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Best Postpartum Swimsuits to Help New Moms Love Pool Days

Katy holding her toddler son in a swimming pool

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Summer is fully upon us, and most of us are trying to spend lots of time outdoors since that’s where we’re told it’s safest to socialize. But I’ve had lots of moms tell me how hard they’re finding this trend. Their kids want to go to the pool or even on a beach trip, or just splash around in the sprinkler.  Mamas want to participate, but they feel uncomfortable in swimsuits because of their belly fat

I feel you, mamas. Swimsuit season is hard for anyone who’s grown up in a society that either lauds or shames women for their bodies. And that’s most of us, unfortunately. 

First, mamas, we think your body is amazing. But we also understand feeling uncomfortable in our own skin, even if we think it’s bullshit. So where you’re looking for nursing bathing suits or just swimsuits to hide belly pooch, we got you covered.

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But there are three things I hope you’ll realize:

  1. You deserve to have fun playing in the water with your child, and they deserve that from you;
  2. If you’re uncomfortable with your body because you GREW A HUMAN, we need to take a serious look at the social norms that are causing your discomfort. Because your body is badass, and you deserve to feel good in it; 
  3. Honestly, you deserve to feel good in your body even if you didn’t recently grow a human. All our bodies do amazing things for us.

That’s why we’re creating this list of postpartum swimsuits, including nursing bathing suits, to help you feel comfortable.

Believe me–we think you have nothing to hide, so if you decide to get out there in a STRING BIKINI, then GO FOR IT. We think all bodies are beach bodies.

But we also want you to feel good in your own skin, whatever that means for you, so we’ve done the research to help make that happen!

Five Tips to Rock that Postpartum Swimsuit

Okay, so now that we’re on the same page that every mama should be able to feel good (or at least decent) in a swimsuit, where do we go from here? 

We suggest ordering a few different swimsuits to try on from the comfort of your own home before you hit the pool or the beach (if it’s safe to do so in your area).

So pour yourself a glass of wine, and let’s go online shopping together. Here are a five tips to keep in mind when choosing your new postpartum swimsuit:

(1) When in doubt, find yourself a great-looking tankini 

We love tankinis. They’re in fashion and super forgiving if you find the right one. Plus, if you’re not quite ready to let go of the idea that you might be able to wear a two-piece again, this is a good compromise. 

Here are a few of our favorites:

ADOME Women’s Halter Swimsuit Striped Ruffles

Great coverage, comes in tons of good colors, and a bargain price for an item mamas rave about!

Women constantly ask about swimsuits to hide belly pooch, and while I personally think your pooch is beautiful, I totally understand. This suit is perfect for that!

IMIDO Womens V Neck Retro

Awesome coverage, gorgeous print, and so colorful!

Isabel Maternity Floral Print

I’ll admit it–I can’t wear swimsuits from Target because they don’t cover my E-cups. But everyone else I know LOVES them, and this floral print is a gorgeous maternity and postpartum option.

Helen John Textured Bandini

Splurge-worthy option! I always have to throw in a splurge choice, and I love this one because it’s so versatile. You can go strapless, or cross the straps in different patterns to change up the suit. Wear a different colored bottom, and you have a whole new look! AND, the color selection is AMAZING. 

Becca Plus-Size Over-the-Shoulder Tankini

Best plus-size option! Becca is one of my favorite swimsuit brands because of their many DD+ AND plus-size options. Helen Jon also makes amazing D-DD tops; they’re a little pricier, but hold up really well. 

I will admit, I freaking hate that they use the word plus size to describe totally average bodies! But I love their suits, and that’s the phrase we know to look for, so I get it. 

Pro-tip: Make sure you take your measurements and read the lengths provided in the description. You want the tank to provide full coverage for your midsection and doesn’t ride up.

(2) If you want to go a little more skin-bearing, try a high-waisted two piece 

If you’re ready to rock it, we support you! High-waisted suits are very en vogue, and they also cover pretty much everything from the belly button down. Excellenttttt.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Angerella Vintage High Waisted

This suit comes in tons of different sizes and colors, which makes it a really great option. Not the best for nursing moms only because it has underwire.

