Top 8 Men’s Diaper Bags for 2020

dad wearing a diaper backpack and holding baby while vacationing in the mountains

Having a baby comes with a plethora of decisions just waiting to be made. Will you breast or bottle-feed? How will you manage childcare, or will you stay at home? Will you make your own baby food or buy from a store? The list literally goes on and on.

As if this collection of considerations wasn’t enough, you also have to figure out the best way to carry all of the stuff that comes with the kid.

And lugging baby stuff around is an equal opportunity problem. That’s why it’s essential to choose the best diaper bag for your family, and we’ve learned that some dads want their own mens’ diaper bag.

From tactical baby gear to messenger bags, there are tons of great options any dad would be proud to carry.

If you’re having a hard time deciding which one is the best choice, we’ve done the research and have narrowed it down to the top eight options to consider!

Also, we’ve done plenty of other research on diaper bags, including trying lots of different kinds. So if you aren’t looking for what’s in this article, be sure to also check out our favorite diaper bag alternatives and the best diaper bag backpacks.

Editorial note: This article was requested by members of the Undefining Motherhood community, and we’ve written it with dads in mind. That said, these backpacks are great options for anyone who wants a diaper bag that’s less frilly or trendy–that includes men, women, and non-binary parents!

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Does a Diaper Bag for Dad Actually Exist?

When you get pregnant, certain activities can feel like rites of passage during your nine-month journey.

I can still remember being pregnant with our daughter and begging my husband to take me to Buy Buy Baby for some research on the latest baby registry must-haves!

We strolled the aisles, and I took note of around 30 different swaddles I had to have, 100 different outfits that I yearned to take home with me, and of course, tons of baby gear that was calling my name.

Then, we hit the diaper bags.

I ooh-ed and aww-ed over the collection of various styles and patterns on display. They beckoned to me, and I lovingly ran my hands over the materials pondering which one was “me?”

As I weighed my options, my husband couldn’t help but cut in and ruin my fun with the following statement:

“There’s no way I’m carrying one of those! I want a diaper bag of my own.”

I was bewildered – a separate diaper bag, who had ever heard of such a thing!? Well, apparently quite a lot of people.

His eyes suddenly fell on a stylish Columbia men’s diaper bag backpack, and in an instant, he decided that’s the one he wanted.

I was surprised – not only did this bag seem fully-functional, but it was also the perfect look for people who have no desire to carry an over-the-shoulder bag covered in flowers. Fair.

What Should You Be Looking for in a Diaper Bag for Men?

While finding a stylish mens diaper bag is always a plus, functionality is usually the most important feature in a diaper bag for dad, or anyone who wants a less traditional diaper bag.

Editorial note: Our experience is actually that looking for “stylish” bags tends to impede functionality, so while this isn’t true for all diaper bags, we suggest keeping functionality in mind no matter what style of diaper bag you want.

During your shopping trip, look for bags with:

  • strong shoulder straps
  • water resistant material
  • ample space
  • lots of zipper pockets
  • insulated pockets for baby bottles
  • stroller straps

This combination will make it easier to carry all of the necessary baby gear you might need during an outing with your little one–diapers, wipes, etc.

It also helps to find something easy to wipe down and/or throw in the washing machine (some bags specifically state that they are washing machine friendly–hallelujah!).

After all, you’re guaranteed to have those moments where you’ll throw your diaper bag down on any old, questionable surface.

And one thing we’ve learned from lots of experience is that diaper bags tend to turn into catch-all spots for all parents’ needs. That’s why it’s awesome that so many include a padded laptop storage area for all your tech gear, like laptops and ipads.

Which Mens Diaper Bags Made Our Ultimate “Dadgear” List?

When it comes to “dadgear,” there are plenty of great options to be considered.

There are so many diaper bags for men, in fact, that choosing the right one can feel like a challenge.

Lucky for you, we’ve done the research and narrowed the options down to create our ultimate list of the top 8 diaper bags for dad, including options for the minimalist parent!

(1) The Traverse – Eddie Bauer Diaper Bag for Men

The Traverse, an Eddie Bauer diaper bag backpack, features a classic design that’s become increasingly popular amongst expectant fathers. Several of its reviews note it’s gender-neutral design, and even mention that it makes a great “dad bag for babies.”

It includes 11 spacious pockets and 2 insulated bottle pockets for all of your dadgear storage needs. This mens diaper bag also includes a removable changing pad and wipes case for convenient diapers on-the-go.

