Baby Harrison.”

round silver miscarriage ornament on red string with engraved words that say heaven is even more beautiful because our daughter is there
This miscarriage Christmas ornament is unbreakable, making it a perfect memorial.

This ornament is a special tribute to parents of all types of loss.

What are some of your favorite miscarriage Christmas ornaments?

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