Birthday Gifts for a New Mom that AREN’T About the Baby

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Here’s the thing: we moms are not immune to the cuteness of baby blankets, onesies, and the plethora of other infant-related items on the market. BUT, that doesn’t mean these items are automatically good birthday gifts for a new mom.

We love our kids and are thrilled by how our families and friends swoon over them, too. Not every moment in our new lives has to revolve around them, though.

Take the day of our birth, for example.

If any day of the year should be about mom and mom alone, it’s their birthday. 

So, when it’s time to shop for new mom birthday presents, put down the “I love My Mommy” onesie and walk away. Remember: moms are more than just diaper-changing, baby-feeding machines. This is why it’s important to focus on them (and not baby) when buying birthday gifts for a new mom. 

We’ve got tons of great present ideas to impress and delight. And most importantly, they have nothing to do with the cute little poop machine in their house. 

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Baby Gifts on Mom’s Birthday Are a Big No

Have you ever noticed how we as a society swoon over an expectant mama? While they’re carrying around these watermelon-shaped loads, we coddle and care for them as if they were a baby themselves. Suddenly, they deliver their child and our attention shifts to the freshly-baked bundle of joy they’ve brought into the world.

At this point, when new mamas probably need our attention the most, our focus rests mainly on the newborn

It’s no longer about mom’s mental and physical needs.

It’s about holding the baby, feeding the baby, playing with the baby, and so much more.

While most of us moms can appreciate the adoration our little ones receive, there are certain times when we deserve a little bit of that attention, too.

Our birthdays, for example, should be a day when friends and family celebrate us for just being us. 

Not for becoming someone else’s mommy

Trust me when I say that while the new mom in your life will likely appreciate any gift you give them, receiving something non-baby-related will hit a little differently. 

What if New Parents Want Baby Items for Their Birthday?

I’m having a hard time imagining any scenario where new moms would tell their family and friends that they’re just dying for a new set of burp cloths for their birthday. But are there certain parenting items a new mom might actually want for a present?

There might be!

When I was pregnant with my second daughter, I begged for this adorable diaper bag backpack I saw for my birthday. And believe me when I say I was thrilled to open up that package.

At the end of the day, listen to what mama is telling you. 

If she wants a pretty teething necklace or needs a night set of nursing pajamas, go ahead and grab them. 

Just listen to what they’re telling you.

If they’re asking for a pedicure gift certificate and end up unwrapping a blanket for the new baby, they’ll likely be pretty disappointed.

What Do New Moms Really Want?

So, what is the “right” birthday gift for a new mom? Well, lucky for you, there are plenty of incredible options. From monthly subscriptions to journals, here are some of our top picks when looking for fantastic gift ideas.

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Birthday gifts for new mom should be about mom, not baby. Here are some great ideas!

Are Gift Cards a Good Idea?

Here’s what I love about gift cards – they offer tons of flexibility and versatility. Rather than trying to figure out the perfect gift, let the receiver pick something themselves!

Plus, depending on what type of gift certificate you choose, it gives them an excuse to go shopping (hopefully by themselves, sans children). Not sure what kind of card to buy? Take a look at the list below for some excellent options:

  • Restaurant Gift Cards: Bonus points if it’s a restaurant that delivers – just in case your friend wants to watch Netflix in their postpartum pajamas while eating!)
  • Movie Theaters
  • Make-Up Stores
  • Food Delivery Services, i.e., DoorDash, UberEats, GrubHub, etc.:See above note regarding lazy dinner options!)
  • Amazon: Let’s face it; you can get anything on Amazon! You could even treat your loved one to an Amazon Prime Membership!
  • Visa or MasterCard Gift Cards
  • Department Stores, a.k.a Target: Target is undoubtedly the mecca of new mother gifts. Whether your friend is a first-time or tenth-time mom, they’re sure to find something they love.
  • Shutterfly: You could pair this one with a photo frame for the perfect birthday gift.
  • Starbucks: Need I say more?
  • Liquor or Wine Stores: Again, need I see more?
  • Housecleaning Services

If there’s one thing a new parent could use more than anything else, it’s likely a bit of rest and relaxation. Now, I’m not just talking about a few extra minutes to take a nap – I mean, full-fledged self-care.

Any products that provide a little extra TLC will make fantastic birthday gifts for new moms. Here are some of the best options available:

1. Spa Gift Certificates

I could have easily lumped spa gift cards into the previous section, but I believe they deserve a little more emphasis. 

Whether you purchase a gift certificate to a local nail salon or buy your friend a massage, spa days are the ultimate self-care treat for new mamas.

2. Sound Machine

Now, I know the whole point of this article is to help you find present ideas that aren’t related to babies. When it comes to sound machines, however, they’re beneficial all the way around. 

Not only do these devices usually make our lists of baby registry essentials, but they’re great for us moms, too. 

When listening to sounds during rest, like white noise, it can improve the overall quality of your sleep. Since new moms are usually up multiple times throughout the night, this little device can help them fall back to sleep more easily.

