Push Present Jewelry for the Amazing Mama in Your Life

Woman wearing a black satin dress with dark brown hair. Her hands are at her neck where there is a gold necklace with a pearl attached to it.

This may come as a shock to some, but giving birth is not easy. Many would go as far as to say it’s one of the most challenging things a person can do. What’s the best way to recognize your partner’s child delivery efforts? Push present jewelry, of course!

While it’s not to say that most husbands and partners don’t try their best to help during the labor and delivery process, let’s face it, the bulk of the work comes down to the person pushing a baby out of her vagina.

All of our blood, sweat, and tears deserve a little recognition…don’t you think?

Push presents are becoming an increasingly popular way to treat your lady after birth. Not sure what to buy or whether gifts for wife after childbirth are necessary? No worries, we’re here to help!

So, whether you’re looking for a push gift for your wife or you’re expecting a baby and are trying to hint around with some ideas, pay close attention to the information below! And if you want something other than jewelry, be sure to check out our other push present ideas!

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What is a Push Gift for Your Wife or Partner?

As someone who’s experienced all of the ebbs and flows that natural childbirth without an epidural has to offer, I’m here to tell you that delivering a baby is no piece of cake.

I vividly remember painful moments when I thought my body was ripping in half – cute, right?

Here’s the deal: whether you experience an unmedicated birth, c-section, or you get an epidural, the process is never simple. It takes time (labor lasts 4-8 hours on average!), energy, and a HELL of a lot of effort. 

Now, imagine for a moment that you’ve just delivered your baby and are enjoying the benefits of skin-to-skin when your partner presents you with a small token of post-childbirth appreciation. 

That small recognition of your hard work is bound to feel pretty good.

People often refer to postpartum recovery gifts as push presents. 

It’s a small or big way of letting her know you recognize her experience and are beyond thankful for the beautiful gift her efforts have brought into the world. 

Do You Have to Buy Push Presents?

While getting a push gift for your partner is always a welcome gesture, it’s also not a necessity. There are no rules stating it’s a mandatory part of having a baby. 

Push presents don’t have to be material things, either. 

When it comes to new mom gifts, the special lady in your life might appreciate time to herself above anything else. Grab the baby and let her take a nap, have a bubble bath, or walk around Target for an hour or two. If you want to make this kind of gift more substantial, consider creating a coupon book.

Trust me when I say things like this will be just as popular as a push present necklace!

Push Present Ideas: Jewelry is Always a Top Choice

Once you decide to get your partner a gift after delivery, you’ll probably start looking for push present ideas, and jewelry is always a timeless choice if you want to go the material route.

While I can’t speak for every mama, I’m a sucker for a new piece of jewelry. 

Whether it’s a necklace, ring, or pair of earrings, there’s just something about opening up a jewelry box and adding to my collection of jewelry that I can pass down to my daughters.

Push present jewelry is a popular option because it comes with a sense of symbolism. Whenever the new mom in your life wears the piece, she’ll be reminded of the special moment in her life that it represents. 

It’s also a great push gift for wives because of its heirloom quality. Just imagine how special it would be to pass down a piece of jewelry to your daughter upon the birth of your first grandchild.

Woman with long dark brown hair wearing a light tan tweed jacket, smiling in a mirror while putting on pearl earrings
Looking to spoil the mom-to-be? Why not do so with our favorite push present jewelry?

How Much Should You Spend on Push Present Jewelry?

Some of us might wish there was a rule book when buying gifts for a new mom. Regretfully, though, this isn’t the case. If you’re looking for a clear-cut answer on how much you should spend on your partner’s push present jewelry, you might be bummed to learn there isn’t one.

While some jewelers claim the average amount spent on push presents is between 1,000 and 2,000 dollars, this is a substantial amount of money for many families. 

The most important thing is to choose a budget that works well with your family’s financial means. Whatever push present jewelry ideas you choose will be perfect and appreciated, no matter how much you spend on them.

Choosing a Stylish Push Present Necklace

Selecting new mom gifts for that special mama to love isn’t always simple. If you ask us, however, you can’t go wrong with a push present necklace if you’re shopping for a push gift for your wife.

Need some inspiration? Here are our top three favorite pieces!

1. Oak & Luna Initial Lock Necklace

There’s not much Oak & Luna makes that I’m not utterly obsessed with. When it comes to picking a push present necklace, however, their initial lock necklace has my full attention! 

It’s available in several different materials, such as rose gold or sterling silver, that you can customize with up to three initials. 

2. Swarvoski Infinity Heart Necklace

Adorned in Swarvoski crystals, this beautiful necklace would make the ideal push gift for any new mom. With the sweet infinity symbol detail, this necklace is a lovely representation of the bond between mother and child.

We give our little ones the kind of love and support that is ongoing and without end. 

3. Minimalist Mama Necklace

Allow your partner to show off her new role as a mother loud and proud with this dainty “Mama” necklace from Etsy. One of the things I love about this piece is the fact that it’s high-quality but still affordable.

