The BEST Winter Baby Pajamas (and Sleep Sacks!) for the Coldest Time of Year

A baby is sitting in a white and red rocking chair in front of a lit up Christmas tree.

When we’re surrounded by cute products and options, putting together a baby registry checklist is no easy task. Take jammies, for example:  all of those snug fit pajamas sets are just too adorable for their own good. When you’re shopping or creating a registry, don’t forget the winter baby pajamas!

Breathability was important to me in my search for the perfect winter pjs. I knew I wanted my own babies to have snuggly winter pjs that kept them warm but wouldn’t overheat them.

During cold weather, finding warm baby pajamas is crucial (especially for those of you living in the non-oven-like states up north). If you’re trying to figure out which styles and brands are the best, consider the fantastic options below! 

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Signs Your Baby is Too Cold at Night

Did you know that babies lose heat almost 4 times faster than the average adult? Their little bodies just can’t regulate hot and cold temperatures the same way we can. For this reason, it’s essential to understand how to tell when a baby is too cold.

The easiest trick is to feel the nape of their neck, chest, or abdomen to see if their skin feels chill. You should also look for signs that your baby is shivering. 

In extreme situations of cold, your baby might experience additional symptoms, such as:

  • Pale Skin
  • Irritability
  • Vomiting
  • Breathing Changes
  • Feeding Problems
  • Fatigue

What Temperature Should Baby’s Room Be?

Considering their room temperatures is one of the best tips for ensuring your baby is comfortable. As a general rule of thumb, many researchers believe your little one’s room should be between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. 

A baby lays on a fluffy white banket in tan colored pajamas with their feet in the center of the picture
It won’t be long until summer turns to fall and fall turns to winter. Here are our favorite picks for winter baby pajamas.

Can You Give Your Infant a Blanket During Winter?

Trust me; I understand that one of your first instincts in the “How to keep my baby warm” challenge is to give them a blankie. 

Unfortunately, though, this isn’t the safest option for your baby’s crib. 

Look at any list of infant safety rules, and you’re sure to find a section on crib safety. The basic guideline is to avoid placing blankets, pillows, and toys inside your little one’s sleep space until they’re 12 months old to prevent accidental suffocation. This is why winter baby pajamas are so important!

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Our Top Picks for Baby Sleep Sacks

Many experts suggest using the following rule for dressing babies for bed: put them in the same amount of clothing you would feel comfortable in, plus one additional layer

While a blanket might not be a safe extra layer, you’ll be happy to hear there is another option: baby sleep sacks! Sleep sacks are essentially wearable blankets that are incredibly safe and recommended in lieu of other bedding options. 

Some of our favorite styles include:

  1. Kyte Baby Sleep Bag
  2. HALO Cotton Sleep Sack
  3. SwaddleDesigns Microfleece Sleep Sack
  4. TILLYOU Sleep Sacks

Dressing Your Infant for Cold Weather: Which Winter Baby Pajamas Are the Best?

While wearable blankets are a helpful tool for keeping babies warm in cold temperatures, you’re still probably looking for the best warm baby pajamas on the market. 

From bamboo cotton to zipper closures, the list below includes our top picks for winter baby pajamas that you and your little one are sure to love!

1. Kyte Baby Bundler

Unlike other traditional sleep gowns for babies, Kyte Baby has gifted us with their adorable baby bundler

Not only does this adorable garment offer the convenience of traditional layettes, but it also includes a foldover piece of fabric to keep baby’s feet warm all night long. To make things even simpler, you just have to undo a few quick snaps for those late-night diaper changes.

You might end up noticing that Kyte Baby makes multiple appearances throughout this article. That’s because they’re one of our favorite providers of bamboo baby pajamas

Bamboo cotton is one of the best options for soft baby pajamas, but it also has many incredible benefits.

It’s highly breathable for baby’s comfort and is also a thermo regulating fabric to help keep your little one feeling comfortable all winter long. 

2. SwaddleDesigns Traditional Swaddle Sack

There’s a good chance I’m slightly obsessed with the company SwaddleDesigns. Not only does it have some of the cutest patterns online, but it also has warm pajamas that are ideal during the chilliest months of the year. 

The traditional swaddle sack is one of our top picks for winter baby pajamas.

This product is soft, cozy, and perfect for any baby who prefers an arms up swaddle to keep them nice and snuggled throughout the night.

For an added warmth layer, put your little one in a onesie before you slide on the swaddle sack.

3. Burt’s Bees Sleeper Pajamas

Burt’s Bees is a staple in the baby pajama market, and these jammies are no exception! 

These snug-fit baby PJs are made from organic cotton and are great for layering underneath one of the great sleep sacks mentioned above. They are flame resistant and come with a zipper for easy access to the baby’s diaper.

This makes them an excellent option for older infants starting to stand and cruise around the house.

4. Kyte Baby Zipper Footie

Here they are again! Kyte Baby’s Zipper Footie is one of my all-time favorite options for winter baby pajamas. They offer all the benefits of bamboo cotton in an adorable zipper footie design.

These comfortable pajamas come in tons of cute styles, but I have to say this aloe rainbow pattern is one of my top picks.

It would make an appreciated rainbow baby gift for any mom having a child after previous losses. 

5. Simple Joys by Carter’s – Fleece Footed Pajamas

Not every new parent has an endless budget while shopping for warm baby clothes and pajamas. That’s why I love these fleece sleepers by Simple Joys

They have some of the cutest designs I’ve seen and normally come in 2-packs, so you get a little extra bang for your buck. Plus, the fleece fabric is excellent for keeping away the chill during cold winter nights.

One thing to note, however, is that some fleece pajamas can be loose. Make sure to get the right size for your baby so the PJs still provide a secure, tight fit.   

Inside a house, a mom who is dressed in a winter coat and hat is putting her baby dressed in poajamas and a hat into a car seat
Starting to think about winter baby pajamas? We’re sharing our favorites here!

Finding the Right PJs to Keep Your Baby Warm in the Middle of Winter

There is no shortage of fantastic pajama sets for your baby during winter–making the best choice for your little one simply comes down to preference.

However, feel confident that any of the items on this list will be a hit for you and your baby. Not only have we discussed some of the best infant pajamas on the market, but any of the sleep sacks mentioned above will be a great addition to your little one’s winter wardrobe.

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So, have you started shopping for winter baby pajamas yet?

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