When our daughter was small, the Homedics Sound Machine was a lifesaver. It includes a white noise option and various natural sounds and has a volume control that lets you adjust your sound machine experience.

3. Essential Oils and Diffusers

A lot of people are really getting into the essential oil craze. Whether you go through popular companies like Young Living or doTerra or shop on Amazon, there are plenty of great options out there. 

These could be a great self-care gift if you know the recipient would be interested in them – hey, they’re not for everybody!

Experts say essential oils do offer various benefits

Lavender, for instance, is great for relaxation. Lemon oils are said to provide a natural mood boost. 

Just be careful, as some oils can cause allergic reactions and aren’t suitable for people with skin sensitivities. Be sure to look for products that feature only organic, high-quality ingredients. 

Using oils with a room diffuser is an excellent way to reap the benefits without having to apply them directly onto your skin. 

Want an excellent oil set and diffuser? The following options have great reviews on Amazon:

4. Bath and Skincare Products

If you were to ask me what my top choice for a self-care birthday present would be, I’d probably pick a new mom gift box filled with bath and skincare products. 

If this sounds like something that would interest your loved one, why not think about adding some of the following types of products?

Throw in a bottle of wine and a relaxing candle with the package, and you’ve got the perfect birthday gift for a new parent. 

5. Journals

Self-care isn’t just about a person’s physical state. Taking care of their mental health is crucial for new moms, especially since postpartum anxiety is a reality for many of us after the births of our babies. 

One popular stress management technique is journaling. You could buy a blank journal for a free-flowing experience or a more structured product with prompts. Some popular guided journals include:

Monthly and Annual Subscriptions that Wow

Who doesn’t love a gift that keeps on giving? I love the idea of subscriptions as birthday gifts for new moms because there are so many different types. From streaming services to makeup bags, here are some top-rated options if you’re interested in setting something up for your loved one.

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New Mom Jewelry is Always a Win

Jewelry doesn’t just make a great push present or Mother’s Day gift – it’s a fantastic choice for mom’s birthday, too! This is also one of the only suggestions on this list that could have something to do with baby, too. 

What new parent wouldn’t love a striking new piece of jewelry for their birthday? Whether you go for something classic like a pair of diamond earrings or a sentimental keepsake item that includes their baby’s birthstone, this gift idea is sure to be a hit!

If you’re going for something mom-related with your jewelry purchase (we’re going to let it slide for this category!), here are a few of the products we love:

Free Baby Sitting – Enough Said!

If you’re on a budget but still want to give the new mom in your life an unforgettable birthday present – we have something you can do for free!

Offer to babysit their kids!

Print out a cute babysitting coupon, or just shoot them a text to let them know you’re offering them a night or day out without their baby in tow. Trust me; when you’re giving a new mother time to themselves, it might be the best gift they receive!

Whether they end up going out to eat, running errands, or strolling the aisles of their favorite store (probably spending that Target gift card someone else gave them!), they’ll appreciate having a few moments to just be them and not mom. 

On a light blue table sits a round marble tile. On the title is a clear diffuser with oil in it and a couple sprigs of baby's breath laying behind the bottle.
Birthday gifts for new mom shouldn’t be about the baby. Make her feel special with one of these gifts.

Birthday Gifts for Mom to Make Chores a Little Easier

Someone once said you shouldn’t buy a person household cleaning supplies. To that person, I say, if a loved one wants to buy me a Roomba so I don’t have to vacuum anymore, be my guest!

I mean, choosing a toilet bowl brush or glass cleaning solution as a new mom present might not be the best idea, but there are products and options you can pick that will make their lives easier.

Some excellent ideas include housekeeping services, car wash gift cards, and laundry services like Sud Share. There are even companies that will do your errands for you! 

Don’t Be Afraid to Treat Yourself on Your Birthday, Too!

Okay, moms, this section is directed at you – don’t be afraid to treat yourself on your special day! 

Baby’s first year is a challenge. The whole process can be a struggle, from navigating the ins and outs of early parenthood to managing your postpartum body. Your birthday is the perfect opportunity to be a little selfish and do something for yourself.

Stop worrying about nap time and diaper changes for a moment, and focus on what you want.

Go out for that massage you’ve been dreaming of or buy that new dress you saw at the store. If there’s one thing most of us can agree on, it’s that moms are superheroes, and we deserve a special treat now and then.

There’s no reason to wait on someone else to give you what you want – just stand up and do it!

Mamas Deserve the Birthday Gifts They Really Want

Again, any present you give first-time moms, second-time moms, or eighth-time moms on their birthday will be a welcome addition to their day.

That said, let’s just make it clear that they have enough baby gear for the moment.

Find something you know they would love to have – not something you think they’d want for their baby. There are plenty of chances to buy your friends and family child-related gifts. Make sure mamas birthday is about the person who matters most that day – them!

If you could have any of these birthday gifts for new moms, which one would you choose?