(2) Summit Rush – Columbia Diaper Bag for Dads

Are you an avid sportsman with an affinity for all things Columbia? Then this stylish diaper bag backpack is sure to be a hit!

Not only does it feature great storage and germ-free Microban pockets to prevent odors, but it also comes with an affordable price tag of just $45.20 that’s sure to meet your budgetary needs.

And with a majority of 5-star reviews, it’s clearly a top-choice in the mens diaper bag department.

(3) Duo Signature – Skip Hop Messenger Diaper Bag for Men

Maybe a backpack isn’t your style – that’s where the Duo Signature by Skip Hop comes in handy.

This simple messenger bag design costs $82.90 and is perfect for all of your mens diaper bag needs.

With more than 1,000 reviews and nearly a 5-star rating, this bag is a top contender with expectant parents. Plus, some men find the messenger style to be a more accessible option when retrieving items for their little ones.

(4) High Speed Daddy Tactical Diaper Bag

Available in a variety of different colors and patterns, the High-Speed Daddy tactical diaper bag is an ideal choice for dads who view themselves as the rugged, outdoorsy type.

Made of military grade material, this heavy duty diaper bag is a great option when you’re bringing children along for outdoor activities, like camping and hiking.

While it’s got all the space-saving pockets you need for the dadgear you’ll have to carry; this bag will grow with your child.

You’ll be getting great use from this mens diaper bag long after diapers are a mere memory.

This impressive tactical diaper bag has almost a perfect 5-star rating and costs just under $100.

(5) RUVALINO Multi-Function Diaper Bag Backpack

Do you like the idea of a gender-neutral diaper bag that’s stylish enough for moms AND dads to carry?

Enter the RUVALINO multi-function diaper bag! This sleek diaper bag backpack is so popular with men and women, it’s received more than 4,000 reviews on Amazon!

What’s even better, however, is that it’s one of the more budget-friendly options on our list at just $39.99!

(6) Skip Hop Crossbody Sling Mens Diaper Bag Backpack

Some parents would prefer the comfort of a crossbody diaper bag for dad – that’s where the Skip Hop Crossbody Sling comes in!

It features a popular camo design and offers all the features a great diaper bag should come with, like a portable changing pad.

It also has an affordable $46.28 price tag and boasts nearly a 5-star rating.

(7) Bratpack

We fell in love with the 5-star rated Bratpack the second we learned that Atlanta-dad Bill Lobe created this product.

An avid hiker who wanted to carry as little gear as necessary, Bill used a performance-grade material to create this durable, compact diaper bag. Thus, Bratpack was born.

This small, tactical diaper bag was created by a dad, for dads and other minimalist parents.

We love it’s durability, and that it has extra space for travel-sized baby essentials, while still being super small and easy to clip onto your belt or a stroller.

The cost is $45, and we can’t help but think that that’s a good deal for the quality of product you get.

And yes, we have changed a baby on it in the snow while on a ski trip.

(8) The Dad Hoodie

This super-niche product is not a fit for everyone, but those who love it, LOVE it!

With no actual bag involved, this $85 hoodie (obviously best for cooler weather) has interior pouches and slots to hold all the baby goods.

Some people love it; others think it’s absurd. But we can’t NOT tell you about it! (If you try it, tell us your opinion. We need more feedback before we can really say what our community thinks!)

The Ultimate Dad Diaper Bag Checklist

Whether you go with a tactical diaper bag or the Eddie Bauer diaper bag featured above, the most important part of the puzzle is figuring out what to put inside.

We’ve made a convenient dad diaper bag checklist that includes the essential baby items no mens diaper bag should be without!

Choosing the Right Mens Diaper Bag for Your Family

Trust me – I know how gorgeous trendy diaper bags can be. And they’re great!

But definitely find out whether your partner is going to love carrying your preferred diaper bag into the store before you buy it. After all, you’re in this together.

Choosing a mens diaper bag is not only an efficient option, but it will help dad feel more included in the registry and baby prep phase.

Plus, once the baby’s old enough to no longer need a diaper bag, he can reuse it for dozens of other tasks.

Whether you go with a mens diaper bag backpack or tactical diaper bag, make this one piece of dadgear that doesn’t stay at the store!

Did your partner use a mens diaper bag? If so, which one? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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