Support After Stillbirth: What Not to Say & What TO Say

There are a lot of things I want to say in regards to how to give support after a stillbirth. Let’s say you heard the tragic news that someone you care for is going through an unimaginable loss and you want to do something for them; you want to support them.  But you want to […]

What is a Chemical Miscarriage? Signs & What to Expect

“Chemical pregnancy” and “chemical miscarriage” are among my least favorite words used to describe pregnancy loss. I take issue with a lot of the medical terms for miscarriage, but what’s maddening about “chemical pregnancy” is that the term makes it sound like the pregnancy was never real.  But a chemical pregnancy is a real pregnancy. […]

10 Sweet Rainbow Baby Announcement Ideas

Announcing a rainbow baby can be a giant bag of emotions. You’re excited and scared. You know people will celebrate, and you want to celebrate, but you may also have some lingering desire to temper your feelings.  Many people worry about how their rainbow baby announcements may potentially trigger other moms dealing with infertility or […]

Miscarriage or Period: How To Tell the Difference

You know that feeling when you’re trying to conceive–your period is due any day now, and you wipe and see blood. Maybe it’s heavier than usual, or it has bigger clots. Maybe the cramping feels stronger, or you’re a few days late and were really hoping for a positive pregnancy test. I’ve been there, friend, […]

Early Signs of Miscarriage: When to Worry and When to Stay Calm

When I experienced my first miscarriage, a blighted ovum, I had no idea you could lose a pregnancy without any symptoms whatsoever (a situation called a “missed miscarriage.”) I was nauseous, had food aversions, experienced cravings, had no cramping or bleeding, yet still, and ultrasound confirmed that I had lost a very wanted pregnancy. I […]

20 Miscarriage Quotes that Brought Me Comfort

The experience of pregnancy loss can be so heartbreaking, and the grief is hard to navigate because it’s so intangible. You may have a positive pregnancy test or ultrasound photos to remind you of the life that lived inside you. But there are no tangible objects–usually no gravesite to visit, no clothes that smell like […]

What to Say to a Parent who Lost a Child

This article is the fourth installment of a series by Michelle Valiukenas, founder of the Colette Louise Tisdahl Foundation. This is one loss mom’s journey of finding her way after losing her daughter, Colette. You can find part one of Michelle’s story here, part two here, and part three here. There are many things over the years […]

My Blighted Ovum Story: What I Wish I’d Known

“At least there wasn’t really a baby.” I heard this phrase so often after my blighted ovum (BO) that I actually stopped telling people what type of loss it was. I just couldn’t take it anymore. For years, I’d tried to have a baby. For more than a month, I’d dreamed of my child’s life. […]