Woman's neckline with a thin gold chain necklace with the word mama on it
This Mama necklace from Etsy is perfect for push present jewelry!

It would make an adorable addition to any new mom survival kit

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Our Favorite Mother’s Rings as Gifts for Your Wife After Childbirth

A mother’s ring is always a classic option when you’re searching for mom gifts. It should come as no surprise that these rings also make great push present jewelry ideas. 

1. Family Birthstone Ring

The thing I love about this birthstone ring is the fact that it doesn’t look like your typical mother’s ring. 

Woman's hand with white nail polish. On her ring finger there is a thin gold ring with 3 teardrop shaped birthstones on it.
This beautiful birthstone ring from Etsy is a great push present jewelry gift!

It has more of a boho feel and features beautiful teardrop-shaped stones that will be popular for years to come.

2. Stacking Name Rings

Stacking rings are one of the trendiest accessories on the market right now. Pair this look with your little one’s name, and you’ll have an excellent push gift for your wife!

Four gold rings with the names Mia, Tony, Evalina, and Vivianna on them
These adorable stacking name rings from Etsy are a great push present jewelry gift!

We love how personalized these are, and every time she puts one on, she’ll think of your thoughtfulness.

3. Mother-Child Ring

While Story Jewelry lists this ring as a “mother-daughter” ring, we think it’s the perfect option as a piece of push present jewelry for any mom, whether she has a boy or a girl. The beautiful square knot design is a great symbol for the infinite relationship between a parent and their child.

Plus, it has an elegant design for a budget-friendly price that makes it an ideal choice for most families!

Woman's hand with a heart ring on it with a newborn's hand gripping the pointer finger of the mother's hand
Looking for push present jewelry ideas? We’re sharing some of our favs!

Beautiful Bracelets When You Need Push Present Jewelry Ideas

How about a new bracelet for the mom who doesn’t love rings or necklaces? When it comes to push present jewelry ideas, there are tons of different bracelets available.

1. Alex and Ani Mom Bracelet

Alex and Ani jewelry is always a popular gift option, and their “Mom” bracelet is no exception. One of the things I love about this brand is the fact that their designs are simple enough to work for anyone’s style.

They’re also timeless enough to still look great for years to come. 

2. Birth Flower & Birth Stone Bracelet

Any opportunity for symbols and personalization is right up my alley, so when I spotted this birth flower and birthstone bracelet on Etsy, it was automatically a favorite option for push present jewelry. 

A gold bracelet with 6 charms on it. Three of the charms are circles with birthstone flowers on them. The other three are circles with birthstones in them, a light blue stone, a clear stone, and a ruby stone
This bracelet is a great and unique push present jewelry gift.

It’s also a great choice for any mom who delivers a set of multiples since you can add more than one set of discs and birthstones. 

3. Mothers Love Charm Bracelet

This sweet charm bracelet is one of my favorite picks when you’re looking for gifts after your wife gives birth. 

It’s made of high-quality sterling silver and features a dainty heart charm. If you look closely, the two sides of the heart represent a mother embracing her child.

Luxury Push Present Ideas if You Want to Spend a Little More

Are you looking to splurge on a piece of push present jewelry for your partner? If so, we have a few popular luxury push present ideas that are guaranteed to pique your interest!

1. Interlocking Pendant Necklace from Tiffany & Co.

When it comes to finding luxury push present ideas, is there any better place to start than with a piece from Tiffany & Co.? This gorgeous 18k gold necklace is something that can easily be passed down to future generations if you choose.

The interlocking circle design is an attractive choice to celebrate a woman’s new path into parenthood.

2. Classic 3 Birthstone Bracelet from Haverhill

Available in white or yellow gold, this birthstone bracelet from Haverhill is absolutely gorgeous. 

It can be customized to include up to three different birthstones, or you can put the same type of stone in each space.

3. Diamond Letter Necklace

This beautiful diamond letter necklace from Etsy is perfect to wear as a stand-alone piece of jewelry or stacking with other necklaces. It’s available in rose, white, or yellow gold and comes in various chain lengths to suit your unique tastes.

Gold link necklace chain with the letter "J" hanging from it in diamonds
Looking for push present jewelry? This diamond initial necklace may be what you are looking for!

It also features conflict-free diamonds, a major selling point for many customers. 

4. Garden Party Mother’s Ring

I am more than a little obsessed with this incredible Garden Party mother’s ring from Jewlr.com. Not only is it a unique take on the traditional mother’s ring, but it’s the ultimate showpiece for any woman’s jewelry box.

The stone in the center of each flower can be customized, based on your birthstone needs. This ring screams luxury push present idea!

Push Present Jewelry Ideas that Any New Mom Will Love

Whether you go with a simple push present necklace or an 18k gold mother’s ring, any of the items on this list are sure to make the new mom in your life happy after she’s finished giving birth.

By choosing a push gift for your wife, you’ll not only be giving her something to commemorate her extraordinary childbirth experience, but you’ll also be thanking her for the exquisite effort she put into bringing your child into the world.

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Do any of the push present jewelry ideas in this article call to you? What style would be your favorite?