Marina Prime High Waisted Flounce Tankini

I’ll be honest, I love high waisted suits on others but hate them on me. But these flounce tops are some of my favorites. This one comes in tons of colors, and I’m obsessed. I may have just ordered one. Shhh. 

And if you don’t want your belly to show (I let mine show, but that’s to my comfort level), then pairing them with a high waisted bottom is just the way to feel and look ADORABLE!

Becca High-Waisted Bikini Bottoms

I’ve already said how much I love this brand, and I also love the ability to buy SEPARATES! My E cups do not match my tiny booty, friends. 

You can pair these high-waisted bottoms with basically any top you already have and look super stylish. 

Pro tip: High-waisted suits can hide loose skin, but be aware that they might emphasize your belly if you’re 6-8 weeks out from giving birth and your uterus is still swollen

Katy wearing a postpartum swimsuit in front of her backyard swimming pool
Seriously, if you’re comfortable, don’t feel like we think you have to go high waisted. I let my stretch marks show in all their glory.

(3) Try a slimming one-piece that accents the positive 

Not ready for either a tankini or a high waist? We get it! One-piece swimsuits are a great way to get a lot of coverage and still look super cute. 

If you go with a one-piece, choose one that accents your amazing boobs (thanks, pregnancy!) or your gorgeous collar bones. 

Here are a few of our favorites:

Smismivo Halter

Super flattering with tummy control, and good control for your boobs, however they’re behaving these days. We just love this option!

Holipick Off-Shoulder Ruffle

I felt SO cute in my off-shoulder ruffle during the postpartum stage, and I still do. This one has belly control, which makes us feel better about ourselves and just physically feels more supportive during the postpartum period. 

Helen Jon Ruffle Front

I’m totally obsessed with this gorgeous suit, and all the colors it comes in. It’s definitely more of a splurge, but the high quality makes it worth it if it’s doable!

(4) Choose a Swim Skirt or dress for even more coverage

Swim skirts are a great way to have extra coverage if you need it. My favorite thing about them is that I don’t have to worry about whether I managed the perfect bikini line shave.

No more wrapping yourself in a towel to build a sandcastle with your kid; with a swim skirt, you can just throw it on and go!

This one has a great ruffle (yay flounce!) and comes in a bunch of different colors.

If you want even more full coverage, try a swim dress. This one is adorably retro! It comes in so many colors and patterns. 

Our favorite splurge-worthy swim dress is the MiracleSuit Swim Dress. This suit is AHHHHmazing and gorgeous. It may be the only thing you buy this year because of the cost, but you will look and feel fantastic.

Pair any of these with a fun red lip and a big hat, and you’ll be the cutest mama on the beach. 

(5) Find something fun! 

What do we mean by a fun postpartum swimsuit? Sounds like an oxymoron, right? 

What we mean by this is that you should choose a color, print, or swimsuit with a fun cut-out or extra ruffle or flounce that YOU love. 

Not only will friends and family admire your style (you might be a mom, but you’re still you and you can still style yourself if that’s your thing), but you’ll also feel cute and chic in your postpartum swimsuit. 

Try super fun colors or a plunging neckline, like this baby.

Go for a postpartum swimsuit with an adorable neckline or back, like this gorgeous number.

Or go for stunning colors or pattern, like this beauty from Target.

Whatever you choose, make sure that you love the detail, and that you’ll look forward to wearing it when you head to the beach or pool with your littles.

Nursing Bathing Suits

Are you still nursing and need to breastfeed your baby on the beach or poolside? We have you covered there, too (or uncovered… #sorrynotsorry).

(1) We love this super cute one piece halter swimsuit by a company called Movemama. It has nursing clips that are integrated into the (adjustable) halter top, and the pads are removable for washing in case you find yourself leaking.

Plus, it’s super cute, and hardly anyone will notice that it’s not a normal suit! Do note the plunging neckline. Larger chested mamas may not be comfortable here. 

(2) Did you know there are actually entire companies focusing on breastfeeding swimsuits? Moloco is one, and while I’m not sure I’d have been comfortable in their 2 pieces while I was nursing, I’d have loved to have known about them for their one-piece options!

(3) This “A Pea In the Pod” nursing swimsuit actually comes with UPF 50+ fabric. It has a cross back tie (great for breast support) and a clipdown nursing function.

The pads are removable in this one, too, and it is machine washable. Excellent!

(4) This Motherhood Maternity suit also has UPF 50+ fabric, and it’s soooo cute! The pull-over top design looks very comfortable and super easy.

It’s also on sale, but be aware that only size small and medium are available at the time of publishing this article.

(5) Feeling sporty? This “Latched Mama” racerback nursing swim top is not only super sporty and adorable, but it comes in a range of sizes for great accessibility for all body types (we love that!). 

It offers full-coverage, with a supportive band with snap down, front nursing access. It also has a flattering peplum waist. 

Pair it with their high-waisted swim bottoms, and you’re good to go!

(6) Have a fuller bust than usual and need extra support? Mommygear offers a fuller bust nursing tankini you’ll love. 

You can also use it as a maternity top! It has flex underwire to keep you supported, yet comfy, and the bra top has drop-down cup access. 

(7) Want to rock a high-waisted flouncy number and still nurse? We love this one from Motherhood Maternity. The delightful ruffle top has clip-down access for easy nursing and UPF 50+ fabric. 

It has some amazing reviews, too, so you know it’s been tried and tested by nursing mamas. 

Pro tip: All these options are great, or we wouldn’t have given them to you. But if you buy a suit that crosses at the chest so it’s easy to access your boobs, you can nurse in it without paying extra for the having specific nursing swimwear! Pair literally any swimsuit you can pull down with a coverup that you can pull up, and you’re set!

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Cover Ups: The Perfect Addition to Postpartum Swimwear

One thing we tend to forget about when planning our swimwear is a cover-up. No one wants to walk around in just a swimsuit all day, and feeling cute in my cover-up makes a world of difference in my confidence. 

Do I like that I place so much of my self worth on appearance? NO! Am I constantly working to change that? Yes! But do I still love a good cover-up? Indeed, I do.

Target has amazing cover-ups for just the right price. I highly suggest browsing their selection to see what fits your style.

Here are a few of my favorites to rock over your postpartum bathing suit.

Elif crochet bell-sleeve tunic

Seriously, I wear this baby everywhere. Size up if you don’t want it to be short. 

Woman wearing pink sunglasses and a tan swimsuit coverup
I love how airy, comfy, and cute this cover-up is. Size up if you want better leg coverage because it’s a little short. I, personally, love the length!

Helen Jon hooded terry cloth coverup

It’s a coverup, a towel, and has a hood for wet hair, PLUS it’s cute. I’ll be wearing it this summer. 

brunette woman poses in white terry cloth swimsuit coverup with blue trime
What better way to cover up than with something that will help you dry when you’re wet? Size up if your postpartum belly is still swollen or if you want extra length.

Huplue Oversize Beach Coverup

Nothing is better in a coverup than oversize, which is why I love this one so much!

Final Thoughts on Choosing Postpartum Swimwear

We know that the postpartum experience can suck in as many ways as it can be beautiful–trust us. Putting your body back out there after everything it’s been through can be really scary.

Perhaps you’re one of those women who is so body positive that she can get out there without even worrying about it. If so, please write to us and tell us how you accomplished this!

And if not, we hope these postpartum and nursing swimsuit tips and examples will help you get out there and enjoy swimming and playing with your children. You deserve it.

Have you found any great postpartum swimsuits not mentioned here? Tell us all about them in the comments!

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One thought on “Best Postpartum Swimsuits to Help New Moms Love Pool Days

  1. Loved the article! Maybe you might want to include ours as we have recently launched the perfect breastfeeding swimsuit at MUMMACTIV.COM. It is super stylish with discrete breastfeeding access on either side so that the whole beach/pool doesnt get flashed with the assests. The cut is stylishly modest so Mums dont feel like they are left exposed- it has a hidden inner shelf to give a bit extra support as well removable padding…MUMS GONE WILD BREASTFEEDING SWIMSUIT for the win:)

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